Plateau Energy Metals Announces Grant of Injunction to Macusani for Concessions in Peru

- March 2nd, 2021

Plateau Energy Metals Inc. is pleased to report that its subsidiary, Macusani Yellowcake S.A.C. has been granted an injunction for the remaining 15 1 concessions against the administrative resolutions issued by the Institute of Geology Mining and Metallurgy and the Mining Council of the Ministry of Energy and Mines in Peru . The Precautionary Measures restore the ownership, rights and validity of all 32 of the …

Plateau Energy Metals Inc. (“ Plateau ” or the “ Company ”) (TSX-V: PLU | OTCQB: PLUUF) is pleased to report that its subsidiary, Macusani Yellowcake S.A.C. (“Macusani”), has been granted an injunction (“Medida Cautelar” or “Precautionary Measure”), for the remaining 15 1 concessions against the administrative resolutions issued by the Institute of Geology Mining and Metallurgy (“INGEMMET”) and the Mining Council of the Ministry of Energy and Mines (“MINEM”) in Peru (the “Admin Resolutions”).

  • The Precautionary Measures restore the ownership, rights and validity of all 32 of the concessions
  • Macusani will control title for the 32 concessions for the duration of the legal process
  • A Precautionary Measure is issued to guarantee the outcome of a judicial process and ensure compliance with the definitive judgment

The issuance of the Precautionary Measures restores all 32 concessions to Macusani and will suspend the application process initiated by INGEMMET for 9 2 of the 15 concessions listed as available on November 2, 2020 (as reported on October 1, 2020 ). Accordingly, it will also prevent INGEMMET from releasing any of the 32 concessions for application in the future for the duration of the legal process.

“The resolutions granting these Precautionary Measures include clear statements from the presiding judge that support our assertions that Macusani has complied with the laws and regulations with regards to the payment of the good standing fees and related accreditation procedures for its concessions,” stated Laurence Stefan, interim-CEO. “We will continue to vigorously defend the preservation of title for all of our concessions and are gratified that logic and law have prevailed.”

The grant of the Precautionary Measures reinforces the Company’s assertions that Macusani made the 2017 annual validity rights payments for the concessions into INGEMMET’s bank account in compliance with its legal obligations under Peru’s General Mining Law and INGEMMET did not comply with the Administrative Law. The INGEMMET mining register was updated after the grant of the first Precautionary Measure, issued in November 2019, and currently shows 17 3 of the 32 concessions as valid, the remaining 15 concessions should be similarly updated in the mining register in due course. The Precautionary Measures are issued on a “temporary” basis as they will conclude when the judicial process has been exhausted.

The objective of the Precautionary Measure is to protect Macusani’s fundamental right to retain ownership of the 32 concessions. As part of the ordinary course in any judicial proceeding, the Precautionary Measures may be appealed but the effects of the granted judicial resolution will remain in place until there are no further appeals available.

As previously reported, Macusani is pursuing a two-pronged approach (administrative and judicial) to resolve this, and efforts to pursue a positive outcome within the administrative process continue in tandem with the judicial process.

More detail on this process, including the full background and chronology of events, is available in the news releases dated July 31, 2019 , August 6, 2019 and October 17, 2019 .

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Plateau Energy Metals Inc ., a Canadian exploration and development company, is enabling the new energy paradigm through exploring and developing its Falchani lithium project and Macusani uranium project in southeastern Peru, both of which are situated near significant infrastructure.

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The 15 concessions are: Chachaconiza; Chachaconiza II; Chapi III; Chapi “U”; Colibri II; Huarituña II; Huarituña 3;Lincoln XXXII; Ocacasa 4; Porsiaca Estrella; Samilio I; Tantamaco 6; Triunfador 4; Triunfador 2; and Tupuramani.
2 The 9 concessions are: Chachaconiza; Chachaconiza II; Chapi III; Chapi “U”; Huarituña II; Huarituña 3; Lincoln XXXII; Ocacasa 4; and Samilio I.
3 The 17 concessions are: Chapi II; Chapi V; Chilcuno;Colibrí I; Corani U2; Huarituña I; Huiquiza 3; Lincoln XXIX; Lincoln XXVI; Liocco; Tantamaco II; Triunfador 3; Samilio IV; Sillatoco; Tantamaco 7; Triunfador 1; and Triunfador 5.

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