Silver Eagle Mines CEO: Positioned to Supply Raw, Direct-application Rock Phosphate for Organic Farming

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Silver Eagle Mines CEO & Director Robin Dow

Silver Eagle Mines CEO Robin Dow says that phosphate from Murdock Mountain is ideal for producing organic fertilizers for organic farming.

Silver Eagle Mines CEO Expects Exploration Permit by Early

Silver Eagle Mines (CSE:SEM) is nearing completion of an environmental study that will pave the way for the start of exploration of its Murdock Mountain phosphate project in Nevada, US.

CEO Robin Dow said both a cultural study and a biological study — which are part of the environmental study required by the US Bureau of Land Management — are expected to be complete by the end of November. The company hopes to receive its exploration permit by early 2023.

“There's already been considerable work done historically on Murdock Mountain. We know that there's approximately 18 million tonnes of 15 percent B205,” Dow said.

“What we want to do, as soon as we get our exploration permit, is to go on the ground and essentially do some extension drilling, not along strike, but what we have is about 5 meters wide, 5 meters deep, and we think it drifts semi-horizontally underneath the overburden to the southwest,” Dow said.

Silver Eagle Mines’ Murdock Mountain phosphate asset contains rock phosphate with “very negligible” levels of heavy metals, which makes it ideal for producing organic fertilizers for organic farming.

“If you want organic food, you have to use organic fertilizer. And most of the phosphate in the world either comes from Morocco — probably 80 percent — (and that's) contaminated with uranium. There's three or four large open-pit deposits in Idaho, but they're contaminated with cadmium. And Mosaic (NYSE:MOS) has a very large phosphate deposit in Florida, which is also contaminated by heavy metals,” Dow said.

Silver Eagle Mines’ end product is suitable for direct application in organic farming, as Murdock Mountain’s rock phosphate deposit has no harmful contaminants such as uranium and heavy metals, according to the company.

Most phosphate ore must be processed to remove impurities that would otherwise harm plants. The chief executive noted that phosphate from Murdock Mountain requires no heavy processing other than grinding the rock down to fine pellets, after which it is ready to be shipped to market.

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