Sixth Wave Innovations

Nanotechnology Using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) With Multi-Market Applications

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Sixth Wave Innovations (CSE:SIXW,OTCQB:ATURF,FSE:AHUH) is a nanotechnology company that uses patented Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for detecting, capturing and purifying substances at the molecular level.

MIPs are synthetic polymers uniquely designed to capture and extract target materials from a background of other materials by a combination of engineered electrochemical methods to attract the materials to the polymer and templating or creating a pocket in the polymer that has the physical size and shape of the target material to ensure that only those materials are captured. Systems utilizing MIPs are developed and owned completely by Sixth Wave Innovations with multiple patented/patent pending protections in over 40 countries worldwide. With massive expertise in the chemical industry and broad vertical patents, there are huge market implications for commercial scaling and revenue opportunities.

Sixth Wave Innovations captures several verticals that can appeal to multiple industries and market segments. The most notable sectors include health and wellness and mining. Sixth Wave Innovations’ patented purification and extraction systems, including Affinity™ for cannabinoid purification and IXOS® for mining, have unique MIPs designed for each sector and individual end-users. These solution offer savings in capital expenditures and operating costs as well as higher yields affording Sixth Wave Innovations’ customers substantial upticks in profitability. This translates into the potential for more efficient and effective extraction that is more stable, less expensive and yields a purer and cleaner end product. Sixth Wave Innovations’ solutions also provide unlimited scalability, which is a challenge with current technology.

For example, this has made the company poised to replace antiquated traditional extraction methods in the cannabis production and gold mining sectors, delivering process improvements, cost savings and higher yields. With the Affinity™ extraction system, Sixth Wave Innovations has gained international interest with inquiries for installation from licensed cannabis producers for over 250 units.

This technology replaces traditional methods of purification including winterization, multipath distillation, decarboxylation, and chromatography, which involves excessive plant footprint allocation, complex instrumentation with a slow turnaround, and significant product loss. Affinity™ technology can reduce this product loss and lead to higher purity of THC and CBD while providing a simplified streamline of the traditional process of extraction at an eighth of the cost.

For gold mining, Sixth Wave Innovations has created patented technology for the isolation and separation of gold and silver. While traditional extraction methods involve activated carbon, Sixth Wave Innovations’ IXOS® is extraction based on MIPs. IXOS® offers a number of advantages over activated carbon including, lower CAPEX/OPEX, lower energy consumption, six times faster elution and recovery, higher precious metal recovery due to higher efficiency and lower attrition. This is significant as gold prices continue to rise amidst a global pandemic. Sixth Wave Innovations has repeatedly demonstrated with on-site pilot testing that it can add approximately USD$125/oz to its customers bottom line and expects its portion, based on its sales model, to be approximately 30% of that savings leaving a total revenue opportunity for Sixth Wave Innovations of USD$4.7 billion per year. With this market opportunity even modest market penetration could push the Company to a billion dollar valuation.

Sixth Wave Innovations’ MIPs also have the potential for use in medical applications, including re-thinking Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and the detection of viruses like COVID-19. Through the development of a rapid virus detection platform using MIPs, testing could be made available through point-of-use screening at high volume, and PPE could be enhanced in its protective capabilities.

Through partnerships with NeoCon International, Centre Technologique des Résidus Industriels (CTRI) and The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Sixth Wave Innovations is in development of both point-of-care tests and their Smart Mask™, the incorporation of virus detection technology in both N95 compliant and other masks. Moreover, since virus detection utilizing Sixth Wave Innovations’ technology will allow virtually instantaneous detection via colorimetric or electronic detection, Sixth Wave Innovations will be able to seamlessly provide integration into contact tracing systems,. Proof of concept is expected by the end of 2020, and commercialization through global rollout is planned for 2021.

