"Blockolot" Unites Mobile Players with Unique Puzzle Matches and Multiplayer Tournaments to Win Real Cash

AviaGames creator of the award-winning "Bingo Tour" app and Pocket7Games social competition platform, today announced its newest mobile game, "Blockolot." A unique hybrid of popular block puzzle and sudoku grid games, the new "Blockolot" title challenges players to strategically solve blended puzzles with a chance to win cash and other real prizes.

AviaGames logo (PRNewsfoto/AviaGames)

"Both Sudoku and block games are timeless puzzle games with a loyal following of enthusiasts from around the world," said Vickie Chen , CEO and founder, AviaGames. "We are delighted to introduce 'Blockolot' to the AviaGames community. Blending two all-time favorite puzzle games into a unique offering, 'Blockolot' brings players together of all skill levels to compete head-to-head to win cash and prizes playing their favorite games."

"Blockolot" offers multiplayer tournaments with no ads, for a truly uninterrupted gaming experience. Leveraging the AviaGames unique matchmaking AI, players are matched with other players based on their same skill level to compete in head-to-head matches in different game modes. The higher a player ranks will increase the prize they can win. "Blockolot" tournaments feature various prize pools that players can choose from. Users can securely deposit and withdraw AviaGames games cash winnings with PayPal, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

With a range of new extra features, players can use "Diamonds" to enter "Blockolot" for free. Players can also earn free "Diamonds" every day by logging in and participating in various in-game events.

How to Play
At the start of the game, players drag blocks to place them on the Sudoku-inspired board. Players can fill a row, column, or square to clear blocks from the board. Clearing multiple rows, columns, or squares can earn players combo. Each game, players can collect energy to trigger 'Frenzy Multiplies' and earn extra points.

"Blockolot" Availability
"Blockolot" is currently available for download from the Apple App Store . AviaGames is focused on creating a fair community for mobile gaming, offering skill-based matchmaking, comprehensive gaming controls and anti-cheating measures using real-time analytics and human intervention. The AviaGames Pocket7Games platform employs strict compliance protocols to regulate playing guidelines region to region. Cash games are not currently available in AZ, AR, CT, DE, LA, MT, SC, SD, TN, and VT, however, players in these states can enjoy free "Blockolot" games.

About AviaGames, Inc.
Founded in 2017 by Vickie Chen and Ping Wang , AviaGames is a mobile, social competition gaming company and publisher of Pocket7Games, a unified gaming platform. The platform features 15+ unique games linked to a single membership and wallet, allowing players to seamlessly switch among casino, puzzle, action, card, math and brain games. AviaGames is committed to providing an inclusive competition platform where everyone can play, make money, and have fun. To date, AviaGames has awarded more than $714 million in cash prizes to its players. Select titles are available as individual apps for download, including Bingo Clash, Bingo Tour, Cooking Clash, 21 Gold, Yatzy Craze, and Match 'n Flip.

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East Side Games

The Office: Somehow We Manage Mobile Game Available Now

East Side Games Group (TSX: EAGR) (OTC: EAGRF) (" ESGG " or the " Company "), Canada's leading free-to-play mobile game group, in collaboration with Universal Games and Digital Platforms, announced today the worldwide launch of The Office: Somehow We Manage on iOS and Android. The free-to-play idle game is inspired by NBC's critically acclaimed, Emmy® Award-winning U.S. version of The Office which is now streaming exclusively on Peacock.

Watch the launch trailer here .

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Wemade's MMORPG masterpiece, MIR4, to reveal new PVP content - Bicheon Heist

  • New Clan PVP Content Revealed fo r MIR4!

MIR4 's new PVP content, Bicheon Heist, will be revealed June 28, 2022 .

"Defend the Darksteel or be Heiste d!"

Adding new excitement to the MIR continent, Bicheon Heist will occur every Friday from 10pm to 11pm starting July 1 . Bicheon Castle's underground Darksteel vault has been opened and the clan that rules over Bicheon Castle, together with their allies, must defend against the schemes of the Heisters who seek to plunder Darksteel from the vault. Top 20 clans in the server that are not allied with the Defenders are able to participate as Heisters.

