Sabai Ecoverse Announces the Change in its Gaming Concept to Model Realities in Ukraine

About Sabai Ecoverse: Sabai Ecoverse is a play-to-earn mobile game built on the Polygon Network and has been in development for 6 months now. Despite this relatively short amount of time, its multi-national creators had outlined and modeled much of the project. Team have been recruited, tokenomics have been thought out in detail, the game's concept has been fully developed, and the project is well underway.

At its heart, Sabai Ecoverse is a mobile multiplayer game in which players can build their own resort, set it up, host tourists, complete exciting quests, and earn money.

The world that players create together is inextricably linked to the actual world.

Many of the things in the game have real-world counterparts, and players will be able to earn actual assets for in-game achievements, which can be as huge as a real apartment by the sea.

Sabai Ecoverse features extensive creative solo and social activities. The gameplay is centred on the best farming, strategy, and puzzle elements, as well as blockchain technologies such as an in-game trading platform, decentralised controls (DAO), NFT, and DeFi. The dynamic graphical style is of the highest quality and is intended to support the game's environment, which is intended for the broadest potential audience.

There are many ways to earn in the Sabai Ecoverse:

  • Serving tourists
  • Selling your own buildings
  • Breeding and selling unique characters
  • Creating and selling building designs
  • Renting out land to players
  • Reselling land
  • Participating in provincial economies
  • Investing in the game early on.

Sabai Ecoverse charity actions

We cherish important values, such as human rights, freedom, and equality. Much like most of the world, the team has been severely affected by Putin's invasion, not least because a great deal of the Sabai Ecoverse employees are now in Ukraine .

Vadym Bukhkalov, Founder of the Sabai Ecoverse game, said in a statement.

"The design of the Sabai Ecoverse token was primarily centered towards showing the beauty of our world. With the ongoing war in Ukraine , the opposite of our agenda is what is being presented as destruction and the worst in humanity is being brought out. Seeing the current trends, the decision to redirect the focus of the Sabai Ecoverse is aimed at creating an intriguing and engaging responsibility for everyone who may wish to help rebuild the destroyed lands, buildings, monuments and artifacts that human actions have fueled their destruction."

A portion of every sale of the game's native token, SABAI, will be given to humanitarian aid, environmental projects, and urgent initiatives including those aiming to assist Ukraine and its citizens. There will also be a reward (paid in SABAI) for those who donate crypto to the Ukrainian cause.

As a part of Sabai Ecoverse, game developers also work on creation of a DAO, which is going to run a sustainability and humanitarian aid fund. The fund is being created as a part of an ecosystem and would be funded by the ecosystem itself, using smart contract technology. In this case, smart contracts would be triggered on every marketplace transaction, sending part of the company's transaction profits to the DAO fund.

The seed round for Sabai Ecoverse has begun. In order to be considered as an investor, you need to fill out an application in which you explain how you can be useful to the project. For those who want to help Ukranians, both in and outside of the Sabai team, whilst investing in a project that is both interesting, educational, and philanthropical, Sabai Ecoverse could be the game for you.


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Intella X reveals its Web3 gaming platform's initial ecosystem partners

The platform's initial gaming ecosystem consists of 30+ top-tier global partners from various sectors that include games, investments, blockchain services, and security to accelerate and bolster Web3 gaming through Intella X.

The partners of Intella X include Polygon, Animoca Brands, Magic Eden, Big Brain Holdings, Planetarium Labs, Global Coin Research (GCR), ConsenSys (Infura), Neowiz, Arumgames, Blue Potion Games, Hidea, Massive Gaming, Modori, Ozys, Web3Auth, CertiK, Haechi Labs, Theori, Block Crafters Capital, Kross Lab, Bora, Crit Ventures, JoyCity, Kaura, Kracker Labs, Mobirix, Neon Games, Pearl Abyss, Widus Partners, Wemix, Swapscanner, and XL Games.

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Each partner from their respective industries is committed to the acceleration of mass adoption of Web3 and the long-term growth of the Intella X gaming ecosystem by joining forces in providing the highest quality of gaming experience to Web3.

Intella X will make it's global debut on Polygon in the first quarter of 2023 with its proprietary mobile wallet, DEX, NFT marketplace, launchpad, and game lineups for 2023.

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