Sixth Wave Innovations Company Highlights

  • Sixth Wave Innovations is a nanotechnology company that uses patented Molecularly imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for detecting, capturing, and releasing substances at the molecular level.
  • Proof of concept of Smart Mask™ is expected by the end of 2020, with a global rollout of AMIPS rapid virus detection planned for 2021.
    AMIPS technology could be implemented for less than C$5, with the ultimate goal of the project to apply this platform or technology to new viral threats quickly and at mass-production levels.
  • Systems are developed and owned completely by Sixth Wave Innovations and protected with patented/patent pending in over 40 countries worldwide.
  • Sixth Wave Innovations’ IXOS® extraction based on MIPs targets specific molecules in the desired metal, eliminating the need for regeneration, which is faster, less expensive and can yield higher purity gold with the potential for more capacity.
    Affinity™ technology can reduce product loss and lead to higher purity of THC and CBD while providing a simplified streamline of the traditional process of extraction at an eighth of the cost.
  • With extraction system Affinity™, Sixth Wave Innovations has gained international interest with inquiries for installation from cannabis producers from over 250 units.

Sixth Wave Innovations Key Technologies

AMIPS: MIPs for the Rapid Detection of Viruses

Sixth Wave Innovations AMIPS

In response to the global pandemic, Sixth Wave is developing a rapid single-use test can detect SARS-CoV-2 easily and on-site within seconds. Past the immediate COVID-19 threat, the ultimate goal of the project is to produce a rapid response capability so that the AMIPs technology can be utilized to address other existing and emerging viral threats.

The proposed platform would involve the detection of infection through electronic (such as radio frequency identification – RFID), colorimetric, or fluorometric methods. Here, a test strip would be exposed to breath or bodily fluid, and a simple binary (yes/no) test would rapidly indicate the presence or absence of the virus. The test would allow for high volume, point-of-use screening in the public sector, private industry, hospitals, long -term healthcare facilities, and various forms of public transportation. As a completely synthetic test there are no bottlenecks in production and no need to harvest antibodies which are still grown in animals that must be sacrificed.

Ongoing research could also lead to huge potential changes for testing styles, accuracy in the detection of antigens and viruses and how this technology can be applied to real-world situations. With implementation costs for this technology being as low as C$5, masks could help businesses/schools identify exposures visually or detect ongoing infection for lengths of time.

In early 2020, Sixth Wave partnered with NeoCon International and is currently in development of Smart Mask™, the incorporation of AMIPs for rapid virus detection into an N95- compliant, or other mask/respirators. This technology will provide enhanced protective capabilities of a mask with added interactive capability of alerting the user of the presence of the target virus in their exhaled breath.

Proof of concept of Smart Mask™ is expected by the end of 2020, with a full global rollout planned for the middle of 2021.

Sixth Wave Innovations Management Team

Jon Gluckman Ph.D., President, CEO & Director

Jon Gluckman brings a 25-year track record of innovative, technology-driven achievements to his role as President of Sixth Wave. As founder and CEO of Integrated Dynamics, a government engineering services company since 1996, Dr. Gluckman focused on the development and subsequent transition of advanced technologies into commercial applications. As the leader of 6th Wave since 2012, Dr. Gluckman has concentrated his efforts to complete IXOS®, in the metals processing industry. Dr. Gluckman holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati.

Sherman McGill, Executive VP & CDO

Sherman McGill is a seasoned sales and business development executive with a documented track record of developing and closing multi-million dollar development programs (R&D), product sales and training services to high profile US and international customers. McGill is spearheading business development efforts to lead Sixth Wave into becoming one of the world leaders in Molecular Imprinted Polymer (MIP) nanotechnology.

John Veltheer, Director & CFO

John Veltheer is a seasoned public company director. He has completed numerous public listings and reverse merger transactions over a broad cross-section of industries. Since August 2016, Dr. Veltheer has been the Chief Executive Officer, President and a director of Atom Energy Inc. (Precursor to Sixth Wave Innovations) Dr. Veltheer obtained his BSc (Hons) in Chemistry from Queen’s University in 1988 and his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from the University of British Columbia in 1993.

Aristotle Kalivretenos Ph.D., CSO

Aristotle Kalivretenos is responsible for new product development and commercialization of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for Life Science Applications, including pharmaceuticals, natural products, food safety, healthcare and drug detection. Kalivrentenos performed a postdoctoral fellowship focusing in the CNS area at Columbia University after earning his Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Colorado State University and a BS in chemistry from Clemson University.

John Cowan, COO

John Cowan started his career as an engineering craft apprentice and additionally gained many years of relevant college education including a BS Honors Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Cowan progressively used his education and experienced gained from over 25 years with the Eaton Corporation in Europe and the USA to contribute in all levels of leadership within the operations engineering and quality disciplines.


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