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CAT Strategic Metals Corporation is very pleased to announce that the consulting firm Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd. of Toronto has completed an independent review of extensive historical and recent exploration data concerning areas on or adjacent to CAT's 206.8 km2 South Preston uranium exploration property located near the south-western margin of the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, and east of recent discoveries ...

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") is very pleased to announce that the consulting firm Watts, Griffis and McOuat Ltd. ("WGM") of Toronto has completed an independent review of extensive historical and recent exploration data concerning areas on or adjacent to CAT's 206.8 km2 South Preston uranium exploration property located near the south-western margin of the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, and east of recent discoveries by Fission Uranium and NexGen Energy (Figure 1

Figure 1: The CAT dispositions measuring 57 km from west to east are shown with a Google Earth image fill in the lower right corner of the view. The uranium deposits in the Patterson Lake Corridor are shown at upper left. The dispositions of other exploration companies are also shown.

This review was based on the voluminous exploration assessment records filed with the Saskatchewan Ministry for Energy and Resources, with details, conclusions and recommendation provided in a report delivered to CAT in early January.

Based on its comprehensive review, WGM has concluded that further systematic exploration of the CAT dispositions is well justified by the following:

  • proximity to the Athabasca-basement unconformity;
  • favourable SW-trending graphitic metasedimentary belts immediately to the north, as confirmed by recent exploration drilling by Azincourt Energy;
  • a number of previously discovered favourable outcrops and float proximate to the CAT property, including several with significantly anomalous radioactivity;
  • the absence of any previous systematic exploration of the large CAT property; and,
  • an opportunity to benefit from more than 40 years of prior exploration experience, avoiding areas already effectively tested while focusing efforts on more favourable sectors with characteristics similar to those hosting known uranium deposits.

The results of the review have provided a foundation for the design of CAT's planned 2022 winter and summer uranium exploration programs, which are subject to regulatory approval and consultations with the local community represented by Clearwater River Dene Nation ("CRDN") management. It has also allowed for improved specifications of geochemical, geological and geophysical surveys.

In terms of historical exploration beginning in the late 1960s, portions of the CAT exploration property were covered by various airborne and ground surveys. The exploration during much of that period was narrowly focused on areas covered by the Athabasca Formation that was deemed to be an essential component of the uranium deposit model. This overlooked the fact that the current area covered by the Athabasca sediments is substantially smaller than what it was during the Proterozoic when uranium deposits were forming. Fission Uranium's recent discovery at Patterson Lake South, much like Gulf Mineral's original 1967 Rabbit Lake discovery, lies outside the area of sandstone cover, indicates that areas of basement exposure where the Athabasca has been removed through erosion have significant potential for unconformity deposits. In that regard, the CAT property lies a short distance south of the unconformity with an outlier of Athabasca sandstone mapped on the eastern portion of the property indicating that, in the CAT project area, the basement rocks are located very close to the original unconformity. Accordingly, they are within what would be considered to be a favourable setting for mineralization.

A variety of airborne geophysical surveys conducted over the past 50 years has covered portions of the present CAT dispositions, providing useful but incomplete radiometric, magnetic and EM coverage. CAT's planned exploration program includes airborne geophysical surveying of favourable sectors lacking effective prior coverage. In particular, recent airborne radiometric surveying by Athabasca Nuclear Corp. during 2014 in the western portions of the CAT property indicated the presence of large areas of high background radioactivity on-strike with Azincourt's very recently discovered A-G zone, a series of SW-trending electromagnetic ("EM") conductors. Azincourt's drilling of 7 holes demonstrated that the conductors are related to graphite-bearing shears in metasedimentary basement rocks. There is a reasonable expectation that this geological setting will be traced SW onto the CAT property in the general vicinity of the aforementioned radiometric anomalies, and close to a site where previous exploration has reported high total count radioactivity in bedrock, reportedly 13X to 20X background.

