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Huge Mineral Resource Increase Ranks Springdale Second Largest Graphite Deposit In Australia

The second largest known graphite deposit in Australia has been revealed at International Graphite’s (ASX:IG6) Springdale Graphite Project, in Western Australia, following the release of a new Mineral Resource estimate today.


  • Total Springdale Mineral Resource estimate grows from 15.3Mt @ 6.0% Total Graphitic Carbon (TGC) to 49.3Mt @ 6.5% TGC1:
    • Indicated category – 11.5Mt @ 7.5% TGC
    • Inferred category – 37.8Mt @ 6.1% TGC
  • At 5% TGC cut-off, Mineral Resource estimate is 28.0Mt @ 8.7% TGC:
    • Indicated category – 7.9Mt @ 9.3% TGC
    • Inferred category – 20.1Mt @ 8.5% TGC
  • Only ~10% of tenement area explored and ~20% of exploration targets tested to date
  • 27% of Mineral Resource classified as Indicated – sufficient for long term mine planning
  • More than 10% contributed by new graphite discovery at Mason Bay – 2km east of the original Springdale Mineral Resource
  • Fine flake mineralisation – ideally suited for battery anode materials and the lithium-ion battery market

The independent estimate is 3.4 times the previous estimate as shown in Table 1.

International Graphite Chairman Phil Hearse said the results from an extensive drilling campaign in 2022/23 had surpassed all expectations.

“Not only have we significantly increased the size of the Mineral Resource, 27% of it (by contained graphite) is now at an Indicated category which provides a strong foundation for future technical and economic studies,” Mr Hearse said.

“This is a huge achievement for the business and an important milestone as we drive to establish ourselves as one of the first vertically integrated producers of battery anode graphite. These results show that Springdale has the Mineral Resource base to underpin our mine to market vision for decades to come.

Managing Director and CEO Andrew Worland said: “We set out to upgrade the existing Mineral Resource and expand it.

“To expand it by almost three-and-a-half times, improve the overall grade, and have over a quarter now classified as Indicated, is testament to a well planned and executed program by our technical team,” he said.

“We have only scratched the surface at Springdale.

“So far, exploration has been limited to approximately 10% of the Springdale tenement areas. More than 80% of the aeromagnetic anomalies (Figure 2) on a portion of our tenure has yet to be tested.

“It is notable that 10% of the new Mineral Resource estimate stems from an exciting new graphite discovery at Mason Bay, two kilometres east of Springdale. Further drilling will seek to expand this resource.

“Across our tenements, there is significant potential for further Mineral Resource growth to be defined if we follow the same exploration model.

“Graphite mineralisation at Springdale is fine flake and ideally suited to a streamlined flowsheet producing a single concentrate feedstock for downstream processing and the lithium-ion battery market.

“Our team is now working to optimise the mine development pathway, planning further infill and exploration drilling and integrating Springdale with the Company’s planned Graphite Battery Anode Facilities in Collie, Western Australia.”

Figure 1: Location of Springdale Graphite Project

The new JORC 2012 compliant Mineral Resource estimate for the Springdale Graphite Project was prepared by independent consultancies OMNI GeoX Pty Ltd and Trepanier Pty Ltd resulting in the estimation of Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources shown in Table 1 and Table 2 below. Table 3 presents a comparison with the historic resource and Table 4 details the new September 2023 Mineral Resource by oxidation profile. All figures presented in Tables 1 – 6 are rounded to one decimal place.

Click here for the full ASX Release

This article includes content from International Graphite, licensed for the purpose of publishing on Investing News Australia. This article does not constitute financial product advice. It is your responsibility to perform proper due diligence before acting upon any information provided here. Please refer to our full disclaimer here.

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International Graphite (ASX:IG6)

International Graphite

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VIDEO: Altech Batteries Ltd Silumina Anodes Project DFS Expands Output 8-Fold to 120GWh

Perth, Australia (ABN Newswire) - Altech Batteries Limited (ASX:ATC) (FRA:A3Y) is pleased to announce that during the finalisation of the Silumina Anodes TM project Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS), Altech has managed to expand the project's output by eightfold, increasing the capacity from 15 gigawatt-hours (GWh) to 120 GWh, with no change to plant and equipment. This significant expansion will effectively cater to the long-term demand for silicon-type anodes within the industry.

