Yield Growth Corp.


Integrating Cannabis into the Wellness and Cosmetics Industries

Press Releases


Yield Growth Corp. (CSE:BOSS,OTCQB:BOSQF,FWB:YG3) is a cannabis asset growth corporation. The company is focused on acquiring, developing, marketing and distributing cannabis wellness, therapeutic and cosmetic products through multiple wholly-owned subsidiaries, including Urban Juve Provisions and Wright & Well Manufacturing.

Urban Juve is an Ayurveda-inspired wellness brand that offers hand-crafted, daily-use skin and body care products. The company’s products are sold globally, direct to consumers through its custom-built e-commerce platform, in retail stores across North America and through strategic partners like ipsy, one of the world’s largest beauty subscription communities with approximately three million monthly subscribers.

Over the past year, Yield Growth has expanded the presence of its Urban Juve brand throughout Canada and the US, and has recently entered China’s billion-dollar hemp market. The company is selling its Urban Juve line through WeChat and through pop-up kiosks in prime locations in Hong Kong.

To date, Yield Growth has a catalog of more than 200 wellness and beauty products for sale or in development under the Urban Juve banner, including an anti-aging serum, facial moisturizers, body oils and deodorant. Eleven products are currently available for purchase on the company’s e-commerce platform and in stores across North America. The remainder of the company’s products are expected to be rolled out in phases.

The Wright & Well brand is expected to initially offer nine wellness products to consumers, including tinctures, capsules, pain patches and massage oils. Nova Paths LLC is expected to manufacture and distribute cannabis-infused topical products for Yield Growth through its distribution network of more than 400 stores in Oregon. A California subsidiary, Wright & Well Manufacturing is also expected to distribute a variety of CBD brands throughout the California market. Yield Growth has engaged the services of The Design Spot and Cornerstone Strategic Branding to help develop a strong brand identity for all of its Urban Juve and Wright & Well products.

Through its subsidiary, Flourish Mushroom Labs, Yield Growth Corp has entered into a definitive agreement to license 126 formulas based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine. Flourish Mushroom Labs is expected to use the licenses in products infused with functional or “magic” mushrooms for a 50-year term. On November 8th, Yield Growth entered into a definitive agreement with Eurolife Brands (CSE:EURO) (FSE:3CMA) for the exclusive distribution rights of Flourish Mushroom Labs’ mushroom-infused coffee mixes that are currently being developed by Flourish.

Yield Growth’s subsidiary, Thrive Activations Inc., provides technology solutions to businesses looking for a competitive advantage. To meet this goal, Thrive offers technology advisory and marketing services, among others, to businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Yield Growth’s Company Highlights

  • Operating under a B2C and B2B business model
  • Global cannabis market expected to surpass $31 billion by 2021
  • Global wellness market reached $4.2 trillion in 2017
  • Generated $3.1 million in revenue in 2018
  • Developed a catalog of more than 200 unique hemp and cannabis-based wellness and cosmetic formulations, including eight beverage formulas
  • Over 35 Health Canada product registrations and three EU product certifications
  • Licensed 126 formulas based on ancient Ayurvedic medicine that will be used to develop products infused with functional or “magic” mushrooms
  • 11 US patent applications for the company’s hemp root oil extraction method
  • Products are sold in more than 130 retail locations in North America and internationally through the company’s e-commerce platform, ipsy and WeChat
  • Led by an experienced management team that has worked with global retail brands across the world
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