Tres-Or Resources CEO Laura Duffett: Remarkable Macrodiamond Drill Program Results at Guigues

Tres-Or Resources CEO Laura Duffett

Tres-or Resources CEO Laura Duffett shared encouraging results from the company's first macrodiamond drill program at the Guigues kimberlite pipe in Southwestern Québec.

Tres-Or Resources (TSXV:TRS,OTC Pink:TRSFF) has completed its first macrodiamond drill program at the Guigues kimberlite pipe in Southwestern Quebec.

Tres-or Resources CEO Laura Duffett shared the highlights from the program.

Tres-or completed the 1,500 meter HQ drill program in one week, which provided the company with an additional 8 tonnes of fresh core on top of the 1,432 meters drill program completed in 2019.

“We now have over 10 tonnes of fresh kimberlite core to do our first mini-bulk macrodiamond test,” Duffett explained. "We're pursuing the macrodiamond test because all indications from our early results are pointing to quite a similarity to the Victor diamond mine. What was remarkable in the macro and micro data accounts is that the larger stones are Type II, which is the rarest type of diamond in the world."

In a press release, Tres-Or explains that its sampling programs established that more than 75 percent of the Guigues microdiamonds are type II diamonds, similar to most of the largest high-value diamonds ever produced around the world. Type II diamonds are defined as lacking nitrogen and lacking a trace of boron impurities.

“Our market is strictly high-quality, high-value diamonds," Duffet said. "We're not interested in industrial diamonds or low-quality diamonds. Now, a Type II diamond is typically a diamond that has no nitrogen impurity. All of our stones are Type II A, which are clear, white and colorless. That's a very good commodity for rough diamond sales.”

Duffet added that the larger of the microstones are clear, white, transparent and beautiful. “So if that's any indication of what we can do with a larger sample size, I think we're going to be very happy with those results.”

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