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Vencanna Ventures Inc. (CSE:VENI) aims to be a strategic capital provider for state-compliant, early-stage, vertically-integrated cannabis companies. Vencanna targets companies that operate in limited licensed jurisdictions or possess competitive advantages whether through scale, branding or technical advances. Combining Vencanna’s access to deals through its deep global contacts with the management team’s investment experience gives the Vencanna shareholder a unique investment opportunity.

Vencanna is looking for earlier stage, licensed, US-based, cannabis initiatives. Vencanna believes this is an attractive entry point, thereby enhancing the potential on the return of investment. Vencanna’s main investment thesis is to focus on companies with strong management teams with expertise throughout the value chain that operates in jurisdictions with barriers to entry such as limited licenses awarded within the state or local moratoriums on new operators entering the market.

To this aim, Vencanna has partnered with Vertical Companies, a leading vertically-integrated multistate operator brand and distribution company. Vertical has operations in Arizona and California. The company also has strategic partnerships in Ohio that it intends to leverage as Vertical expands its business into other states. Vencanna has agreed to loan Vertical up to US$4 million for inventory expansion and general working capital.

Vencanna’s management team brings vast industry experience as numerous members have invested in the market or have worked in the industry in some capacity. The team also brings over 100 years of combined experience in corporate finance, capital markets, direct investing and operational and legal advisory capacities.

Vencanna Company Highlights

  • Investing in vertically-integrated cannabis companies in markets with barriers to entry with limited licensing opportunities.
  • Invest in opportunities that offer superior returns over an expected time period of two to three years.
  • Strategic relationship in place with TGS National and Jushi Inc., one of the first vertically-integrated, multi-state cannabis franchisors within North America.
  • Management team brings over 100 years of combined experience in various sectors.
  • A board consisting of cannabis pioneers.
  • Management and insiders own approximately 19 percent of the fully diluted shares outstanding (and 12 percent of the basic shares outstanding).

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