If the Heisters destroy the Iron Gate blocking the entrance to the Darksteel vault and defeat the menacing Master Guardian 'Cheol Mujin' who guards the Darksteel, numerous Darksteel Boxes will be theirs for the taking. Additional rewards such as Legendary Treasure Pieces, Mystic Stones, and Darkened Stones containing materials required to craft Legendary-grade Spirit Treasures can also be obtained.

Exclusive missions for Expedition content have also been added. Players can experience more diverse missions across servers and will receive bountiful loot to help progress their characters as they complete these missions.

Dark Crown Prince Wooska, a new Legendary Wind Spirit will also be introduced through the update. This Legendary Wind Spirit is extremely tough and highly specialized in physical defense. To commemorate the release of the Dark Crown Prince Wooska, a Special Summon tab will become available until the July 26th update. When a Legendary Spirit is summoned through the Special Summon during this period, players will have a 100% chance of obtaining the new Spirit, Dark Crown Prince Wooska.

From my battle to our war! More information about MIR4 can be found on the official site.

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Youth Esports Organization Vanta Teams Up with Starlight Children's Foundation to Bring Gaming to Hospitalized Children

Youth esports organization Vanta today announced its support of Starlight Children's Foundation, a nonprofit organization with a mission to deliver happiness to ill kids and their families at children's hospitals across the United States.

The two organizations will work together to bring gaming to pediatric patients, providing a sense of normalcy, entertainment, and distraction to help improve their health outcomes .

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Go-To Site for Educational Learning Games Announces Next Generation Product Updates

Breakout EDU, the leading educational game solution that makes rigorous learning experiences engaging for all students, announced today the release of a new expansion pack for their Breakout EDU Kit. In addition, a host of new features have been added to their digital platform which is aimed at improving teaching and learning.

"For the past year our incredible team has been executing a vision for a new Breakout EDU - We have made Breakout EDU an even more powerful tool while making it easier to use for all teachers, schools, and of course, students," said Adam Bellow , CEO and Co-Founder. "The new Breakout EDU includes our second-generation expansion pack, which creates many new learning opportunities for players. We are also thrilled to announce the new game design studio and courses which will empower students and teachers everywhere to level up their creativity!"

Breakout EDU is also excited and proud to announce its new partnership with Adobe, a company that has long set the standard for tools that harness the creative potential of its users. With this new integration, Breakout EDU puts Adobe Express' easy-to-use creative actions and image editing, plus template based starting points, inside its game builder and directly in the hands of Breakout's end users. Students will have the opportunity to create standout content right in the places where they are already learning and working.

"When it comes to maximizing the power and utility of Adobe Creative Cloud apps and services, extensibility is at our core," said Aubrey Cattell , VP, Creative Cloud Developer Platform at Adobe. "We're excited about our partnership with Breakout EDU, which will integrate Adobe Express creative capabilities directly into Breakout's newly designed game builder and give students globally the opportunity to become game builders, show off their skills, and harness their creativity."

Breakout EDU now comes with:

  • NEW Breakout EDU Kit - A refreshed kit with the Expansion Pack (Generation 2) that includes a custom cipher disc, interchangeable cipher wheels, and custom dice that work with over 22 new games at launch with more added each week! All-new kit purchases include the new Expansion Pack (Generation 2) as well as a 12-month subscription to the Breakout EDU Platform, which features a growing library of over 2,000 standards-aligned educational games.

  • NEW Game Design Course - Learning how to create your own games has never been more exciting! Each level of the Game Design Course features an engaging video lesson and a fun practice game that helps learners to create a great Breakout EDU game.

  • Avatars - Students and teachers can now build their own avatars. These avatars are fun to design and will be woven into exciting future updates. Students will be able to unlock new costumes and content that add personality to their avatar and play a role inside the games.

  • Fresh Daily Content - Lock of the Day is a short daily game that over 5 million students have played this past year. These daily challenges will continue into 2022 with a new calendar view where they can earn avatar awards for completing 5-day streaks.

