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Canada’s First Nuclear Purity Natural Graphite

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Canada Carbon Inc. (TSXV:CCB, OTC:BRUZF) is a graphite-focused exploration company with three wholly-owned properties in Quebec. The company is currently focused on the Miller project which holds a rare form of hydrothermal lump-vein (HLV) graphite.

As outlined in the 2016 preliminary economic assessment( PEA), planned production for Phase 1 development of the Miller project consists of nuclear purity graphite and architectural marble. Canada Carbon has shown it can produce a high purity graphite concentrate from flotation recovery without the need for expensive chemical processes. The company has also demonstrated that through thermal processing the Miller HLV graphite can obtain a purity of 99.9998 percent graphitic carbon, making it suitable for high-technology applications, including nuclear as well as aerospace and military end-uses.

Canada Carbon’s ultra-high-purity Miller HLV graphite is currently undergoing testing by several international labs for assessment in their research programs. The company is also awaiting designation as an ASTM International standard for nuclear graphite. Canada Carbon has secured a 10-year, 200-tonne supply agreement with Dunedin Energy Systems Ltd., a Canadian developer of small modular nuclear reactors, for US$40,000 per tonne. Dunedin Energy also has the option to purchase an additional 50 tonnes at any time at a price of $45,000 per tonne.

Permitting and a pre-feasibility study are currently underway at the Miller project. Canada Carbon is taking a rolling resource approach to managing the Miller operations, allowing for an earlier start to production and cash flow to fund future exploration. The company plans to continue focusing on exploration at its Miller property with exploration on the Asbury and Dun Raven properties to follow.

Canada Carbon’s Company Highlights

  • Robust PEA for Miller project (Phase 1) indicates pre-tax IRR of 100.2 percent (85 percent post-tax) with a payback period of 1.9 years (pre-tax) and two years (post-tax).
  • Pre-feasibility study and permitting for the Miller graphite project is underway.
  • Miller graphite achieved 99.9998 percent graphitic carbon purity through thermal treatment alone; certified suitable for nuclear applications by Evans Analytical of Liverpool, New York.
  • In the final stages of qualifying as feedstock for the production of graphene applications.
  • Canada Carbon is ranked in the 2016 TSX Venture 50.
  • Targeting niche markets for nuclear grade material; awaiting designation as ASTM standard for nuclear graphite.
  • Upside potential in underexplored 100-square-kilometer claim package.
  • Ten-year, 200-tonne supply agreement signed with Dunedin Energy.
  • Annual $13.75 million sales contract for 75,000 tonnes of architectural marble.
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