- Team33 announces today that it has added Weston Sockwell aka @ 31Weston (on Twitter), to its Fortnite roster. The signature which included a $33,000 upfront payment, comes as a result of Weston winning Team33's first Fortnite tournament which was held on March 20th, 2021 . Weston will join Team33 as 33Weston.

Team33 had announced earlier in the year a plan to organize tournaments as a way to find talented players to complete its roster in various games, and Fortnite was the first game that the organization targeted with the launch of its March 20th tournament. The tournament finale featured celebrity guest Teejayx6 , a famous rapper from Detroit , as well as seasoned FNCS casters Somebodysfun and Dalre Vermaak (@DellasZA) who commentated the game.

33Weston is only 14 years old but has been playing Fortnite at a high level for many years, according to his father who we spoke with after the tournament. Born in the UK, Weston initially developed a strong passion for football (soccer) and joined a top-level academy, but eventually realized that video games was where he could make a big impact.

"I am very excited to join Team33! This is like a dream come true for me as I always wanted to be a professional esports player," said Weston. "I have always loved Fortnite because I figured out very quickly that it was something you could be great at no matter your age or your size. I would lose to my older brother in football (soccer) or other sports but I could take both him and his friends on Fortnite and destroy them all. This is when I started to know I could be really good at the game," added Weston.

Weston and Team33 have also agreed to celebrate this partnership by donating $1,000 to Gamers Outreach , a nonprofit that empowers hospitalized families through play.

While 33Weston is relatively unknown in the pro player scene, he is no stranger to winning big Fortnite tournaments. Back in 2020 during a family vacation in Las Vegas , Weston unexpectedly won the Friday Night Frags Fortnite tournament at the Hyper X Esports Arena ( ). The tournament, with a prize pool of several thousand dollars, featured several pro players.

"When he was 11, he was begging to go to Las Vegas to play in the Friday Night Frags tournament at the Luxor. For a year we said no way - it's a video game and we are not going to Vegas to play a video game. It's a local tournament but there are a lot of pros in Vegas who rely on this for spending money every Friday. Finally, his sister had a volleyball tournament there so we agreed to take him. After he spent 5 hours in the gaming center for the tournament by himself, we picked him up at 1:00 am and rushed him up to the room to go to sleep. He was laying in bed when he said "Dad, you know I won the tournament right? I won $1,200 ," said Weston's father, Jeff.

"As the CEO of the team, I couldn't be happier to sign Weston to our Fortnite roster. Over 2,300 players received invitations to join our tournament, and the top 33 players from the Qualifiers battled it out in the last stage. 33Weston came out as the clear winner by beating a player who was a two-time FNCS Grand Finalist! He earned his way into our team," said Tyler Gallagher , CEO of Team33.

Team33 is currently focusing on training its existing roster as well as very selectively scouting for new talent across multiple games as the team is planning to finalize and announce its gaming roster in 2021. The team will be hosting several tournaments in 2021 out of its main facility in the Hollywood Hills. Team33 is almost done finalizing their gaming roster for Fortnite, CS:GO., Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Valorant. If you feel you have what it takes to be on Team33 , applications are being very selectively reviewed and you can apply at . Do you think you have what it takes to be on Team33? Apply to find out.

About Team33
Team33 is an elite eSports team based out of Hollywood, California. The team will be entering major tournaments in games like Fortnite, CS:GO., Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Valorant and others. Team33 is also planning to launch charity events on Twitch and YouTube, backed by high profile celebrities and gamers such as Kaash Paige and many more. Learn more about this at and fill out an application to see if you have what it takes to join the team.

Media contact:
Name: Amine R.
Phone: 347-682-3532

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Pro cosplayers assemble for Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay 2022

Some of the nation's top pro cosplayers are assembling at the Tampa Convention Center on December 10-11 for Holiday Cosplay Tampa Bay a new winter-themed, family-friendly comic convention that features anime, comics, science fiction and gaming as well as world-class cosplay. Tickets are $30 for a single day and $45 for weekend pass.

Ginoza Costuming is a pro cosplayer who has twice represented the U.S. in international cosplay competitions and recently won Best in Show at Twitchcon 2022.

The eight big-name talents collectively have more than 1 million followers across five social media platforms and have earned awards from the largest and most prestigious conventions. "It's rare so many top cosplayers are at one convention," said Nicole Wilcox , whose cosplay name is Avera Cosplay, and is one of the eight pro cosplay guests.

Wilcox recruited the pro cosplayers who are nationally recognized specialists in props and costume construction, armor crafting and painting, makeup and body paint, sewing and needlework as well as unique elements like wings and lights. And the pro cosplayers will be hosting panels. "This is an elite team of pro cosplayers whose panels are better described as master-class instruction," Wilcox said.