In the eastern portion of the CAT property, several NNE to ENE-trending EM conductors detected in prior surveys occur in an area that is underlain by the current position of the Athabasca unconformity. A 1x2 km outlier of Athabasca sandstone, elongated NE-SW, is reported at the NE tip of Silvius Lake. A NNE-trending conductor was detected in a 1969-70 airborne EM survey, which is associated with several favourable factors: (1) graphitic metasediments have been reported in this area of the CAT property; (2) several stream sediment geochemical anomalies are present and two small downstream lakes also have bottom sediments that are anomalous in uranium; (and, 3) a radioactive mineral described as a "yellow flaky radioactive mineral resembling uranophane" was reported in graphitic metasediments producing radiometric signatures up to 1,250 cps on a scintillometer, or greater than 60X background. Surprisingly, the report by Denison Mines Ltd. in 1978 lacks any mention of bedrock sampling or analysis.

Based on its evaluation, WGM has proposed an integrated systematic exploration program extending over a 9-month period that is based on a well-proven approach updated to take advantage of recent technical advances. Exploration would be initiated by a radon-in-water and lake-bottom sediment survey of the approximately 100 lakes in the project area during the late winter. An airborne EM-magnetometer survey totalling approximately 800 line-kilometres plus a separate high-resolution airborne radiometric survey is also proposed to cover areas identified as having higher potential that have not been effectively surveyed in the past. A proposed 3-month summer program is also in the planning stages, the details of which will depend on the outcome of the initial surveys. Geological mapping, bedrock sampling and prospecting to confirm the previous results will be fundamental components of that program. Biogeochemical sampling of black spruce trees, a technique proven to be effective over the former Key Lake uranium mine, may also be considered in the summer program. Contingent on the results, this initial phase could be followed by a winter drilling program to test identified targets.

CAT management and its consultants are aware of the various permitting processes needed to be followed in initiating exploration, including meaningful consultation with local First Nations and other stakeholders. Prior to the Christmas break, CAT initiated a dialogue with the Clearwater River Dene Nation to ensure the local community is well-informed and to allow feedback concerning the company's exploration plans. CAT will be engaging with CRDN representatives to foster co-operation and the engagement of local service providers to the maximum extent possible. With the exploration program now reasonably defined, CAT is now initiating its application process with the relevant ministries of the provincial Government to seek approval for its project components and undertaking more sustained dialogue with CRDN management.

CAT CEO, Robert Rosner, stated that "The report provided to the board of directors by our consultants, WGM, was not only exceptionally comprehensive but also extremely encouraging from a potential exploration perspective. Their review of all the historical data associated with our South Preston property, coupled with more recent results from ongoing work by other mining companies in the area, suggest that South Preston may be much more significant than we first thought. As a result of this, CAT is quite excited to take the next steps to ensure the implementation and success of our potential and planned exploration program as soon as is practicable. This includes prioritizing ongoing discussions about our evolving plans with First Nations stakeholder CRDN to capitalize on this exciting project."

The technical content of this news release has been approved by Al Workman, P.Geo. (Saskatchewan and Ontario), Vice-President of WGM and a Qualified Person as defined under Canadian securities rule National Instrument 43-101. Mr. Workman's uranium exploration experience is extensive, including work in the 1970s on the Collins Bay deposits, and since that time experience in a wide variety of geological settings globally.

About CAT Strategic Metals Corporation:

CAT Strategic Metals' overall Mission Statement and corporate strategy is to source, identify, acquire and advance property interests located in mineral districts proven to have world class potential, primarily for gold and copper. In addition to the South Preston Uranium Project, CAT's Burntland Project is focused on the exploration and development of several targets located Northeast of Saint Quentin in the county of Restigouche, New Brunswick, Canada, and The Rimrock Gold mineral property is a low-sulfidation and Carlin-style gold-silver prospect in the heart of the main Carlin and Northern Nevada Rift gold-silver mining belts of northeastern Nevada. CAT's shares trade on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the trading symbol "CAT", and on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol "8CH".


Robert Rosner
Chairman, President & CEO

Further information regarding the Company can be found on SEDAR at, by visiting the Company's website or by contacting the Company directly at (604) 674-3145.

