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Harvest One (TSXV:HVT) is a global cannabis company focused on delivering high-quality, innovative health and wellness cannabis products and technology to regulated markets around the world. Shareholders have significant exposure to the entire cannabis value chain through four wholly-owned subsidiaries: United Greeneries Ltd., Satipharm AG, Dream Water and Delivra. The company also has a 20 percent interest in Burb Cannabis Inc., a British Columbian-based cannabis retailer.

United Greeneries is a licensed producer under the Cannabis Act with a highly experienced cultivation team. Harvest One has also received its sales license for the United Greeneries brand. The company is building large-scale operations to meet the demand from both the medical market and the emerging Canadian recreational cannabis market.

Harvest One has also acquired an initial 52 percent interest in Greenbelt Greenhouse Ltd., a cannabis cultivation company with a 152,000-square-foot facility in Hamilton, Ontario. Once licensed, Greenbelt Greenhouse is expected to provide Harvest One with up to 15,000 kilograms of flower annually, ensuring a steady supply of cannabis for the company’s expanding health, wellness and self-care product lines. Greenbelt also has a 42,000-square-foot headhouse, an ideal location for a future extraction and processing lab.

Satipharm is a health and well-being company specializing in the development and manufacturing of cannabinoid-based products. The company’s CBD Gelpell® capsules have been sold across various countries in Europe and Australia. Satipharm has recently launched a lemon and lime-flavored CBD oil in Europe.

To further its vertical integration, Harvest invested in Burb, a cannabis product retailer based in British Columbia, to obtain a 20 percent interest in the company. Burb intends to open eight stores throughout British Columbia and has plans to acquire retail locations in rural and urban areas in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario.

Harvest One’s Company Highlights

  • Shareholders have significant exposure to both the medical and recreational cannabis markets, in Canada and globally, through three distinct brands.
  • United Greeneries, a Canadian licensed producer, is Harvest One’s cultivation arm for medical and recreational purposes.
  • Currently selling product in four provinces with established supply agreements; British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
  • Burb intends to expand into Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
  • Significant insider holding of 30 percent of shares.
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