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SoLVBL Solutions Inc. is pleased to announce that after successfully completing the application process, the Company has received approval from OTC Markets Group Inc. for its common shares to begin trading on the OTCQB Market under the symbol "SOLBF". The Company's common shares will remain listed on the CSE in Canada under the ticker symbol "SOLV".OTC Markets Group Inc.1, located in New York, N.Y., operates the ...

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) (OTCQB: SOLBF) ("SoLVBL" or the "Company"), is pleased to announce that after successfully completing the application process, the Company has received approval from OTC Markets Group Inc. for its common shares to begin trading on the OTCQB Market ("OTCQB") under the symbol "SOLBF". The Company's common shares will remain listed on the CSE in Canada under the ticker symbol "SOLV".

OTC Markets Group Inc.1, located in New York, N.Y., operates the world's largest electronic inter-dealer quotation system for broker dealers to trade over 10,000 securities. The OTCQB is a transparent trading platform that offers a cost-effective method for United States investors to access SoLVBL's securities. SoLVBL's quotation and trading on the OTCQB provides investors the opportunity to benefit from streamlined market standards which enhance the availability of information to the general public, enabling greater transparency. North American and international investors can find Real-Time level 2 quotes (denominated in US dollars) and market information for SoLVBL common shares at https://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/SOLBF/overview along with current company news.

About SoLVBL Solutions Inc.

SoLVBL is an innovative cybersecurity company. The company's mission is to empower, better, faster decisions by developing a universal standard for establishing digital record authenticity. The lead product Q by SoLVBL™, is a proprietary software of the company, designed to be easy to use and adopt, economically priced and provide digital record authentication at lightning fast speed. Q by SoLVBL™ allows organizations to establish trust in their data. The company is currently pursuing the following verticals: chain of custody for digital evidence; including, NG-911, data used in the financial sector, medical applications and critical IoT infrastructures.

For more information, please visit SoLVBL.com.

For further information, please contact:

SoLVBL Solutions Inc.

Kaiser Akbar, President & CEO
100 King Street West, Suite 5700
Toronto, ON, M5X 1C7
E: kaiser.akbar@SoLVBL.com
T: 416-450-5995

Forward-Looking Statements

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1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OTC_Markets_Group

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SoLVBL Solutions

SoLVBL Solutions



SoLVBL Solutions (CSE:SOLV) is a technology company developing software as a service (SaaS) products designed to provide authenticity and security to existing data management systems, specifically digital financial platforms and information databases. SoLVBL is focused on developing data management and protection solutions designed for businesses with sensitive data worth forging, with potential applications in a number of industries.

The company’s flagship product, Q By Solvbl, is designed to encrypt and store a representation of the data, allowing seamless cooperation between businesses and users. By cryptographically sealing a representation of the data, rather than the data itself, SoLVBL is able to remain data agnostic and maintain an additional level of security. Q By SoLVBL can be used as a digital payment instrument, a means of fraud protection, or as a central authority for verifiable data repositories.

Q By SoLVBL is an enterprise-level data protection platform capable of processing over 150,000 transactions per second. The platform is offered through SoLVBL’s SaaS business model, which the company intends to expand through additional product offerings that leverage the Q by SoLVBL digital infrastructure. Q By SoLVBL is backed by a private blockchain to ensure the credibility of the data on the platform. By providing an immutable record of all data used, SoLVBL is able to operate the platform through compartmentalization without having direct access to the data itself, providing an additional layer of security.

The Q By SoLVBL system is designed to enable secure digital payments for existing banking systems. The company’s fraud prevention system was designed with incidents like the notorious Bangladesh bank heist in mind. The heist saw hackers withdraw over US$81 million from banks using the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) system, demonstrating the need for financial institutions to keep pace with the technological capabilities of hackers and cybercriminals.