This news release may contain forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements address future events and conditions and therefore involve inherent risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from those currently anticipated in such statements. Particular risks applicable to this press release include risks associated with planned production, including the ability of the company to achieve its targeted exploration outline due to regulatory, technical or economic factors. In addition, there are risks associated with estimates of resources, and there is no guarantee that a resource will be found or have demonstrated economic viability as necessary to be classified as a reserve. There is no guarantee that additional exploration work will result in significant increases to resource estimates. Neither Canadian Securities Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the Canadian Securities Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

We seek safe harbour.

SOURCE: CAT Strategic Metals Corporation

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CAT Strategic Metals

CAT Strategic Metals


As investors attempt to mitigate the risks associated with the commodities cycle while still gaining exposure to its rich opportunities, resource companies with diversified portfolios may provide an exciting solution.

Diversified metal portfolios, as opposed to limited individual metal sectors, are hedged against price declines for a given commodity providing a less risky and more valuable investment for investors. Portfolio diversification also allows mining companies to improve cash flow and capitalize on the width and breadth of metal and mineral markets while managing fluctuating commodity values.

One such company is CAT Strategic Metals (CSE:CAT, OTC:CATTF, FRA:8CH), a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of diversified and strategic North American mineral projects. The company’s current projects include a wide range of minerals and metals including gold, silver, uranium, copper and tellurium.

“We look for undervalued projects that have already had exposure, that already had some work done in the past, that maybe had been abandoned over time for a variety of reasons, but still have good potential going forward,” said CAT Strategic Metals CEO Robert Rosner in an interview with INN.
CAT Strategic Metals employs a hybrid model that seeks out, analyzes, and acquires projects that have strong potential given past diverse mineral outputs and supporting samples. This hybrid model saves the company from spending time and resources on discovery and exploration of uncharted areas like other mining companies do. The company also takes advantage of strategic positioning by locating projects in mineral-rich regions of the world and near high-yielding mines such as Hecla Mining Company’s Hollister Nevada and Midas Nevada gold-silver mines.

The Rimrock project is located in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Nevada in the US, only 15 km southeast of Hecla Mining’s (NYSE:HL) high-grade Midas gold-silver mine and 3 km north of the Hollister gold-silver mine. Near-surface mineralization shows the potential for the property to host several high-grade, low sulfidation, gold and silver deposits, as well as for Carlin-style gold deposits at greater depths.

The Gold Jackpot is located in the prolific Elko district in northeastern Nevada, 100 km north of Nevada Gold Mines’ Long Canyon gold mine. Other notable projects in the same region are Phoenix Copper-Gold, Roninson porphyry copper-gold, Turquoise Ridge/Getchell Mine, Twin Creeks, Goldstrike and Carlin-Mike Cu-Bluestar-Exodus gold. The company believes that Gold Jackpot has potential for Porphyry Copper-, Emperor, Fiji-, Carlin- and Midas Style deposits and Exploration Models.

CAT Strategic Metals also has two other strategic projects: the Burntland project (copper, silver and gold) in New Brunswick and South Preston project (uranium) in Saskatchewan.

CAT Strategic Metals has completed geologic mapping, sampling, Gravity-, MAG- and now is conducting Induced Polarization surveys of large-scale gold-silver targets on the Rimrock and Gold Jackpot projects. The company intends to define drill targets on both projects based on the results from these diverse programs.

CAT Strategic Metals links its success to a few key factors including its strategic alliances and acquisitions and its highly skilled management team. The company has relatively low overhead when compared to its counterparts in the industry, which has made the company highly efficient in obtaining funding and operationalizing its projects.

The company’s management team is well-experienced in the mining and exploration industry, maintaining current positions at Lucky Minerals Inc. (TSXV:LKY), EMGold Mining Corporation (TSXV:EMR) and Tarku Resources Ltd. (TSXV:TKU) and former management positions at Stria Lithium (TSXV:SRA) and Osisko Mining Corporation Canada (TSX:OSK).