  • Personalized User Experience - The new teacher experience now includes valuable insights into student performance to easily monitor progress over time. Games will be automatically recommended to teachers based on the subjects they select and AI that helps to provide the most relevant content.

Breakout EDU also announced features that will be available during the back-to-school season. "We're about to take Breakout to the next level and we can't wait for students and teachers to see what we have planned for the fall," said Bellow.

Launching this Fall

  • Enhanced Game Design Studio - The redesigned digital game builder will harness student creativity with a powerful new suite of creative tools powered by Adobe Express. These tools can be used to create clues and other content for digital games, transforming students into game designers as they show off their creativity and content knowledge.

  • Shared Teacher Library - Schools that utilize Breakout EDU will be able to create shared libraries of content that teachers can access from their accounts. The game can then be copied and edited by any other teacher in the school for their classroom to use.

  • Gamification - Students will be able to level up their avatar by unlocking new costumes and props for completing a series of games. This will work with both Lock of the Day and whole-class games as well.

  • Teacher-Assigned Badges - Students will soon be able to receive awards for their participation in any Breakout EDU game. These badges are meant to recognize and celebrate students who are exemplifying particular skills, such as collaboration or growth mindset.

Breakout EDU can be purchased individually or with volume discounts available for schools and districts at .

About Breakout EDU

Breakout EDU is an educational solution that makes valuable learning experiences accessible and engaging for all. The award-winning solution has been a trusted resource for more than 500,000 teachers and has been played by over 10 million students. Breakout EDU provides endless opportunities for classrooms to bring content-based games and the valuable 4C social skills together in learner-driven activities. The company is committed to empowering students to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond by unlocking the love of learning.

Media contact:
Emily Gregory
(586) 337-9337

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Major Fortnite Professional Gaming Influencer "Fresh" Invests and Backs gDEX Metaverse

  • With 18-million followers, Fresh Joins the Star Advisory Team

The revolutionary Play to Earn gaming platform (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) today announced that star gamer Harley Fresh (popularly known as FRESH) has invested in gDEX and also accepted the role of an Advisor in an initiative to build the platform that not only exceeds expectations but builds endless possibilities for all. gDEX, with its one-of-a-kind offering to gamers, creators, and guilds is further strengthening its product offering with the support and feedback from star gamers who collectively inspire 30  million gamers worldwide.

Harley Fresh is an Australian Twitch streamer, and YouTube celebrity known for his Fortnite content and goes by the online name Fresh (formerly 'mrfreshasian'). Harley rose to prominence on social media in late 2018 after excelling in a competitive Fortnite environment and using this skill set for high level gaming content. Fresh currently brings 18 million followers and subscribers across his socials and his YouTube channels have accumulated over 2.5 billion lifetime views since then.

As an Investor and Advisor to the gDEX, Fresh brings his vast gaming, content and web3 experience, understanding of the community, the opportunities to pursue, and the influence that gDEX can have on mainstream gaming moving into Web3, and in charting the future roadmap for the platform along with other visionaries.

"Fresh amazed us with his attitude and sheer presence across the gaming community. I am looking forward to working closely with all our advisors in solving real-life gamers, creator and guild issues in the metaverse. This is a privilege to build something with the community, and for the community," said J.D. Salbego, Founder and CEO, gDEX Metaverse.

The gDEX platform is bringing together three key industries: metaverse, gaming, and DeFi, each of which come with their own promising market and exponential growth potential. Put simply, gDEX is committed to helping non-crypto gamers and developers overcome the hurdles to enter web3 and make the most of it.

"I look forward to working with gDEX to build something truly valuable for the entire gaming world. These are unique opportunities for us to support teams that are working towards bridging the gap in this industry," said Harley Fresh .