SoLVBL Solutions’ Company Highlights

  • Global fraud detection and prevention market is expected to grow from US$19.5 billion in 2018 to US$63.5 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 26.7 percent
  • Q By SoLVBL leverages a private blockchain to ensure an immutable representation of the data, without giving actual file access
  • Representation of the data is cryptographically protected, ensuring all parties can rely on data presented on the platform
  • ‘Q’ Platform can be adapted for additional security applications including the SWIFT network, B2B transaction improvements and data repository solutions
  • Q By SoLVBL is capable of processing 150,000 transactions per second based on trials conducted by the company using the cloud


Q By SoLVBL is the company’s proprietary software designed to digitally “stamp” or “seal” data through encryption, enabling verifiable digital payments with fraud prevention and other security services. The Q By SoLVBL system can also be applied to varying types of digital data, enabling a verifiable data repository that can be relied upon by businesses utilizing the platform.

As shown by the Bangladesh bank heist, during which hackers escaped with US$81 million in stolen funds, there is a need for financial institutions to improve the security standards protecting their data. “Increasing revenue losses for organizations due to the rising fraudulent attacks, increasing use of electronic transactions across all the verticals and increasing sophistication level of cyber-attacks across all regions will contribute to the growth of the overall FDP market,” said Markets and Markets in a report on fraud detection and prevention. According to the company’s projections, the fraud detection and prevention market is expected to grow from US$19.5 billion in 2018 to US$63.5 billion by 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7 percent.

By providing an enterprise-level platform capable of quickly verifying data, including financial information, Q By SoLVBL has the potential to enable new levels of cooperation between businesses that can agree on the reliability of the information on the platform without the need to independently verify the data. In addition to financial services, the Q By SoLVBL platform can be adapted to serve any industry that relies on sensitive data worth stealing or forging. Whether the underlying information includes financial data, medical data, product specifications or pharmaceutical information, all forms of digital information can be immutably protected and referenced for trustless use between parties.

Moving forward, SoLVBL intends to continue to develop payment security and risk reduction applications for financial networks while also working to improve B2B transactions on the Q payment platform.

Solvbl Solutions’ Q Authentication Platform

SoLVBL plans to monetize its Q Authenticity Platform, including Q By SoLVBL, by collecting a percentage of financial transactions conducted on the network. The company also intends to offer tiered pricing for access to the network.

Moving forward, SoLVBL is working to develop a digital cheque that can be authorized and encrypted in order to improve the efficiency and safety of transferring funds in the digital domain. The company is also exploring the potential to apply its technology its technology to Next Generation 911, Chain of custody authentication for digital evidence and Supply chain sensors such as trackers.

SoLVBL Solution’s Management Team

Raymond Pomroy, CEO

An international manager, who has exceptional experience in business management and supply chain management (e.g. Make, Plan, Source, Deliver) primarily in UK, Holland) Canada and the US. Prior to joining Agile, Raymond had been working in a multinational consumer goods company for 30 years, and managed all elements of supply chain, including USD$2.8 billion in product supply, six factories in North America, and over 2,000 employees. He is experienced in supply chain strategy development, global supply, organizational redesign and implementation of restructuring, contract negotiations, and cost reduction activities. Raymond holds a Bachelor of Science and DIS from Loughborough University (UK).

Khurram R. Qureshi, CPA, CA, CFO

Khurram Qureshi brings over 22 years of experience in the field of accounting and corporate finance. Khurram qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1990 and has held senior positions with several small to medium-size public companies. He has been a key member on several merger and acquisition teams.

Vikas Gupta, Director

Vikas is a seasoned executive with an entrepreneurial DNA and has a strong track record with private and public companies. He is well versed in gamification, digital distribution, video games, interactive entertainment and content. Additionally, he has also built very strong expertise in financings, the creation of unique revenue models, the monetization of complex technologies, leadership, and overall growth.

Musabbir Chowdhury, Director

Musabbir is an engineer who is a business, education and technology consultant with over 20 years of  IT achievements. Musabbir is a former Professor at the Niagara College School of  Business, and former director of Pi Lab, an innovation & productivity hub at Niagara College. Currently, Dr. Chowdhury is the Dean of Business at Fleming College in Ontario.