CAT Strategic Metals’ Company Highlights


  • CAT Strategic Metals’ current projects focus on a wide range of minerals and metals including gold, silver, uranium, copper and tellurium in mining-friendly areas.
  • CAT Strategic Metals employs a hybrid model of acquiring mines that have been abandoned but maintain strong potential given past mineral outputs and sample indications which allows for bypassing of the discovery phase.
  • The company has two projects in Nevada: Rimrock and Gold Jackpot; and two projects in Canada: Burntland (copper, silver and gold) in New Brunswick and South Preston (uranium) in Saskatchewan.
  • The Rimrock project is located in the prolific Carlin and Midas trends and hosts near-surface mineralizations with the potential for high-grade, low sulfidation gold and silver deposits, as well as larger Carlin-style gold deposits at depth. The property is only 15 km southeast of Hecla Mining’s high-grade Midas gold-silver mine.
  • The Gold Jackpot is located in the prolific Elko district in northeastern Nevada, 100 km north of Nevada Gold Mines’ Long Canyon Gold Mine. Gold Jackpot potentially has porphyry copper, Emperor gold-tellurium, Carlin- and Midas-style exploration models.
  • The company’s management team has a long history of success in the mining and exploration industry including currently held positions at reputable mineral exploration companies.

CAT Strategic Metals’ Key Projects

Rimrock Project


The Rimrock project is located in the Elko district of Nevada, US near Hecla Mining Company’s Hollister Nevada and Midas Nevada mines, which to date have yielded 0.5 million ounces of high-grade gold-silver and 2.2 million ounces of high-grade gold and 25 million ounces of silver, respectively. The property sits on the Carlin Trend and the Midas Trend, which are prolific gold mine producing areas. The project also has an extensive infrastructure to support year-round operation on the 1,162-hectare land package.

The Rimrock project is a multi-target gold and silver system situated 15 km southeast of Hecla Mining’s high-grade Midas gold-silver mine, 13 km from new high-grade Green Racer Sinter gold-silver discovery and 3 km north of its Hollister gold-silver mine. Rimrock has the potential for shallow epithermal systems, similar to the Midas and Hollister mines, which are low sulfidation, high-grade gold deposits, and the potential for deeper Carlin-type gold deposits.

Mapping, sampling, gravity, and drone MAG survey programs have been completed in 2021, and a high resolution deep-seeking Induced polarization survey is now underway. Geologic mapping and rock-chip sampling has uncovered three new gold-silver drilling targets, bringing CAT Strategic Metals a total of five drilling targets to pursue in coming months.

Gold Jackpot Project

The Gold Jackpot project is located in the Elko district in northeastern Nevada, US which is believed to host a porphyry copper-, Emperor, Fiji-style Au-Te, Carlin-style Au, and Midas-style gold-silver exploration models. The project’s region is highly mineralized and sits on the Pequop Gold-Copper Trend, located east of the Battle Mountain-Eureka Trend, Getchell Trend and Carlin Trends, which are copper- and gold-rich areas. The project is located near high-yielding copper and gold mines such as Long Canyon, Robinson Copper-Gold, Phoenix Copper-Gold, Turquoise Ridge/Getchell Mine, Twin Creeks, Goldstrike and Carlin-Mike Cu-Bluestar-Exodus.

Gold Jackpot has had substantial historical exploration completed from the 1980s to the early 2000s including 27 drill holes completed by Tenneco from 1988 to 1989. The project has multiple exploration targets including the Carlin-style gold target that sampled up to 16 g/t of gold, a diatreme-porphyry copper-gold system and the gold-silver-tellurium-gold-silver target that yielded up to 4 kg/t of tellurium.

Interpretation of a drone-based magnetic, ground-based gravity surveys and induced polarization lines at the have been completed and defined two distinct geophysical anomalies in two locations. The surveys have also confirmed that the southern anomalies represent a diatreme-porphyry-style target, while the northern anomalies represent a Carlin-style gold target.
Planning for a follow up exploration program is underway.

South Preston Project (Uranium)

The South Preston project is located southwest of the uranium-rich region of the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The project has more than 10 km of adjacent property bordering NexGen Energy Ltd. which recently discovered the high-grade Arrow uranium deposit. Another recent discovery in the region belongs to Fission Uranium Corp. which discovered the Triple R uranium Lake South deposit. The project also has more than 18.5 km of a continuous boundary with Orano which is a leading global uranium producer. Additionally, South Preston has 50 km of contiguous claim border with Azincourt Energy Corporation.

