S3N Completes NSW Data Acquisition & Identifies New Lithium Prospectivity at Trident

Stelar Metals (ASX:SLB) and SensOre Ltd (ASX:S3N) recently completed research under their data sharing agreement, developing innovative lithium targeting tools and deploying the newly completed SensOre NSW data cube. The research revealed new areas of high LCT-pegmatite prospectivity along a NNW-SSE trend. LCT- pegmatites are predicted where previous exploration targeting high-grade tin and tantalum overlooked LCT pegmatite potential. Potential was identified in the central and northern project areas, as well as new opportunities around the source granite/granite-gneiss complex in the south. Direct targeting from radiometric data is encouraging and work to integrate results with the magnetic data is on-going.


  • SensOre and Stelar Metals have completed their research efforts on the highly prospective Trident lithium tenements near Broken Hill (NSW), identifying new areas of prospectivity at surface, as well as deeper concealed targets
  • The collaboration looked at deploying AI/ML applications on surface geochemistry and high- resolution geophysical techniques in support of lithium exploration
  • SensOre received funding from the NSW government worth $318,000 to assist with the data cube build. The NSW data cube is now available for targeting by SensOre clients
  • Innovative AI and ML predictive methodologies were established over large areas of New South Wales for identifying pegmatites as sources of economic lithium, tin, tantalum and caesium

SensOre CEO Richard Taylor said: "We are pleased to have such stunning initial results from our first targeting runs deployed for Stelar Metals. The new innovative tools, validated through field work, open up many new possibilities for SLB. The Stelar project represents the first targeting exercise deploying the recently completed NSW data cube, combining geoscience data across geophysics, geochemistry, drilling and geological data layers with spectacular preliminary results”.

Figure 1: 3D perspective view (towards NNW) of pegmatite samples on a pseudo-chair diagram of Total Dose grid and vertical section of Cauchy downward continuation calculated on a single flight line of magnetic survey data.

SensOre Adjacency Model for Li Prospectivity

SensOre’s Adjacency Model, AI/ML technology was applied to high-resolution magnetics and 256-channel radiometric data combined with Geochemical Data Analytics to identify extensive prospective areas for LCT- bearing pegmatites. SensOre’s Adjacency Model (SAM) targets spatial contiguity, of geochemical enrichment and/or depletion patterns and geophysical characteristics that surround ore deposits. In this instance, SensOre used mapped occurrences of pegmatites to compute spatial proximity of high-resolution magnetic data and 256- channel radiometric data features to identify pegmatite signatures using advanced ML tools. Once these pegmatite signatures were quantified, they were targeted throughout the rest of the geophysical data across Stelar Metals’ Trident Project. SAM maps identify/confirm and/or predict prospective mineral trends and mineral systems by computing categorical probabilities of adjacency to ore deposits typically labelled as ‘Barren’, ‘Distal’, ‘Proximal’ and ‘Ore’.

SensOre then employed Factor Analysis on multi-element geochemical data collected from pegmatites over Stelar’s Trident Project. This work identified a multielement geochemical signature consistent with LCT pegmatite mineralisation (i.e., Factor 2 positively loaded with Li-Cs-Ta-Sn-Be-Nb) with high factor scores coinciding with high SAM prospectivity probabilities and, as expected, high Li-grades. The targeting coincidence of independent geophysically driven and geochemically driven approaches provides confidence to the identified LCT targets. At Trident, we were able to show that samples exhibiting relatively high Factor 2 loading scores tend to be in the northwestern and south-central areas.

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