Brenda Brown, Director

Brenda is the former Senior VP of  Global Talent Management at Compass Group PLC and has over twenty-five years of business experience in all aspects of  Human Resource management in both union and non-union environments.  As a member of the executive management team, Brenda was involved in key strategic business decisions and was responsible for the development of employee programs, corporate culture development and assisting in ensuring the success of the corporate vision.

Alan Rootenberg, CPA, CA

Alan Rootenberg is a chartered professional accountant who has served as the Chief  Financial Officer of a number of publicly-traded companies listed on the TSX, TSXV, OTCBB, and CSE. These companies include mineral exploration, mining, technology, and companies in the burgeoning cannabis industry. He was also an investor in an early stage private cryptocurrency company. Alan has a Bachelor of  Commerce degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa and received his CPA designation in Ontario, Canada.

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SoLVBL Solutions Inc. Receives DTC Eligibility

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. Receives DTC Eligibility

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) ("SoLVBL" or the "Company"), announces that its shares have received Depository Trust Company ("DTC") full-service eligibility in the United States. The Company's common shares traded on the OTC Pink Sheet in the United States.

The DTC will facilitate electronic settlement of transfers of its common shares in the United States. DTC settlement services provide a more efficient and lower cost settlement process for investors and brokers trading Canadian securities in the US. DTC eligibility enables shares of SoLVBL to be distributed, settled, and serviced through DTC's automated processes, thereby taking advantage of the efficiencies created in the electronic method of clearing securities and the resulting cost benefits that DTC provides through accelerated settlement processes.

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SoLVBL Solutions Launches AGORACOM Platform for Online Marketing and Verified Discussion Forum for Clean Social Media Engagement

SoLVBL Solutions Launches AGORACOM Platform for Online Marketing and Verified Discussion Forum for Clean Social Media Engagement

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) ("SoLVBL" or the "Company"), a Canadian cybersecurity company, is pleased to announce the launch of a 12-month online marketing campaign through AGORACOM for the purposes of targeting new potential investors that would be specifically interested in the Company's business model, as well as engaging current shareholders. The Company is paying $0 in cash for the program due to AGORACOM's cashless and fully compliant shares for services program.


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SoLVBL Solutions Grants Stock Options

SoLVBL Solutions Grants Stock Options

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) ("SoLVBL Solutions" or the "Company"), Kaiser Akbar President & Chief Executive Officer of SoLVBL Solutions reports that the Company's board of directors have approved the grant of options to purchase up to 4,425,000 common shares at an exercise price of $0.075 per share to employees, consultants, officers, and directors of the Company. The options were granted November 29, 2021, with 3,525,000 options vesting immediately and 900,000 vesting in equal 36-month instalments. All are valid until November 28, 2026.

About SoLVBL Solutions Inc.

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SoLVBL Solutions Announces First Memorandum of Understanding  in the Financial Services Sector, with QuantGate Systems to Develop a Program for Data Security

SoLVBL Solutions Announces First Memorandum of Understanding in the Financial Services Sector, with QuantGate Systems to Develop a Program for Data Security

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) ("SoLVBL Solutions" or the "Company") is pleased to announce on November 21, 2021 it signed a Memorandum of Understanding ("MoU") with QuantGate Systems Inc. (OTCQB: QGSI) ("QuantGate"), an Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), Machine Learning ("ML") SaaS-based Fintech solutions provider, to develop a cyber security program to detect cyber-attacks and provide 247 data security to QuantGate's "Intelligence" platform. This is the first MOU signed by SOLV in the financial services sector, one of its priority client verticals. This first step will allow SOLV to further demonstrate its capabilities around data security and speed of transactions, which are two of Q by SoLVBL's key premises. The Company will continue to pursue opportunities with brokerages, banks and other entities in the financial services sector.

SoLVBL Solutions is at the forefront of developing cybersecurity solutions and advanced unique capabilities for providing customers with capabilities to protect and verify incoming data against a range of cyber threats.

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SoLVBL Solutions Appoints Kaiser Akbar as Interim CEO and President

SoLVBL Solutions Appoints Kaiser Akbar as Interim CEO and President

SoLVBL Solutions Inc. (CSE: SOLV) ("SoLVBL Solutions" or the "Company") is pleased to announce that Kaiser Akbar has been appointed Interim CEO and President of the Company, replacing Raymond Pomroy. SoLVBL wishes to thank Raymond for his contribution to the Company and his distinguished 50 year career and wishes him all the best in his future endeavors.