The South Preston project could potentially host the extension of a priority uranium exploration corridor extending from NexGen Energy Ltd.’s Rook-1 Project to Azincourt Energy Corp.’s East Preston Uranium project nearby.

Burntland Project (Copper, Silver and Gold)

The Burntland Project is located in the northern portion of New Brunswick, Canada in a region with high-grade silver, gold and copper potential. The project is accessible year-round with highways and logging roads. Burntland is located near the large-scale VMS Bathurst mining district and is adjacent to McKenzie and Rocky Brook regional fault systems.

Mineralization in the area is hosted within skarns, proximal to intruding porphyry dykes. Assay results show high-grade copper mineralization as high as 16.3 percent Cu and silver mineralization as high as 220 g/t Ag. The project has five targets that are believed to contain copper mineralization in porphyry systems based on associated geological factors.

The company has completed a drone MAG survey in 2021 to detect and delineate key geological targets. Additional high resolution Quadri-MAG, VLF, Heli Borne Survey is planned for the fall, with diamond drilling planned for fall/winter of 2021.

CAT Strategic Metals’ Management Team


Robert Rosner – Chairman of the Board, President & CEO

Robert Rosner has over 30 years of extensive experience as a mining industry entrepreneur and executive. Rosner is acting Chairman and CEO of CAT Strategic Metals Corporation. Rosner is also the director and former executive of Lucky Minerals Inc. and a director and CFO of EMgold Mining Corporation. He was instrumental in founding several junior exploration mining companies where he played significant roles in the management and growth of these companies. These included multiple resource ventures that were involved in early-stage exploration, resource location, delineation and development.

Rosner has been an officer and director of both Canadian and U.S. listed companies, providing senior management of compliance reporting, oversight and other fiduciary capacities and directing corporate activities. He also has significant experience in initial public offerings (IPO), mergers and acquisitions and reverse takeovers (RTO).

Steven Cozine – CFO & Corporate Secretary, Director

Steven Cozine has over 25 years of experience as an officer and director of numerous publicly listed companies in the mining, industrial and high-tech sectors. His experience spans a wide range of corporate management responsibilities with a focus on governance and regulatory compliance, project management and corporate finance including private funding and prospectus offerings, human resources, strategic planning and corporate operations.

Sebastian Tang – Chief Financial Officer

Sebastian Tang has been involved in the accounting and preparation of the Company’s financial statements for the past several years and is well acquainted with CAT Strategic Metals and its projects. Additionally, Sebastian has significant experience in the financial management and planning of publicly listed issuers. He has held executive positions, including CFO and corporate controller in other public and private ventures. Before starting his own firm, he worked in public practice for 7 years, including two years at Ernst & Young, and 8 years in private practice with Hunter Dickinson Inc.

Julien Davy – Director

Mr. Davy began his career as an exploration geologist in the summer of 1996. His tenure includes assessing numerous projects at the exploration and/or advanced stages of development throughout Canada and abroad. Davy has been involved in numerous acquisitions and mining investment activities. Davy is currently the President & CEO of Tarku Resources Ltd. and concurrently has held the positions of President at Stria Lithium and a senior exploration geologist at Osisko Mining Corporation Canada.

Additionally, Davy was an investment consultant for SIDEX s.e.c. of Montréal. Davy also has been employed by numerous companies including NioGold Mining Corporation in Val-d’Or, Hecla Mining in Venezuela, Cambior Exploration Canada, Anglo-American Exploration and the Ministry of Natural Resources of Québec. In 2015, Davy co-founded, with Benoit Lafrance, Eureka Exploration, a private exploration company that was sold to Tarku Resources in June 2017. Davy is a member of the OGQ and Qualified Person (QP) according to National Instrument 43-101. Mr. Davy has a Master’s degree from the Université du Québec à Montréal and an MBA from HEC in Montréal.

Luis Martins – Director

Luis Martins is a geologist with over 30 years of experience in the exploration and mining sector. He graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon in 1973 and has an MSc in Economic Geology from the same faculty in 1995 and also has completed several other national and international post-graduation courses. Martins previous roles include Director of the Mineral Resources Department at the Geology and Mining Institute, Director of the Mines and Quarries Department at the Directorate-General of Energy and Geology (the mining authority), Vice President of Colt Resources Inc., CEO of Ozdogou Portugal Mining and Exploration Lda. and Director of Assimagra (a Portuguese mining association). He has participated in numerous national and international research projects, especially in the mineral exploration, environmental geology and mining heritage fields. Martins is currently the President of the Cluster Portugal Mineral Resources.