Pro cosplayers include:

  • Evil Ted (aka Ted Smith ), from Los Angeles, California , is a legendary propmaker and costumer whose more than 30-year career includes work on major films and TV shows like The Fifth Element, Guyver, Hunger Games, Titanic, and Xena Warrior Princess .
  • Tock Custom (aka Christopher Tock ), from Dallas, Texas , is a sewing specialist with impeccable needlework who is widely known for his easy-to-follow tutorials on You Tube.
  • Casey Renee , from Atlanta, Georgia , is an expert at historical, time-period-accurate sewing techniques like corsetry, smocking, and other intricately detailed costume construction.
  • Ginoza Costuming (aka Brittani Ginoza ), from Columbus, Ohio , has twice represented the U.S. in international cosplay competitions and is widely known for her highly detailed painting that recreates textures.
  • PlexiCosplay ( Candace Bergin ), from Baltimore, Maryland , specializes in EVA foam, SFX, and armor painting as well as unique elements like wings and lights.
  • Tiara Bree , from Jacksonville, Florida , is known for her genre diversity using makeup and body paint with characters from Disney movies.
  • Gremmcos, from Orlando , is known for wig styling and makeup who portrays characters from anime and video games.
  • Avera Cosplay (aka Nicole Wilcox ), from Fort Myers, Florida , is known for highly detailed armor builds and creative re-imagining of classic characters, and recently finished in the top four in a national cosplay competition.

The new convention also showcases six big-time voice actors who portray characters in anime shows like Sonic the Hedgehog, Genshin Impact, Re:Zero, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Hunter x Hunter; cartoons like Young Justice , The Clone Wars, Arcane, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Marvel Future Avengers, Danny Phantom, and Thundercats; and video games like Marvel's Avengers and Final Fantasy V.

In addition, there are five nationally known comic creators who have illustrated for Marvel titles like Spider-Man, Venom, Black Panther, The Avengers, and X-Men as well as for DC titles such as Batman, Superman, Flash, and Justice League of America.

Contact: Dewey Caruthers (813) 294-5612

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iXie unveils new brand identity marking its expansion into end-to-end game development services

IXie, the gaming division of Indium Software unveiled its new brand identity, including a change in the logo, visual identity and a new website. The new brand marks the launch of iXie's end-to-end game development studio, offering a wide range of gaming services to top video game companies across the globe.

iXie Gaming Logo

After more than a decade of experience in testing different genres of games and performing data analytics for 100+ marquee game companies, across 450+ game titles and 1000+ gaming devices, this announcement marks iXie's entry into the world of Game Design and Development as a service. iXie's newly introduced full-stack gaming services include Game Development, Art Production, Game Quality Assurance, and Game Localization.

" It gives me immense pleasure to announce that iXie is expanding into the gaming-as-a-service market with a holistic game design and development competency. Our services reflect our passion for gaming, deep gaming expertise and proven engineering strength, " Ramesh Krishnamurthy , COO & Head of Gaming at Indium Software said .

"The rebranding represents an evolved iXie, both inside the company and out, with a strategy hyper-focused on the global gaming industry and the rapidly evolving game development landscape. The new brand and website are a visual reflection of the real-world potential of our expanded capabilities, thus creating unprecedented end gamer user experience , " says Mohan Raman , SVP of Marketing, Indium Software .

New logo and brand colors: As a prominent representation of the company, people and brand, the new logo is simple, smart and playful. Inspired by the core element of the 'X' in Indium's logo, the X in iXie represents its differentiated value proposition to customers – the X factor, with a cheeky play on the console button. The multitude of fresh colors speaks to the diversity and richness that truly represents the gaming universe and its vast gamer community.

" With a strong foundation in niche digital engineering capabilities across emerging technologies and extensive gaming services expertise as our two key pillars, our mid to long-term strategic adjacency segues into next-horizon capabilities around web3 and metaverse, with our foray into end-to-end gaming services. Towards this, our new brand reflects who we are today and symbolizes our future ," Karthik Sridossan, EVP & Head of Strategy at Indium said.

About iXie Gaming

Founded in 2011, iXie is a full stack gaming services provider offering Game Development, Game QA, Game Analytics, Art Production and Game Localization. With over 700 gamers onboard, a robust training academy and a leadership team comprising of veterans from the gaming industry, iXie is the trusted game development partner for leading gaming studios.

iXie is a division of Indium - a global digital engineering company.

Media Contact

Mohan Raman


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Challenge new enemies in MIR4! New raid and boss raid revealed!

