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The global legal cannabis market is seeing unprecedented growth in recent years. In 2020, the market size stood valued at US$24.6 billion, with market researchers projecting market expansion at a compound annual growth rate of 14.3 percent from 2021 to 2028.

Changing regulations have led to increasing innovation in cannabis applications such as medical and pharmaceutical uses worldwide. As cannabis blends into more industries, investors should see substantial investment opportunities and possible exposure to wildly prospective markets.

The Hash Corporation (CSE:REZN) is a Canadian company focused on the production of cannabis-based hashish and other premium cannabis products. Using the adaption of old-world traditions, the company aims to safely deliver authentic hashish experiences crafted to modern standards and regulations.

Through strategic relationships in global cannabis jurisdictions worldwide, The Hash Corporation has created a unique blend of nostalgic hashish tastes, smells and cultures to contemporary legal markets. The company dedicates much of its operations to developing innovative and high-quality products with license holders to bring premium products to market.

The Hash Corporation is also actively monitoring the evolving legal frameworks abroad to stage a strategic entrance into emerging cannabis markets internationally. In prospective markets like Spain, Pakistan, Morocco and Afghanistan, hashish has broader appeal and consumption than the plant counterpart, making for potential expansion.

The company has secured licensed processing space and commenced operations in the heart of Toronto to produce white-label and The Hash Corporation branded products in April 2020. Strategic positioning in such a populous and advanced city allows The Hash Corporation to leverage a broad consumer base, supportive legal regulations and excellent infrastructure.

The company’s diverse business network enables significant growth potential by utilizing the collective strengths across exciting emerging industries. Some strategic relationships include First Republic Capital, Medz Cannabis Inc., Maratek and Black Rose Organics.

“We’re not like many other license holders in the cannabis space. We’re selecting partners to work with to add value to their product and extract value for us through our processes. We’ve developed a low-cost production model whereby we don’t have the overhead of maintaining our own facility, giving us kind of a clear path to breakeven and in the next quarter, projected profitability before the end of the year,” commented The Hash Corporation CEO Chris Savoie.

The company anticipates public listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange, finalizing its second 12-month production contract and the commencement of wholesale distribution capabilities of hash products in 2021. The Hash Corporation has commenced commercial-scale operations and the occupation of full-scale custom-designed processing space at Medz Cannabis Inc.

The company’s well-engineered business execution strategy enables increased profit potential through long-term product development contracts, focus on strategic collaboration opportunities and honing the emerging global market to maximize shareholder value.

In March 2021, the company announced it completed a non-brokered private placement for gross proceeds of CAD$1,505,000 through the issuance of 10,050,000 common shares at CAD$0.10 per share. The Hash Corporation has a solid capital structure, which currently stands at 239,270,000 common shares.

The Hash Corporation’s management team consists of leaders in the cannabis industry with years of corporate management, product development, finance and cannabis industry experience. Their vest interest in the success of The Hash Corporation primes the company for exceptional growth potential and economic accomplishments.

The Hash Corporation’s Company Highlights

  • The Hash Corporation is a Canadian cannabis company focused on producing and selling cannabis-based hashish and other premium cannabis products. It is dedicated to creating a unique nostalgic experience that consumers can resonate with.
  • The company has existing white-label partnerships and has generated revenue in 2021, with profitability projected by the end of 2021.
  • The Hash Corporation is currently in discussion with US partners to enter the California market with its branded products. Future expansion plans point to potential international distribution in emerging markets around the world. Shifts in legal frameworks present tremendous expansion potential.
  • The company’s leadership comprises industry experts with a proven track record of management successes aligned with shareholders and stakeholder interests. This passionate management team has deep roots in the cannabis space and leverage world-class expertise on the market.
  • The Hash Corporation anticipates public listing on the Canadian Stock Exchange in early 2021. Solid capital structuring and a recently completed non-brokered private placement present good cash positioning for development and financial growth.

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