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CAT Strategic Metals Expands Exploration Potential of Burntland Project Through Additional Land Acquisition

CAT Strategic Metals Expands Exploration Potential of Burntland Project Through Additional Land Acquisition

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") announces that it has entered into a Property Acquisition Agreement (the "Agreement") dated November 30, 2021 with 9248-7792 Quebec Inc. ("9248") and Prospect Or Corp. ("POC", and collectively with 9248, the "Vendors") to acquire two additional claims comprised of 520 hectares of land (the "Property") that are adjacent and contiguous to the Burntland Project currently under option to the Company, as announced in a news release on September 17, 2020

Under the terms of the Agreement, the Vendors will assign, transfer and sell each of its rights, titles, and interests in and to the Property in exchange for CAT issuing a total of 7,000,000 common shares (the "Shares") to the Vendors. In addition, the Vendors shall retain a 2% Net Smelter Return (the "NSR") royalty, with CAT having the right to repurchase half of the NSR at any time in consideration of an amount of $1,000,000 being payable to the Vendors.

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CAT Strategic Begins Diamond Drill Program On Burntland Project In New Brunswick

CAT Strategic Begins Diamond Drill Program On Burntland Project In New Brunswick

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") announces that it has commenced a diamond drill program on the Company's wholly owned Burntland Project in northern New Brunswick. Seven drill hole targets were identified following a trenching program and a 975 line-kilometre high-resolution drone magnetic survey that was conducted over the summer and early fall, and an additional geophysical VLF-EM, DTM and Mag survey completed in October

Forages Technic Eau Inc. ("FTE") is the contractor engaged to undertake the diamond drilling program, which will consist of seven holes to be drilled to a depth of ~200 metres each and is expected to be completed within 28 days, with a short break occurring over the Christmas holidays. FTE will be running two crew shifts per day in order to complete the drilling as quickly as possible. Patrick Laforest, P.Geo, is the Company's field project manager overseeing the drill program as well as being the designated QC/QA geologist.

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CAT Strategic Receives Work Authorization to Conduct Diamond Drill Program on Burntland Project in New Brunswick; Additional Drill Targets to be Identified Following Latest Airborne Geophysical Survey

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") announces that it has received all of the necessary governmental authorizations and permits required to begin diamond drilling on the Company's Burntland Property in northern New Brunswick. CAT is about to proceed with a 7 hole diamond drill program to further explore and evaluate the potential volume of a trenching program that occurred over the summer of 2020

This previous trenching identified extensive areas of skarnified sediment-hosted mineralization adjacent to porphyry dykes. The average of 27 samples collected from this trench area returned 1.67 % Cu and 39.3 g/t Ag, with samples taken selectively across approximately 60 metres of the exposed trench. The highest-grade samples from this exercise include up to 16.3 % Cu & 220.0 g/t Ag, 5.58 % Cu & 192.0 g/t Ag, and 6.2 % Cu & 118 g/t Ag. Note that rock grab samples are selective by nature and values reported may not represent the true grade or style of mineralization across the property. A historical ground magnetic survey indicates that skarn-type mineralization on the Project is often found at the margins of magnetic-high areas.

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CAT Strategic Metals Completes Drone Mag Survey and Undertakes Airborne Geophysical Program on Burntland Project in New Brunswick to Identify Drill Targets

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") announces that it has engaged EAGLE Geophysique Inc. ("EAGLE") to perform a geophysical VLF-EM, DTM and Mag survey designed to identify structures that would allow for establishment of a diamond drill program expected to be conducted prior to the end of the current 2021 calendar and fiscal year

This ongoing survey, known as a Quadri-Mag, is the latest generation in high precision airborne equipment. The ultra-wide horizontal and vertical gradient allows mapping of subtle changes in rock properties. The platform is towed under a helicopter for maximum ground proximity. Its 10 meter horizontal and 3 meter vertical gradient enable it to locate hydrothermal alteration similar to narrow quartz veining, kimberlite dykes and sills and other geological structural features. The passive EM equipment is capable of detecting conductors at depths greater than 1 kilometer. By measuring naturally occurring EM fields (AFMAG - audio frequencies magnetics) both discrete conductors and bulk changes in resistivity and conductivity common in geologic contacts and structures can be detected. This innovation will allow to collect and measure disseminated sulphides and important alteration systems. The geophysical program consists of a total of 970 linear Km's over a survey area of 47.55 square Kilometers.

