"POSaBIT Unlimited" promises to revolutionize the way cannabis retailers run their business.

POSaBIT Systems Corporation (CSE: PBIT), a leading financial technology company with an industry-leading cannabis point of sale system and unique payment processing solutions for cash-only businesses with a focus on those within the cannabis industry, has launched a game-changing, all-encompassing suite of products under the umbrella of "POSaBIT Unlimited".

POSaBIT Unlimited includes countertop point of sale hardware ("POSaBIT POS"), handheld point of sale hardware ("The Pocket POS"), the company's proprietary point of sale software, and a host of card payment options built to satisfy the needs of any cannabis retailer in the country. This new offering comes on the heels of POSaBIT showing massive growth in both their Payments and POS business in 2020, accelerating from break-even to cash-flow positive on the financial side.

"After many years working with cannabis retailers across the country, we realized that one thing was lacking, industry-wide, with point of sale systems: flexibility," said Ryan Hamlin, CEO and co-founder of POSaBIT. "Through POSaBIT Unlimited, we want to change the way dispensaries structure their business. Our solutions will allow any dispensary in the country to wholly customize their in-store, online, and delivery processes in any way they so choose."

A major component of POSaBIT Unlimited is the company's recently launched Pocket POS, a fully-mobile, handheld device that contains all of the features of a countertop point of sale system. These devices combine with a number of card payment options to create a seamless ecosystem within any retailer or dispensary, allowing ordering, fulfillment, and payment to exist within one single, flexible system.

In conjunction with the launch of POSaBIT Unlimited, CEO Ryan Hamlin will host a webinar on October 20, 2020 at 11am PDT to discuss the company, its financials, the future of the industry, and POSaBIT's current product offerings. You can sign up for the webinar here:

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Ryan Hamlin

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Oscar Dahl

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