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Friday Night Inc.— First-Mover Status in Nevada’s Emerging Medical and Recreational Cannabis Markets


Friday Night Inc. (CSE:TGIF, FWB:1QF, OTC:VPGDF) is a Nevada-licensed cannabis producer building a lifestyle-focused brand to serve both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. Nevada is a medical marijuana state which voted to legalize recreational marijuana in 2016. The legislation has huge potential for the state’s largest city, Las Vegas—one of North America’s premiere tourist destinations. With over 45 million visitors every year, Las Vegas could easily become one of the world’s largest adult-use cannabis markets.

Friday Night’s 91 percent ownership of two Las Vegas, Nevada-based subsidiaries—Alternate Medicine Association LC (AMA) and Infused Mfg, LLC — provides the company with first-mover status in this emerging market space.

AMA has been at the forefront of the Las Vegas cannabis market since the beginning, working closely with the state of Nevada to set standards for cultivation. The company was the first cannabis producer to be licensed following the 2013 Nevada Legislature’s approval of the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana. By August 2015, the company had sold the first licensed cannabis in the state, produced with custom-designed, leading-edge technology at its cultivation facility in Clark County, Nevada. AMA also produces white label products for cannabis companies including the well-established, Nevada-based Vader Extracts.

In 2016, sales from AMA’s 12,000-square foot production facility totaled $1.1 million. Friday Night’s management is planning to dramatically expand production capacity to upwards of 200,000 square feet to meet the looming demand from the adult-use market. Nevada-state legislators are now putting the final touches on regulations set to effect in 2017. Arcview Market Research has projected that annual cannabis sales in the state will increase at a CAGR of 51 percent between 2016 to 2020 reaching an estimated $630 million.

Friday Night is in an excellent position to leverage its current licensed cannabis producer to gain a strong foothold in the emerging recreational market. During the first 18 months under the new regulations, only currently licensed medical marijuana producers such as AMA may apply for recreational cultivation and sales permits. Management is projecting sales from AMA production to total $5 million in 2017 followed by upwards of $20 million in 2018 and $50 million in 2019.

Infused Mfg offers TGIF shareholders a crucial hedge with a very mature line of CBD-infused products that are legal nationwide. Infused produces medicinal and topical products for sale under its Canna HempTM and Canna BlendsTM brands which are available online ( High-margin CBD products is one of the fasted growing sectors in the medical cannabis industry and is expected to reach $2.1 billion by 2020, up more than 700 percent from today’s value, according to Hemp Business Journal.

Friday Night is managed by an experienced team of cannabis industry and public market professionals. “We are excited to enter into one of the most highly anticipated new markets in this sector. With a proven corporate team and some of the best operators in the space running the facilities, the ompany is perfectly positioned as a first mover in Clark County,” said Brayden Sutton, CEO. “I could not be more pleased with how far we’ve come and with the opportunities that lie ahead for TGIF shareholders.”

Investment Highlights

  • Building a Lifestyle-focused brand in Las Vegas, Nevada with scalable production for quick revenue growth.
  • Nevada-licensed cannabis producer with the longest growing history of a Medical Marijuana Establishment as well as the highest THC percentages in Nevada.
  • CBD-infused product company providing medicinal and topical product mix with significant sales.
  • Experienced, culturally-entrenched management team holding well-established relationships with local and state-level regulatory agencies.
  • Ground floor opportunity for investors in the emerging US-based cannabis market.
  • Friday Night completed a financing in June 2017 with proceeds totaling more than $6.6 million.
  • Strong share structure with 60 percent held by reporting insiders; large group of strategic shareholders.

Alternative Medicine Association—The Las Vegas Original

Terpene-rich strains with highest potency in Nevada

The 12,000-square foot facility includes custom extraction equipment designed for producing quality product at maximum recovery rates. AMA is the only Medical Marijuana Establishment in Nevada approved to use this technology—a crucial competitive advantage in this space.

AMA has the proven ability to continually produce cannabis flowers that test above 30 percent THC. The company’s grow team has perfected a proprietary curing and storing process that includes controlling the flowers’ environment from growth to sale in order to retain the exceptional quality of each strain.

High Demand, Superior Products

AMA’s products are sold in more than 70 stores in Clark County, Nevada. While the company is best known for the famous pre-roll brand Vegas J’s, AMA has a wide variety of offerings including flower, kief, medibles, topical pain relief, and extracts—including the highest quality butane hash oil (BHO) in the state.




Excellent Economics: AMA Profit Projections



Infused Mfg—High Quality CBD-infused Products

Infused Manufacturing (Mfg) LLC develops and produces CBD-infused medicinal and topical products. Consumer demand is growing for non-psychoactive cannabis products. Clinical research studies have demonstrated that CBD-infused medicines and topicals have the potential to treat a wide variety of illnesses and disorders including arthritis, MS, chronic pain, PTSD, depression and epilepsy.

At its 5,000-square foot facility, the company uses proprietary formulas to combine high quality, organic cannabinoids. Infused Mfg boasts significant sales via its Canna HempTM and Canna BlendsTM products. These hemp-based products do not contain any THC and can be shipped nationwide. The company also produces white label products for other companies and prepares mixes to which licensed facilities can add THC.

CDB-infused topicals, tinctures and capsules


Significant Sales: Profit Projections





Brayden R. Sutton—President, CEO and Director
Brayden Sutton brings a successful track record of managing a diverse portfolio of investments through his wholly owned merchant bank. His sectors of specialization over the past 14 years include technology, media and personal health.  Mr. Sutton served as the Executive Vice President for Supreme Pharmaceuticals Inc. (FIRE.V) and his expertise within the legal Cannabis sector has resulted in additional Executive positions, with both public and private companies, at the leading edge of the emerging cannabis industry, including Invictus MD (IMH.V), Aurora Cannabis (ACB.V) and CannaRoyalty (CRZ.C).

Mark Zobrist BA/JD —Director, FN Pharmaceuticals
Mark Zobrist serves as Managing Partner for Alternative Medicine Association, a state licensed marijuana cultivator and producer.

John Goss —President and Director, FN Pharmaceuticals
John Goss has over 27 years of commercial construction and facility, project management expertise in the Nevada marketplace.

Brian Keane BSc — Director
Brian Keane has over 18 years of capital markets, investing and C-level consulting experience in over 100 emerging growth companies in the US, Canada, Caribbean and Asia, transacting over $2 billion in deal value. His previous Wall Street experience includes: Rodman & Renshaw, LLC, Ladenburg Thalmann & Co, TechVest, & Qualified Capital where he focused on life science, biotech, mining and emerging growth companies. He earned a BS from University of Scranton and a JD from New York Law School.

Michael Hopkinson —Chief Financial Officer
Michael Hopkinson is a US Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

David Stadnyk — Advisor
David Stadnyk is the Founder of Supreme Pharmaceuticals and of Stadnyk and Partners Family Offices and Venture Capital.

George B. Callahan — Advisor
George B. Callahan is a corporate/litigation counsel who has been engaged in the practice of law for thirty-three years. Mr. Callahan is a founding partner of Supreme Pharmaceuticals.

Zach Stadnyk — Advisor
Zach Stadnyk is a capital markets professional having worked with multiple listed issuers in a corporate finance and investor relations capacity, including g Supreme Pharmaceuticals.

Request an Investor Kit: Friday Night Inc.

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