Character Labs Announces Interoperable Characters for the Metaverse and Virtual Worlds

Character Labs' is taking the idea of interoperable characters for the Metaverse and virtual worlds to the next level. In a world-first, Character Labs' will be launching multi-skeleton characters - meaning that players are no longer bound to a single anatomical model for their character. Users can integrate, customize, buy, sell, rent and play with these virtual characters - animal, human, dragon, alien, or otherwise - across multiple platforms. In another world-first, these characters also feature "aesthetic compatibility" so that their appearance will match the aesthetic of the participating game they are used in.

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Character Labs, an innovative Metaverse startup, announces its closed alpha launch of interoperable characters for the Metaverse and virtual worlds, which will feature numerous never-before-seen innovations. This groundbreaking platform was developed by an experienced team of professionals with years of related experience. The development would provide a long-awaited solution for those who wanted to use a personalized character that they can carry across multiple virtual worlds. By integrating interoperable characters across the virtual worlds, Character Labs is empowering users with a whole new level of immersion, ownership and customization.

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Character Lab's characters entering virtual worlds

"We created a platform and a marketplace for gamers, creators, and developers to find exactly the characters they're looking for and take it with them across any partnered worlds they participate in," says Zeno Saviour, Founder of Character Labs. "Traditionally, the time, money and emotional investment players would pour into a character would be locked into a specific game or its ecosystem. Interoperability means that restriction no longer applies."

"The feedback we received from gamers, indie developers, and AAA developers allowed us to build something truly unique. For players, the demand is for avatars, customization, creativity, and expression. For creators and developers, the demand is for high-quality player characters, NPCs, embodied AIs, and virtual influencers," explains Zeno. "In the present time, many virtual world experiences exist within walled gardens. However, with the rise of the Metaverse, there has been a trend towards more open, collaborative and interconnected ecosystems. We believe these trends will only grow moving forward unlocking even greater value."

Elaborating on the concept, Zeno adds, "Game experiences not only require interoperability but also aesthetic compatibility that matches the look and feel of the experience. Therefore, our Characters are designed to match the aesthetic of a wide range of participating world environments. For example, a player entering a photorealistic world will have their character appear more detailed; a player entering a voxelized world will see the same character now appear in a voxelized design that matches that virtual world, and so on."

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Detailed version of the Character Lab's ninja character

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Voxelized version of the Character Lab's ninja character

Before founding Character Labs, Zeno Saviour was a seasoned game developer with years of experience in top AAA gaming studios. Zeno observed that with the rise of the Metaverse and virtual worlds, characters have become one of the most important subjects for the future of gaming.

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Ninja character chased by alien characters in a space virtual world

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Left -The human form and its equivalent doppelganger version. Right - Doppelganger in a virtual world

That emphasis on character also inspired Zeno to enable digital twins to be created through the platform. "By talking closely to our users, we identified that the players had an interest in playing as themselves - quite literally - in their gameplay experiences. Our doppelganger feature allows our users to do just that, creating a new level of reality and immersiveness," remarks Zeno. The digital twin will not only mirror the player's face and overall appearance, but can also include everything from clothing to jewelry in the character.

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Character XYZ's support for multi skeleton characters - showcasing Husky

Another world-first feature will be the accessibility of multi-skeleton characters. In simple terms, character models were previously constricted to the need to all rely on a default skeletal model. However, on the Character Labs' platform, users could potentially use skeletal models from animals to aliens - and nearly anything in between. That innovation alone massively expands player options for avatar designs. As Zeno describes, "Freedom of expression in the metaverse is meant to be limitless. Why should we limit ourselves with humanoid avatars?"

All of Character Lab's characters are fully decentralized, secured and tokenized using the ERC1155 standard - so any character purchased will be fully owned by the player. This also means that the platform is effectively a decentralized member-owned economy, with users able to integrate, customize, buy, sell, rent and play with their characters. According to Zeno "Of particular benefit to developers, lower-end character mesh files are starting as low as 100 KB, allowing them to be quickly and easily integrated and downloaded en-mass to populate live games and platforms."

Backed by an innovative concept and addressing the massively increasing demand for unique, high quality character designs, Character Labs is poised to script another success story in the world of next-generation blockchain applications.

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Multiple interoperable characters offered by Character Labs

About Character Labs

Character Labs is a metaverse startup company that offers interoperable characters for the metaverse and virtual worlds. The team at Character Labs is well-equipped to deal with the fast-paced challenges and opportunities presented by today's web 3.0.

For more information about Character Labs and other inquiries, visit their website or reach out via email or social media channels.

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