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CAT Strategic Metals Signs Agreement with Geological and Mining Consulting Firm to Advance South Preston Uranium Project in Canada's Prolific Athabasca Basin

CAT Strategic Metals Corporation (CSE:CAT) ("CAT" or the "Company") announces that it has engaged Watt, Griffis and McOuat Limited, Geological and Mining Consultants ("WGM"), for the purpose of discovering economically viable uranium mineralization on CAT's South Preston uranium property

Discussions with WGM began in earnest in September in order to determine the best and most productive methods to advance the South Preston Uranium Project in the most desirable and expeditious manner possible. After an initial review of the available project data, WGM expressed significant interest in pursuing the project with CAT and provided a proposal to the Company outlining the scope of work required to ascertain uranium mineralization that is consistent with unconformity-type deposits that have been confirmed to exist in the Athabasca Basin. These types of deposits are the highest-grade uranium deposits known.

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Franco-Nevada Declares Dividend Increase and Provides Details for Upcoming Release of 2021 Results

Franco-Nevada Corporation is pleased to announce that its Board of Directors has raised its quarterly dividend and declared a quarterly dividend of US$0.32 per share payable on March 31, 2022 to shareholders of record on March 17, 2022 (the "Record Date"). This is a 6.7% increase from the previous US$0.30 per share quarterly dividend and marks the 15 th consecutive annual increase for Franco-Nevada shareholders. Canadian investors in Franco-Nevada's IPO in December 2007 are now receiving an effective 10.7% yield on their cost base. The Board of Directors has determined to move its annual dividend reviews earlier in the year than prior practice starting with 2022. The dividend policy will now be reviewed at the beginning of the fiscal year so that any increases to the dividend will be effective for the full fiscal year rather than commencing in Q2 as in prior years. The dividend has been declared in U.S. dollars and the Canadian dollar equivalent will be determined based on the daily average rate posted by the Bank of Canada on the Record Date. Under Canadian tax legislation, Canadian resident individuals who receive "eligible dividends" are entitled to an enhanced gross-up and dividend tax credit on such dividends.

The Company has a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (the "DRIP"). Participation in the DRIP is optional. The Company will issue additional common shares through treasury at a 3% discount to the Average Market Price, as defined in the DRIP. However, the Company may, from time to time, in its discretion, change or eliminate the discount applicable to treasury acquisitions or direct that such common shares be purchased in market acquisitions at the prevailing market price, any of which would be publicly announced. The DRIP and enrollment forms are available on the Company's website at . Canadian and U.S. registered shareholders may also enroll in the DRIP online through the plan agent's self-service web portal at . Canadian and U.S. beneficial shareholders should contact their financial intermediary to arrange enrollment. Non-Canadian and non-U.S. shareholders may potentially participate in the DRIP, subject to the satisfaction of certain conditions. Non-Canadian and non-U.S. shareholders should contact the Company to determine whether they satisfy the necessary conditions to participate in the DRIP.

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Quadro Resources

Quadro Announces Remaining 2021 Assay Results from Staghorn, Central Newfoundland Gold District

Quadro Resources Ltd. (TSXV: QRO) (OTCQB: QDROF) (FSE: G4O2) ("Quadro" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the remaining assay results from its 2021 Staghorn gold project, Newfoundland. Further to its November 18, 2021, news release, in which the Company announced the discovery of a new gold zone intersected from the inaugural exploration drill program at its Long Lake property, in Central Newfoundland, Quadro's assays results from four drill holes at Staghorn remained overdue due to assay lab-related delays. After completing the Long Lake drilling, the drill was mobilized to Quadro's Staghorn property where an additional 891 meters were completed in four holes at the southwest end of the Marks Pond zone.