Initially, as per the original DFS scope, Altech had proposed the production of 10,000 tons per annum (tpa) of Silumina Anodes TM product, comprising 1,000 tpa of high-purity alumina-coated metallurgical silicon incorporated into 9,000 tpa of similarly coated graphite (10% mix). The plant will now focus on solely producing alumina-coated metallurgical silicon product at a rate of 8,000 tpa. This product will be integrated into the graphite by the customers within their battery plants rather than at Altech's facility.

As a result of this increased production of the 'active' component, the output has expanded by a significant eightfold, rising from 15 GWh to 120 GWh.

According to feedback from potential customers, utilising their existing qualified graphite source is a priority.

Furthermore, although there is a marginal advantage in using alumina-coated graphite, the primary appeal for potential customers lies in integrating Altech-coated silicon into their battery products. Despite initial considerations regarding the benefits of coating graphite with alumina, such as the reduction of first-cycle loss, Altech's research has demonstrated that the cost-to-reward ratio for graphite is relatively minimal.

This recent adjustment to "all silicon" is expected to yield substantial improvements in the bottom-line economics. The most notable advantage lies in the ability to crack the silicon code, preventing expansion defragmentation, as well as curbing the significant first-cycle loss associated with silicon.
Battery manufacturers have the choice to either produce batteries with higher energy density or maintain their current energy density while reducing the graphite content. By decreasing the use of graphite, the cost of producing batteries can be reduced. However, the recent news about China, which accounts for approximately 90% of the global production of lithium-ion battery graphite, imposing limitations on the worldwide export of graphite, has begun to create challenges for battery manufacturers in Europe and the USA.

Altech is currently in talks with Ferroglobe, the European silicon partner of Altech, to boost the supply of metallurgical silicon for the enhanced Silumina Anodes TM project. Moreover, the Company has executed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) with prominent automotive conglomerates in Europe and the United States, who have shown keen interest in acquiring commercial samples for their testing and qualification procedures. Considering the limited production capacity of Altech's R&D laboratory in Perth, the larger samples will be procured from the Silumina Anodes TM Pilot Plant in Saxony. The Pilot Plant is nearing completion and is expected to be operational in the early part of the upcoming year.

Managing Director Iggy Tan emphasised that the substantial increase in Silumina Anodes TM output by eightfold, achieved without significant changes in the plant or capital costs, represents a notable advancement in Altech's business strategy. Mr Tan highlighted the increasing demand in the lithium-ion battery industry for higher-density batteries, emphasising the necessity to reduce reliance on graphite, particularly in light of the export restrictions imposed by China. Mr Tan expressed confidence that the incorporation of Altech's alumina-coated silicon would assist battery customers in addressing these concerns. Mr Tan further conveyed his enthusiasm regarding the enhanced business model, indicating a positive outlook for the company's future endeavours.

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About Altech Batteries Ltd:

Altech Batteries Limited (ASX:ATC) (FRA:A3Y) is a specialty battery technology company that has a joint venture agreement with world leading German battery institute Fraunhofer IKTS ("Fraunhofer") to commercialise the revolutionary CERENERGY(R) Sodium Alumina Solid State (SAS) Battery. CERENERGY(R) batteries are the game-changing alternative to lithium-ion batteries. CERENERGY(R) batteries are fire and explosion-proof; have a life span of more than 15 years and operate in extreme cold and desert climates. The battery technology uses table salt and is lithium-free; cobalt-free; graphite-free; and copper-free, eliminating exposure to critical metal price rises and supply chain concerns.

The joint venture is commercialising its CERENERGY(R) battery, with plans to construct a 100MWh production facility on Altech's land in Saxony, Germany. The facility intends to produce CERENERGY(R) battery modules to provide grid storage solutions to the market.

News Provided by ABN Newswire via QuoteMedia

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