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Resource Stock Digest was created by a group of seasoned investors to help bridge the knowledge gap between complex mining companies and potential shareholders.

Resource Stock Digest does this by providing in-depth interviews with some of the most knowledgeable financiers, analysts, newsletter writers, executives and other thought leaders in the space. The interview questions are from an investor’s perspective — prying for catalysts, identifying strategies that work in the high-risk sector of mineral exploration and development.

Topics span the gamut from various commodity price drivers to evaluating company share structure… to diving deep into individual companies and what can move them… to things to watch out for when doing diligence on mining investments.

The interviews are conducted multiple times per week, transcribed, and posted on the Resource Stock Digest website and sent to the associated email list.

The website also has current pricing for commodities and exchanges related to the mining space. Once per week, an email is sent out with an update on the sector, commodity price moves and recent news in companies followed.

All that is offered for free by Resource Stock Digest.

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There is also have a paid research newsletter called Hard Asset Digest, to which several well-respected and highly successful individuals in the resource space contribute, including:

  • Rick Rule, Founder & Chairman of Sprott Global Resource Investments
  • Jim Dines, Founder, Editor, and Publisher of The Dines Letter
  • Van Simmons, Partner & President of David Hall Rare Coins (also a founder of Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS))
  • Brent Cook, Founder & Co-Editor of Exploration Insights
  • Jeff Phillips, President of Global Market Development

Along with other featured guests, they contribute commentary, insights, and recommendations in a monthly newsletter.

That’s a world-class roster of individuals that have seen and done it all in the mining and hard asset space.

As Rick Rule likes to say: “In order to succeed in speculation, you have to invest more than money. You have to invest your time, you have to read, you have to study, you have to educate yourself, you have to listen to experts.”

Resource Stock Digest and Hard Asset Digest aim to assist you with that investment.


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