  • Vipergeist Prison and Claydoh GEN now available, big rewards for the first kill
  • Antidemon Chamber, Magic Square that gives high EXP, unlocked
  • New monthly check-in event "Lucky Cat Luckster's Monthly Check-in" updated

Wemade's blockbuster MMORPG MIR4 revealed a new raid and boss raid on Nov 29 .

New Boss Raid 'Claydoh GEN' Update

In Vipergeist Prison, the new 14th stage of the raid, Lv. 165 monsters appear whereas in Claydoh GEN, the 10th stage of boss raid, a Lv. 160 boss monster appears.

In Claydoh GEN, the boss attacks frequently by swinging a long sword, summoning Claydoh Witch Doctor and forming a dust storm all at once. To fight back, users need to fight together and have high HP.

Through this update, users can experience more challenging raid and boss raid contents. Epic Blue Dragon Statue, Rare Divine Dragon's Enhancement Stone, Legendary Mystic Enhancement Stone, and other rewards are given upon defeating the raid for the first time.

Antidemon Chamber is available on the 6-8th floor of Magic Square. When players attack monsters in the chamber, they can deal more damage with their Antidemon Power and acquire greater EXP through battles.

New monthly check-in event "Lucky Cat Luckster's Monthly Check-in" has also been updated. This event runs until December 27th and users can receive various items such as Vigor Pills for rapid growth, Dragon Sphere Summon Tickets and Hell Raid Tickets.

From my battle, to our war! Check out the official website for more info on MIR4.


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Mantisco onboards for Ascent Program by Outlier Ventures for Web3 Games

  • Mantisco selected for Ascent Program by Outlier Ventures, top web3 accelerator worldwide
  • Mantisco aims to release two AAA-rated Web3 games in 2023 and 2024

- Mantisco, a Web3 game developer and publisher based in Seoul, Korea today announced Ascent Program onboarding with Outlier Ventures, an industry-leading Web3 accelerator worldwide. This is the second Web3 partnership since Immutable X back in October of this year.

Outlier Ventures, based in London , is the top Web3 accelerator and founder community by volume of investments. Outlier Ventures has been partnering with 200 global Web3 founders to lead the Web3 investment while supporting DeFi, NFT, and blockchain infrastructure startups. Recently, the most notable portfolios include Cosmos, Cudos, forming a successful and sustainable Web3 ecosystem.

Through the Ascent Program, Mantisco is teaming up with Outlier Ventures for token design and economy, community building, market positioning, and other business-related activities including funding and listing on top global exchanges.

Mantisco has focused on "delivering games that set a sustainable standard of blockchain gaming and brings players of all backgrounds together, allowing users an active involvement with high reward." Mantisco envisions "to give their community excitement and fun factors through stylish action-packed combat, engaging in-game scenarios and various opportunities for users to progress their skills, competing against each other while enjoying true ownership of in-game assets."

Mantisco has been developing two AAA-rated Web3 games, "Hunter's Arena: Rebirth", Play and own version of previously released "Hunter's Arena: Legend" recording 12M+ downloads worldwide and "The Wild West" built on Unreal 5 which will be available on Mantisco Web3 gaming platform.

"Hunter's Arena: Rebirth" is scheduled for release in 2023 and The Wild West is scheduled for release in summer of 2024.

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SOURCE Mantisco

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FlowPlay Surpasses $550,000 Milestone in Funds Raised for American Cancer Society

Online Community Drives In-Game Fundraisers Pa Half-Million Mark

FlowPlay creator of one of the most powerful connected gaming platforms, today announced its Vegas World in-game fundraisers have surpassed $550,000 raised for the American Cancer Society (ACS). This news comes on the heels of FlowPlay's most recent campaign, which raised $60,000 for ACS's Patient Navigation Program. FlowPlay also celebrates over one million charms sold for ACS, a major driver of overall fundraising.

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Dignitas Announces the "MIKE AND IKE® Flavor Brawl 2022," a Fortnite Invitational

$10,000 Prize Pool and Year-Long Supply of MIKE AND IKE® Candy to be Awarded to Winning Teams

Dignitas, the esports vertical of New Meta Entertainment, Inc. (NME), and MIKE AND IKE® candy, have announced the "MIKE AND IKE® Flavor Brawl", a 1-day Fortnite Invitational featuring some of the top Fortnite players in North America . This online $10,000 event will be held on December 7th, 2022 and will mark MIKE AND IKE®'s first time headlining a live Fortnite tournament. The "MIKE AND IKE® Flavor Brawl" will feature Dignitas' top Fortnite talent, including Piero "Pgod" Ramierz, Matthew "Mero" Faitel, Lucas "Dukez" Cardenas, and Camron "cam" Dean, as well as top Fortnite competitors from North America .

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