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Zinc Miners’ Profits Squeezed

Falling zinc prices continue to weigh on miners’ profits and news of softening Chinese demand has not helped the situation. But despite the slide, juniors and majors are still gearing up for the eventual supply crunch.

Zinc Glimmers While Prices Slide

A proposed merger between Glencore and Xstrata has brought a lot of attention to zinc. Unfortunately, zinc’s moment in the spotlight also comes at a time of rising mined and refined supply which has pushed spot and three month zinc prices lower.

Lead and Zinc join base metal rally

Lead and Zinc Investing News report zinc and lead prices join the base metal rally.
The metal used to galvanize steel touched a four-year low of $1,038 on Dec.12, after reaching $2,900 earlier last year. LME zinc stocks have declined, falling to about 10 days’ worth of consumption. Much of the

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