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Copper Fox Metals Inc.

In 2014 Copper Fox Metals Inc. (TSXV:CUU) added approximately 1.8 billion pounds of copper as well as 140,000 ounces of gold contained within the Inferred resource category to its metal holdings. Connect with this company that’s on the move!Learn More

Molybdenum May Revolutionize Nanotechnology

The use of molybdenum in nano-technology could significantly increase computing speed, super semiconductor batteries as well as electrical generation. The material only a few atoms thick, reduces electrical ‘leakage’ better than graphene, which won a Noble Prize last year.

Big Time Rebound Set For Moly

There is a `little storm brewing’ in moly. In the third week of January, traders came in and bought up a lot of material, which caused some supply tightness. Now traders are in a position to push prices higher, state analysts.

Resource Market Weekly Recap

By Melissa Pistilli-Exclusive to Resource Investing News

Copper Investing News

After a screaming rally, the fastest on record, copper prices fell around the world Tuesday pushed down by concerns over swelling stockpiles, which are rising as miners up production to take advantage of higher prices.

There are concerns that copper prices are inflated

Moly Poised For Massive Comeback


Moly has been priced too low as compared to other minerals already traded in the futures market. The added sauce to the coming moly price surge will be a sure-fire winner for speculators. You in?   
Market participants put spot prices for molybdic oxide in a range of $12.75 to $13 per

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