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New Mineralised Zone Discovered At Andover

DISCOVERY: Ni-Cu sulphides intersected at new Skyline prospectVC-07 WEST: More intersections of massive Ni-Cu sulphides

Azure Minerals Limited (ASX: AZS) (“Azure” or “the Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company’s ongoing diamond drilling program has discovered a new zone of Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation at the Skyline prospect located approximately 300m to the west of the VC-23 prospect, whilst also intersecting substantial massive nickel and copper sulphide mineralisation in the VC-07 West mineralised system; as part of the Andover Project (60% Azure / 40% Creasy Group) located in the West Pilbara region of Western Australia.


First three drill holes intersect nickel and copper sulphide-rich mineralisation coincident with electromagnetic (EM) conductors

  • ANDD0129:
    • 7.4m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from55.5m
    • 6.4m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from64.2m
    • 6.7m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from81.4m
  • ANDD0131:
    • 2.9m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from70.0m
    • 1.8m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from73.8m
  • ANDD0132:
    • 2.6m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from106.8m
    • 13.7m of blebby and disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from115.2m


Significant intersections of Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation with portable XRF confirming massive sulphide zones contain high grades of nickel and copper

Sulphide-rich zones coincide with strong and extensive downhole EM conductors Drilling is continuing to test mineralised extensions and EM conductors

  • ANDD0128:
    • 2.0m massive to disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from245.8m
    • 6.2m of massive and semi-massive Ni-Cu sulphides from 539.5m (see Images 1 and2)
    • 4.8m of semi-massive to heavily disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from546.7m
  • ANDD0127:
    • 0.9m of massive to matrix Ni-Cu sulphides from356.6m
    • 3.2m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from357.5m
    • 4.9m of disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from371.0m
  • ANDD0126:
    • 0.8m of matrix and heavily disseminated Ni-Cu sulphides from389.3m
    • 21.9m of cloud Ni-Cu sulphides from390.1m
    • 0.3m of matrix Ni-Cu sulphides from412.0m

Commenting on Azure’s latest exploration successes at Andover, Managing Director, Mr. Tony Rovira said:

We’re very pleased that our regional exploration drilling has got off to such a great start with a new Ni-Cu sulphide discovery made at the Skyline prospect. The first three holes all intersected Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisationcoincidingwithEMconductors,confirmingthatontheAndoverProject,electricalconductance continues to be associated with sulphidemineralisation.

“Meanwhile our drilling continues to intersect substantial Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation within the VC-07 mineralised corridor, with the latest massive sulphide intersections at VC-07 West also coinciding with electromagnetic conductors. With multiple mineralised drill hits and extensions of the EM conductors that have yet to be drilled, VC-07 West looks promising for hosting significant Ni-Cu sulphide mineralisation.”

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This article includes content from Azure Minerals, licensed for the purpose of publishing on Investing News Australia. This article does not constitute financial product advice. It is your responsibility to perform proper due diligence before acting upon any information provided here. Please refer to our full disclaimer here.

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