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Innovative Process Produces Battery Grade Lithium Hydroxide

Infinity Lithium Corporation Limited (‘Infinity’, or ‘the Company’) is pleased to provide an update on the outcome of successful test work relating to the evaluation of alternative extractive technologies for possible application to the development of San José Lithium Project (‘San José’, or ‘the Project’). The Company’s wholly owned subsidiary Infinity GreenTech Pty Ltd (‘INFGT’) has finalised the first stage locked cycle test work to confirm material improvements in recoveries and the successful production of battery grade lithium hydroxide through the application of INFGT’s Li-Stream RPKTM process.


  • Material improvements in processing recoveries at San José provide significant potential improvements in lithium production, environmental profile and economic outcomes.
  • Innovative new lithium conversion process Li-Stream RPKTM Locked Cycle Test work confirms 90% lithium recoveries from ROM-to- Product & the production of battery grade lithium hydroxide.
  • Li-Stream RPKTM Process patent protected.
  • Advancements in the proposed San José process flowsheet to be included in mining licence application submission in Q4 2023.
The patent protected Li-Stream RPKTM process has been developed and optimised for the production of battery grade lithium hydroxide at San José.

The Company’s Technical Advisory Committee has progressed a detailed evaluation of multiple technically feasible alternative extractive technologies and reagents for lithium bearing hard rock ores, including the evaluation of comparative operating costs and process complexity, with a view to ensuring that the optimum process flowsheet is ultimately adopted for commercial development. The evaluation of alternative processes was undertaken as part of the feasibility study process and internal assessment of multiple technologies, with consideration to opportunities relevant to social, environmental and technical improvements that could potentially eventuate from hard rock lithium chemical processing. The review identified several opportunities and focused effort on two processes which can potentially offer significant improvements over the previously adopted process in terms of process performance, operating cost and complexity, energy security and environmental footprint.

Li-Stream RPKTM has been developed specifically for the mineralogy at San José. Previously completed open circuit test work confirmed optimised conditions for recoveries and the basis for advancement of Locked Cycle Test (‘LCT’) work. Li-Stream RPKTM has confirmed in excess of 90% recoveries from ROM to lithium products at San José and the production of battery grade lithium hydroxide through the direct processing of ROM from San José.

Li-Stream RPKTM significantly reduces the ROM-to-Product flowsheet complexity by eliminating a number of unit operations including the requirement for beneficiation, calcining and roasting, whilst co-generating energy applicable for leaching, evaporation and crystallisation.

The CEO of Infinity’s wholly owned Spanish subsidiary Extremadura New Energies, Ramón Jiménez, emphasised the importance of these advances in minimising the environmental profile for the Project through processing improvements driven through in-house R&D. “The process advancements will significantly improve the Project in response to the demands we have been gathering from the people of Cáceres and the authorities, making it more efficient and sustainable".

The Company’s Technical Advisory Committee assembled a highly experienced and industry credentialled team to advance engagements for process design and test work through Chief Process Engineer Dr David Maree and advisory group Chemprocess Pty Ltd. Leading lithium consultancy services group Lithium Consultants Australia (‘LCA’) have assisted in test work design, flowsheet development and process modelling. LCA has extensive experience in global hard rock lithium projects from initial concept to detailed design and specializes in the extraction and chemical conversion of lithium. The Company has undertaken a series of open circuit test work and LCT work programs at the laboratories of The Simulus Group (‘Simulus’) in Western Australia. Simulus Laboratories provided the facilities and managed test work directly supervised and completed by qualified metallurgists and engineers under the management of the Company’s Technical Advisory Committee.

Further series of LCTs will continue in collaboration with Simulus over the coming weeks with the work to be finalised for assessment prior to the submission of the San José Exploitation Concession Application in Q4 2023. The EIA Scoping Document response that was received from the Regional Government Administration (see ASX announcement 9 May 2023) has established the preliminary conditions for San José to be compatible with environmental and urbanistic licence requirements through the recommendations for inclusion in the submission of the Company’s mining licence and environmental authorisation submissions. Li-Stream RPKTM has the potential to provide advancements in the environmental profile and measures relevant for the San José Exploitation Concession Application submission which will incorporate the findings and recommendations of the EIA Scoping Document response.

In view of these developments, the Company engaged Wave International to conduct a Level 4 Feasibility Study for the assessment of the economic viability of Li-Stream RPKTM at San José, and the resulting impact on project economics. This study is nearing completion and is expected to be delivered in October 2023. The Company, through INFGT and the Technical Advisory Committee, has engaged with leading international technology providers for key unit processes of the flowsheet. Furthermore, the Company is assessing the advancement of pilot and laboratory facilities in Cáceres for the next stages of technical work.

Infinity’s CEO and Managing Director, Mr Ryan Parkin highlighted the significance of the test results, noting “The advancement of novel applications for hard rock lithium conversion to battery grade lithium chemicals is progressing globally in response to ESG, economic and demand factors. The extraordinary results achieved can significantly improve San José and lead European production into a new era for lithium mica applications.”

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