The gDEX Metaverse serves as a unified GameFi layer that enables interoperability across the metaverse. The platform hosts a suite of robust chain-agnostic no-coding-required tools along with a DeFi-fuelled GameFi token economy for gamers to realise the maximum value of their efforts, creators to easily create and onboard games, and guilds to manage and grow their guilds like never before. Interestingly, all these features and participants are tied together using a unique metaverse passport system. This is another step towards enabling gamers to monetize their gaming identity, assets, efforts and skill level across games, platforms and the metaverse as a whole.

About the Star Gamer FRESH:

Harley has quickly risen to become one of Twitch's most popular streams in no time. He was a professional gamer for some time before pursuing his career as a content creator. Since then, Harley has played Fornite with a slew of other well-known gamers, like LazarBeam and Lachlan.

He's a regular competitor in Fortnite tournaments, such as the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Celebrity Pro-Am, where he competed alongside fellow Australian celebrity Desmond Chaim .  Harley has also won the Australian Open ProAM in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Learn more about Fresh and follow him on his social media pages:




About The gDEX Metaverse:

The ground-breaking gDEX is the meeting point of three important segments: metaverses, gaming, and DeFi, each with its own promising market and exponential opportunity.

The gDEX (Decentralized Finance Gaming Platform Exchange) is a revolutionary Play to Earn platform powering gamers, creators, and guilds in the Metaverse. gDEX Metaverse acts as a unified GameFi layer enabling interoperability across the metaverse which hosts a suite of robust chain agnostic no-coding needed tools and DeFi fueled GameFi token economy for gamers to maximise the value of their effort, for creators to create and onboard games easily, and for guilds to manage and grow their guilds like never before — all attached to their unique metaverse passport.

Learn more about gDEX Metaverse here:

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After Doubling ARR, Leading Software and Game Development Acceleration Platform Incredibuild Raises $35M Led by Hiro Capital, Significantly Increasing Valuation

I nvestment will go towards driving Incredibuild's innovation and growth across industries such as AI, the Metaverse, and many others, as well as enhancing its supercomputing platform

Incredibuild creator of the leading hybrid development acceleration platform for developers and DevOps teams, announced today it has raised $35M in Series B funding after doubling its ARR, increasing its valuation significantly. Hiro Capital the entrepreneur-founded VC focused on Videogames, Creator Platforms and Metaverse Technologies, led the round with participation from existing investor Insight Partners . Insight Partners acquired a stake in Incredibuild for $140 million just over one year ago in a round with several components, joining Fortissimo Capital, which invested in the company in 2018.

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Trailblazer Games Announces First NFT Release Date in the Eternal Dragons Saga

Startup Trailblazer Games is today announcing details of their first NFT collection and release strategy. The collection forms the cornerstone of a multi-chapter epic about the long-lost Eternal Dragons.

Trailblazer have chosen to release the dragons in batches, reflecting each theme that make up the 10k collection. The first batch is scheduled for July 12th , at which point 1,000 dragons will be available to mint. Holders of Eternal Dragons NFTs will benefit from an innovative breeding programme for a sustainable economy, early access and increased power in the games to come, plus many additional perks outlined here .

The team behind Eternal Dragons consists of three serial entrepreneurs and veteran gaming industry leaders from the likes of King, EA and Microsoft, with experience in building large-scale and sustainable free-to-play economies. The growing team's experience spans the design and production of award-winning games and franchises like SimCity and Candy Crush – which touch billions of hearts across multiple platforms – but also the building of platforms and tools for growth and engagement powered by data and AI, plus extensive blockchain development.

"The Eternal Dragons NFT Collection is the cornerstone of our franchise. Everything we do, everything we build is meant to add value to the holders," says Trailblazer CEO and co-founder Alex Arias . "All the franchise game chapters provide added utility for these beautiful and powerful creatures. Owning them is joining an identity, a vision of a better world, connected through play."

The Eternal Dragons NFT collection marks the coming to life of Trailblazer's vision for a new era of gaming. The dragons give owners a playable character in the games to come, providing a level of integration across players and investors unparalleled pre-Web3.

Learn more at and via our Medium .

Video -
Logo -

For further media information or further comment, please contact:
Francisco Reinhard
+49 1575 1502484

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