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June 7, 2018

Fortive Announces Binding Offer to Acquire the Advanced Sterilization Products Business from Johnson & Johnson

Fortive (NYSE: FTV) announced today that it has made a binding offer to Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson,...
December 21, 2017

Top 5 Genetics News Stories of 2017

Who made the headlines this year? INN has compiled a list of the top genetics news of 2017.
December 6, 2017

What Do Medical Device Companies Do?

Medical devices will facilitate the life of doctors and patients by providing cutting edge technology through simple to use gadgets...
May 25, 2017

Genetics Research Companies Enter JLABS

Through their Inspiration Labs in Toronto, Johnson & Johnson, will host over 40 new startups and among those two are...
May 23, 2017

Puma Biotech Increases for Upcoming FDA Ruling

Puma Biotechnology is seeing a major stock increase as it prepares for an FDA decision on its breast cancer drug.
May 1, 2017

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics Joins Johnson & Johnson Lab

Advanced Proteome Therapeutics has been accepted into the Johnson & Johnson innovation laboratories in Toronto.
November 3, 2016

How Changes to the DMCA Impact Medical Device Investors

"White hat" hackers can test cyber vulnerabilities of connected medical devices without fear of legal repercussion.
October 10, 2016

10 Pharmaceutical Stocks that Pay Dividends

In the high risk realm of pharmaceutical investing, stocks that pay dividends can seem more secure: here are companies confident...
October 5, 2016

Can Medical Devices Be Hacked? Johnson & Johnson Says Yes.

Johnson & Johnson is warning customers that its Animas OneTouch Ping Insulin pump can be hacked—a cybersecurity vulnerability that could...
October 4, 2016

3 Top Performing Pharmaceutical Stocks of 2016

Despite some industry hurdles, several pharmaceutical companies have managed to come out ahead—and so have their shareholders.