Flower One

Large-Scale Cannabis Cultivation and Production in Nevada

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Flower One Holdings Inc. (CSE:FONE; OTCQX:FLOOF) is focused on becoming the leading cannabis cultivator and producer in Nevada. By focusing on the Nevada cannabis market, the company is committed to ensuring that they deliver results in the space and for their shareholders. In order to achieve this objective, Flower One is developing and producing a diverse range of products that they intend to sell through four channels: resell, wholesale, private and white label and retail.

Flower One has acquired a 455,000-square-foot facility in North Las Vegas, Nevada. The facility is currently being converted into a large-scale hydroponic cannabis cultivation, processing and production facility. Once operational, the facility will be able to produce 140,000 pounds of cannabis and process 420,000 pounds of cannabis annually. Additionally, Flower One’s 55,000-square-foot processing facility will utilize three extraction techniques to ensure the company can fulfill the needs of Nevada’s cannabis market and the needs of their partners. 

Flower One recently completed the acquisition of NLV Organics Inc. (NLVO), a luxury cannabis cultivator and manufacturer. The acquisition will give Flower One access to NLVO’s diverse library of cannabis genetics, which includes over 50 cannabis strains, five licenses that cover the cultivation and production of medical and recreational cannabis and distribution and a 25,000-square-foot cultivation facility in North Las Vegas. NLVO also has supply agreements with over 30 dispensaries across the state, providing Flower One with a retail presence in Nevada.

Flower One’s management team has over 15 years of experience in cultivation experience. Collectively, the team has built, owns and operates over 11 million square feet of commercial greenhouse operations in North America. The team is headed by President and CEO Ken Villazor, who has held numerous senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry and has the experience required to navigate the highly-regulated cannabis industry in Nevada.

Company Highlights

  • Nevada receives between 42 and 55 million tourists each year and is home to approximately three million people, creating a large market.
  • Well-regulated cannabis market creates barrier of entry for out of state cannabis companies.
  • Four-pronged business model based on resale, wholesale, private and white label and retail solutions.
  • Largest cultivator and producer in Nevada once operational.
  • Owns 455,000-square-foot cultivation and production facility located in North Las Vegas.
  • Licensed for cultivation and production of cannabis for the medical and recreational markets.
  • Completed NLVO acquisition offers revenue generation and access to over 50 cannabis strains.
  • Management team has extensive experience in commercial cultivation.

Nevada’s Cannabis Market

Nevada offers investors and operators a significant opportunity in the state’s legalized cannabis market. In 2017, Nevada had 42.2 million tourists visit Las Vegas, making the city a popular tourist destination and is also home to 2.9 million people, creating a substantial cannabis market.

In addition to its substantial market size, Nevada also has well-regulated market with controlled licensing, making it difficult for out-of-state companies to move into the market. Currently, there are approximately 280 licenses across the supply chain in Nevada and there are five licenses to choose from, with no limits on cultivation or production for license holders. However, there are restrictions on who can apply and when. These regulations ensure that the state is protecting itself from being over-saturated with cannabis operations.

Flower One’s Focused Business Model

Flower One is focused on developing and producing a wide variety of cannabis products for Nevada’s medical and recreational cannabis markets. The company will be providing its products through four channels: resale, wholesale, private and white label and retail.

Each channel provides numerous benefits for Flower One and their third-party partners. By selling directly to Nevada’s dispensaries, Flower One can create a presence in over 60 dispensaries across the state. Additionally, the company will be offering a variety of unbranded wholesale products, including trim, oil, distillates and dry flower to existing production and retail license holders and out-of-state brands looking to enter the market. Finally, Flower One will be establishing wholly-owned retail locations throughout the state.

Nevada Facility

Flower One has acquired the largest greenhouse in North Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently converting the facility so it will be able to support large-scale hydroponic cannabis cultivation, processing and production. The facility is licensed for  the cultivation and production of both medical and recreational cannabis.

Once operational, the facility will be able to produce 140,000 pounds of cannabis annually from its 400,000-square-foot greenhouse. The facility will also host a 55,000-square-foot production space that will be capable of processing, producing and packaging dry flower and cannabis oils, concentrates and infused products.