Cannot view this image? Visit:

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Metals Creek Drills 9.2 g/t Gold over 4.47 meters at the Ogden Gold Project

Metals Creek Drills 9.2 g/t Gold over 4.47 meters at the Ogden Gold Project

Metals Creek Resources Corp. (TSXV: MEK) (OTCQB: MCREF) (FSE: M1C1) (the "Company" or Metals Creek) is pleased to announce results for six holes recently drilled on the Ogden Gold Project in Timmins, Ontario. The Ogden Gold Project is a 5050 Joint Venture with Newmont Corporation ("Newmont"), with the Company serving as the operator.

The Thomas Ogden Zone (TOG) was the main focus of the drill program, totalling 2,076 meters. By means of oriented core, the program's emphasis was to further define the orientation of high-grade cross cutting veins and mineralization, as well as determining true orientations of contacts, fold structures and faults within a very complex sequence of stratigraphy. Three of the six holes drilled had visible gold.

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Aben Resources Provides Update on Pringle North Project in Ontario

Aben Resources Provides Update on Pringle North Project in Ontario

Aben Resources Ltd. (TSX-V: ABN ) (OTCQB: ABNAF ) (Frankfurt: E2L2 ) ("Aben" or "the Company") is pleased to provide an update on the Pringle North Project located 55 kilometers north of the prolific Red Lake Gold Camp in Ontario. The Pringle North Property straddles the interpreted northern extension of the deep-seated geologic structures that host many of the gold deposits within the Red Lake Gold Camp. The newly termed ‘Red Lake Extension' is a crustal-scale extensional feature identified by seismic reflection surveys and has been described by the Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines as similar in nature and significance to the structures that host the Red Lake Gold Belt.

Aben geologic personnel have been compiling and interpreting geophysical and geologic data from several sources from across the Red Lake Gold Belt, including the finalized results from a high-resolution airborne magnetic survey completed over the Pringle North Property in the Fall of 2021. The magnetic geophysical maps illustrate several apparent convergent structural breaks and extensional features that are common to all gold deposits in the Belt. The structural complexity illustrated by the magnetic survey offers strong evidence of wide-spread shearing, folding and faulting, structural controls that can provide fluid pathways and traps for gold mineralizing fluids in potentially economic concentrations.

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Platinex Announces Expansion of W2 Copper-Nickel-PGE Project

Platinex Announces Expansion of W2 Copper-Nickel-PGE Project

Platinex Inc. (CSE: PTX) (Frankfurt: 9PX) ("Platinex" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiary, Endurance Elements Inc. ("Endurance Elements") has acquired, through low-cost claim staking, 198 mining claims contiguous with existing claims at the W2 Copper-Nickel-PGE Project (the "W2 Project" or "W2") in Ontario's Ring of Fire (see press release dated January 17, 2022). The new claims cover 3,897 hectares (39.0 km 2 ) and represent a 42.7% increase in the total W2 land package which now stands at 13,031 hectares (130.3 km 2 ).

The new claims cover potential mineralized extensions of Cu-Ni-PGE targets within the existing W2 land package. The targets described below are located 10-30 km east of the PGE horizon area of W2 where historical exploration work and drilling focused. These new targets are highly prospective and have never been drill tested.

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Quadro Announces Remaining 2021 Assay Results from Staghorn, Central Newfoundland Gold District

Quadro Resources Ltd. (TSXV: QRO) (OTCQB: QDROF) (FSE: G4O2) ("Quadro" or the "Company") is pleased to announce the remaining assay results from its 2021 Staghorn gold project, Newfoundland. Further to its November 18, 2021, news release, in which the Company announced the discovery of a new gold zone intersected from the inaugural exploration drill program at its Long Lake property, in Central Newfoundland, Quadro's assays results from four drill holes at Staghorn remained overdue due to assay lab-related delays. After completing the Long Lake drilling, the drill was mobilized to Quadro's Staghorn property where an additional 891 meters were completed in four holes at the southwest end of the Marks Pond zone.

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