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Producing Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis for Medical and Recreational Markets

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INDIVA (TSXV:NDVA) is a licensed cannabis producer committed to growing high-quality, medical-grade cannabis in its ‘pharma-grade’ indoor facility in London, Ontario. Having emerged from the partnership between a renowned cannabis grower and a team of finance, legal and retail experts, INDIVA is focused on delivering quality, authenticity and experience through its products.

Unlike a number of its peers, INDIVA has designed the building to have 16 separate, smaller flower rooms so as to be able to apply their proven grow techniques in strictly controlled environments. The updated facility will also host an oil extraction room, allowing the company to further develop its line of oils and extracts. INDIVA expects to receive its sales license in early 2018, enabling the company to begin sales shortly after.

The company is furthering its strategy for developing product-line through a joint venture partnership with Bhang Corporation, an award-winning licensor of cannabis and CBD products. Under this partnership, INDIVA will have access to Bhang’s intellectual property and will run the manufacturing and distribution of a full array of CBD products.

INDIVA Highlights

  • Knowledgeable management team with experience in all aspects of cannabis industry
  • Licensed producer with patient base of over 1,000 people
  • Fully-funded expansion of current facility into 40,000 square-foot operation
  • Established joint venture partnership with cannabis and CBD product licensor Bhang Corporation
  • Growing operations led by an internationally recognized ‘master grower’
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