Mr. Akbar has a broad background in law, public markets and corporate financing. His focus is on early-stage venture companies with potential for large growth, scalability and value creation. He has been on the board of a TSX Venture Exchange listed company, and on the board and management of several private companies. Most recently, Mr. Akbar was the Senior VP, General Counsel & Director of Simcoe Renewable Energy Corp., a privately-held renewable energy company, and between 2010 and 2016, he was the President of Advent Chemical Corp., a chemical manufacturing start-up. Mr. Akbar has an undergraduate and Master's degree in Economics from the University of Manitoba, and a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in 1997.

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Faurecia Streamlines International Procurement Process with OpenText

Global company enhances invoice visibility and drives efficiency with OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP Solutions

OpenText ™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX), today announced, Faurecia, a global leader in automotive interiors and emission control technology, implemented OpenText™ Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) for SAP® Solutions to manage and access high volumes of information and drive efficiency of procurement operations.

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OpenText to Report Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results on Thursday, February 3, 2022

- Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX), announced today that financial results for its second quarter fiscal year 2022 will be released on Thursday, February 3, 2022 at approximately 4:00 p.m. ET .

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OpenText Buys Zix Corporation

OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX) today announced that it has completed the closing of the previously announced acquisition of Zix Corporation (NASDAQ: ZIXI) ("Zix"), a leader in SaaS-based email encryption, threat protection and compliance cloud solutions for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

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OpenText Extends Tender Offer for Zix Corporation

In connection with the previously announced agreement to acquire Zix Corporation (NASDAQ: ZIXI) ("Zix"), OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX) (TSX: OTEX) announced today that it has extended the expiration of its tender offer for all outstanding shares of common stock of Zix at a price of U.S. $8.50 per share, through its subsidiary, Zeta Merger Sub Inc.  The tender offer is now scheduled to expire at one minute after 11:59 P.M., Eastern time on December 22, 2021 unless it is further extended. The tender offer was previously scheduled to expire at one minute after 11:59 P.M., Eastern time on December 20, 2021 .

The depositary for the tender offer has advised OpenText that as of the previous expiration time there were validly tendered and not withdrawn a total of approximately 33,967,027 shares of Zix common stock, including approximately 5,397,062 shares of Zix common stock tendered pursuant to a notice of guaranteed delivery. The tender offer is being extended to allow for those shares tendered pursuant to a notice of guaranteed delivery to be delivered, which can take up to two business days. Assuming no validly tendered shares of common stock are withdrawn, all shares of common stock subject to a notice of guaranteed delivery are delivered, and all shares of Zix Series A Preferred Stock are converted into Zix common stock and validly tendered pursuant to the Tender and Voting Agreement with Zephyr Holdco LLC, approximately 54,807,927 shares of Zix common stock would be tendered, representing approximately 70% of the shares outstanding (including shares of common stock issuable upon the conversion of Series A Preferred Stock) and the minimum tender condition would be satisfied.  All other conditions to the tender offer (other than such conditions which by their terms can only be satisfied on the expiration date) have been satisfied.  Accordingly, OpenText and Zix expect the transaction to close on Thursday, December 23, 2021 .

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Legal Aid Western Australia Modernizes Work with OpenText

Government agency migrates 15 million legal documents to OpenText and enables access for 400 users

OpenText TM (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX), today announced Legal Aid Western Australia (WA) selected OpenText™ Extended ECM platform to improve client service delivery through better information management and enhanced collaboration.

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OpenText Named one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures 2021

OpenText™ (NASDAQ: OTEX), (TSX: OTEX) has been recognized as one of Canada's Most Admired Corporate Cultures for 2021 by Waterstone Human Capital, Canada's leading cultural talent management firm. This national program recognizes best-in-class organizations across Canada who foster high-performance corporate cultures creating a critical advantage in a hyper-competitive market to attract and retain talent.

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