HYTE Unveils the new SFF Revolt 3 PC Case as its Premier Product

HYTE the new PC components and lifestyle brand of iBUYPOWER a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom gaming PCs, today released its premier product, the Revolt 3 mini-ITX PC case. Previously announced during CES 2021 as the Revolt 3 MK3, the Revolt 3 was designed with careful consideration for DIY PC enthusiasts, gamers, and creators alike.

HYTE Revolt 3 PC Case Desktop Setup

"iBUYPOWER is excited to introduce its new sub-brand, HYTE, to our community with its very first product, the Revolt 3," said Darren Su , Executive Vice President of iBUYPOWER. "With over 20 years of experience as a systems integrator we felt like we had a unique perspective to bring to the table when developing PC Components. We approached the Revolt 3 with the goal of designing a case with the freedom and flexibility that would allow the use of a wide range of components without imposing performance restrictions based on the size of the case."

Small Space, Big Possibilities

The vertical footprint of the 18.4L small form factor (SFF) HYTE Revolt 3 provides a space saving solution for users with limited desktop real estate without compromising on component compatibility. With external dimensions of 253 x 178 x 409mm the Revolt 3 supports most RTX 30 series Graphics Cards (GPU), mounted vertically behind the front panel. The unique internal layout of the SFF case makes GPU mounting possible without the use of a riser cable, while a hinged radiator mounting bracket supports up to a 280mm All-in-One (AIO) liquid cooler.

All external panels of the HYTE Revolt 3 are removable to provide 360-degree accessibility to components and to simplify future upgrades. An integrated aluminum carrying handle sits flush with the case and pops up with a light push, while accessory holders pop out from either side of the case to assist with tabletop cable management and decluttering a workspace. The Revolt 3 will be available in black and white external panels with a black metal "mesh" standing as a juxtaposition behind the front panel. Users can choose between purchasing just the Revolt 3 case or a Revolt 3 and included 700W 80 Plus Gold SFX-L PSU with pre-routed cables.

Expansive Portability

As a special thank you to its early adopters, HYTE will make available 200 Special Edition Revolt 3's with Flight Case, at no additional cost, to customers purchasing a Revolt 3 and PSU combo from Hyte.com in North America . The Special Edition Revolt 3 with Flight Case includes an extra copper metal "mesh" front panel for an extra pop of color and an external flight case for easy transportation. On the outside of the flight case will be a plaque to denote the production number.


For customers looking to purchase a pre-built system, iBUYPOWER will offer two RDY systems featuring the HYTE Revolt 3 and powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors. The enthusiast-grade Revolt 3 i7BG will feature the Intel Core i7 11700KF CPU, GeForce RTX ™ 3080 GPU, Z590 motherboard, 16GB of 3200MHz addressable RGB (ARGB) DDR4 RAM, 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD and a 240mm ARGB AIO, while the top-tier Revolt 3 i9BG will boast the Intel Core i9 11900KF CPU, GeForce RTX 3090 GPU, Z590 motherboard, 32GB of 3200MHz ARGB DDR4 RAM, 1TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD and a 240mm ARGB AIO. In addition, customers can customize a Revolt 3 system using iBUYPOWER's configurator. System prices and specifications will vary between regions.


North America

The Revolt 3 will be available for purchase, immediately, for a starting MSRP of $129 from HYTE.com .

The Revolt 3 + PSU bundle will be available for purchase, immediately, for a starting MSRP of $249 from HYTE.com, Amazon and Newegg .

The Revolt 3 i7BG and Revolt 3 i9BG RDY systems will be available for purchase in the following week for a starting MSRP of $2,599 and $4,199 , respectively, from iBUYPOWER.com,   Amazon and Newegg . Custom configured systems will be available immediately from iBUYPOWER.com.


The Revolt 3 and Revolt 3 + PSU are expected to be available for purchase in Q4 of 2021 for a starting MSRP of €129 and €249, respectively. For more information, please visit HYTE.com.

Systems featuring the Revolt 3 will be available for purchase immediately. For pricing and additional information, please visit iBUYPOWER.de


For more information on the Revolt 3, please visit: HYTE.com


For the Revolt 3 launch video, please visit: HYTE YouTube


For additional images of the Revolt 3, please visit: HYTE Press

About HYTE

HYTE is a lifestyle-centered brand focuses on enhancing play with its fresh and innovative PC components and accessories. Designed to fuel passions in gaming, music, the arts, and entertainment, all HYTE products are rigorously researched and tested before they are brought to fruition. HYTE, as a company and its products, are inspired by the needs and behaviors of its community and the many ways people play.

HYTE is committed to designing products to help people experience play throughout their lifestyle, no matter what that may be.

HYTE is a subsidiary brand of iBUYPOWER, a leading manufacturer of high-performance custom gaming PCs. HYTE, and its logo are registered trademarks of iBUYPOWER in the United States and/or other countries. Pricing, availability, features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

HYTE Revolt 3 with carrying handle up and side accessory holder in use

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