Fungtional Labs

Fungtional Labs: Integrated Supply Chain for Mushroom Cultivators in North America

Fungtional Labs is a leading provider of cultivation supplies and food-grade functional mushrooms in North America. The company’s vertically integrated business model provides robust differentiation over its peers. From cultivation and extraction to testing and end-product sales and distribution, the model ensures multiple revenue streams for Fungtional Labs.

Fungtional Labs’ cultivation supplies based on its proprietary all-in-one growing media include sterilized media, spawn genetics, all-in-one grow bags, pellets and masters mix. The company’s long-term goal is to develop IP around functional and psychedelic mushroom extracts.

Revenue Streams​Revenue Streams

Some of the company's revenue streams include selling food-grade gourmet and functional mushrooms in North America and bulk substrates, growing medias, genetics, growing equipment, which has generated significant demand among cultivators and commercial growers.

Company Highlights

  • Fungtional Labs is a vertically integrated business model that provides products from cultivation to end-product consumer sales and distribution. This provides an advantage over peers by eliminating intermediaries.
  • Fungtional Labs is a supplier of cultivation and genetic products for mushroom cultivators in North America, leveraging its proprietary all-in-one growing media. The company’s products include sterilized media, spawn genetics and all-in-one grow bags.
  • The company’s proprietary organic master mix growing media is in high demand among cultivators, providing higher yield at lower costs.
  • The company plans to implement its business model over three phases – Phase 1 will focus on providing mycological supplies and producing functional mushroom varieties; 2) Phase 2 will focus on processing finished products, as well as focus on submitting a licensed dealer application to manufacture psilocybin-enhanced products; and 3) Phase 3 will involve B2B white labelling services, as well as, operating as a licensed dealer in the psychedelics market.
  • The company’s mycological division, which supplies all-natural growth formulas and extraction methods, stands to benefit from sector tailwinds and a large addressable market. The global food fungi market is expected to grow to $69 billion by 2024, while the medicinal mushroom extract market is expected to reach $18 billion by 2024.
  • The company’s long-term goal is to develop IP around functional and psychedelic mushroom extracts. The company anticipates to provide different delivery systems to very evolving psychedelic market. The psychedelic market presents a large opportunity for the company given that the market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16.3 percent by 2027.

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Fungtional Labs

Fungtional Labs

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