The production portion of the facility will be able to annually process 420,000 pounds of cannabis and will use three primary extraction methods: carbon dioxide, ethanol and butane. Additionally, Flower One expects its facilities to be able to produce 20,000 liters of distillate, 50,000 liters of concentrates, 60,000 pounds of wax, 12 million auto-fill packages and 61 million prerolls annually. Their production capacity will allow the company to produce a variety of products for the Nevada cannabis market.


In November, Flower One completed acquisition of NLVO, giving them 100 percent interest in NLVO’s property and all of the company’s assets, which include a team of experienced cultivators and producers and supply agreements with over 30 dispensaries in the state. NLVO has a fully-operational 25,000-square-foot cultivation and production facility in the city of North Las Vegas. The facility is fully licensed to grow and process cannabis for the medical and recreational markets in Nevada. NLVO has nine grow rooms which are capable of cultivating 4,500 plants per cycle. 

In addition to acquiring the property, Flower One will also be expanding its license portfolio from four licenses to nine as NLVO has licenses for the cultivation and production of medical and recreational cannabis and a pending distribution license. NLVO also has developed a diverse library of cannabis genetics which includes over 50 cannabis strains. NLVO will also be able to provide Flower One with plant material and access to a well-branded cannabis product line that includes packaged flower, oils, concentrates, disposable vape pens, topicals and lip balms.


Ken Villazor — President and CEO

Ken Villazor has more than 20 years of experience in Corporate Affairs including communications, public relations, business development, regulatory affairs, government relations, philanthropy and public policy. He has held numerous senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry working extensively in government regulated aspects of commercial operations, including formulary and market access, pricing compliance, price controls, manufacturing grants, regulatory approvals and shaping federal and provincial government policies.

Villazor has been a director of Organic Garage Ltd. since 2016 and serves on its Audit Committee, Governance Committee and Compensation Committee. He has worked for a number of large pharmaceutical companies including SmithKline Beecham, GlaxoSmithKline and Biovail Corporation as well as with the industry’s national trade association based in Ottawa. In addition, he has also spent more than decade in the sports and entertainment industry, including having served as an Alternate Governor and advisor to a National Hockey League franchise. His board experience spans the academic sector, not-for-profit sector and publicly-traded companies.

Geoff Miachika — CFO

Geoff Miachika is a CPA with 10 years of experience in finance and accounting. Prior to joining CNX, he was a Senior Manager with one of the big four accounting firms in Vancouver where he primarily served Canadian and US public companies in audit, accounting advisory and securities engagements. He has extensive experience working with clients listed on the TSX, TSX-V, CSE and NYSE.

Miachika has regulatory and financial reporting experience in IFRS, US GAAP and US internal control certifications, accounting for mergers, acquisitions, dispositions and other shareholder related matters. Operationally, he has also managed teams of professional resources in the execution of large scale global audits. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia.

Warner Fong — Director

Warner Fong has over 25 years of experience in accounting and administration, with the past 14 years in a senior management role in the greenhouse industry, responsible for the reporting requirements of the business, including annual audit and reviewed quarter-end financial statements reporting, operations and capital budgeting, cash flow management, trade credit and developing internal control processes for new reporting entities. He has worked for private enterprises and large multinational, publicly-traded corporations in Canada and Europe with their head offices situated in Canada. He is a licensed CPA, CMA in Canada.

Amit Varma — Director

Amit Varma has over 17 years of experience in cross border commercial banking and corporate finance roles with some of the largest financial institutions in Canada as well senior management and executive roles with some of Canada’s largest agricultural companies. He has worked in both large private and public companies and has been responsible for sourcing, developing and maintaining new and existing relationships with strategic financial partners to ensure the long-term availability of adequate sources of capital, including equity and debt, required for the ongoing operations, trade finance, cash management, covenant compliance, planned capital expenditures and the funding of the company’s strategic initiatives, including possible mergers and acquisitions. Throughout his career in both the private and public sectors, he has successfully delivered several billion dollars in operating loans, term debt, subordinated debt and equity financing.

David Wesley — Director

David Wesley has a decade of experience in the development, implementation and operational handover of some of the largest commercial greenhouse operations in North America. He has delivered over $400 million dollars of agricultural, office, industrial and other green field construction. Wesley has extensive multinational experience leading development efforts and regulatory compliance from the local city level to federal agencies. He has experience in both private company and advisory boards. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration in Executive Management with a specialization in Management Consulting, a Masters Certificate in Project Management, and Certificate in Business Administration.


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