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Peninsula Energy

Peninsula Energy (ASX:PEN) is set to be the ASX’s next uranium producer. Its flagship Lance Projects in Wyoming is headed towards production in 2015, with purchasing contracts secured for 2015 to 2024.

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Copper Investing News Launches Stock Index

These newly launched stock indices will give our readers more tools to use in understanding the market’s developments. The Copper Stock Index will feature a compilation of news-making small cap copper companies, and will allow users to track how specific companies are performing in comparison to the Index.

Uranium Equities Lagging in Recovery

An interesting divergence between the spot market uranium price and uranium equities has emerged. Uranium prices have declined roughly 16 percent following the earthquake, while the average uranium equity has declined 34.4 percent, with the majority of share prices weakening more than 30 percent.

Namibia Uranium Project Viable

The Husab Uranium Project is the largest in-situ deposit in Namibia and currently the fifth-largest uranium-only deposit in the world. Based on its mine plan from the recently released definitive feasibility study, Husab production costs are estimated at $32 a pound, including royalties, marketing and transport.

The Nuclear Power Industry Will Survive the Japan Crisis

Japan’s nuclear crisis will significantly depress the demand for nuclear power in the short to medium-term, however, renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar—which have been touted as the answer to the world’s desire for cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy—are years away from matching the reliability, efficiency and

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