RISE Life Science

Preparing for the Next Big Industrial Boom

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RISE Life Science Corp. (CSE:RLSC) is a Canadian-based consumer products company developing cannabis-based health and wellness products.

There’s a growing consensus that the legalization of cannabis is paving the way for the largest new industry to emerge since the tech boom.

The economic arguments are powerful. A study done by New Frontier Data revealed that legal marijuana alone in the US would create at least $132 billion in tax revenue and more than a million jobs.  According to the Arcview Group, the value of the industry will reach $24.5 billion by 2021 creating a sector that is on track to become one of the most important in a very long time.

The industry is developing on two levels. One pool of companies is driven by the cultivation and sale of cannabis flower and oil. These companies are focused on optimizing growth capacity, yields, and lowering the cost per gram. The other pool of companies is focused on offering new experiences to an emerging cannabis consumer.

To date, much of the industry has been primarily focused on grow operations, but now excitement is building around the entry of new entities dedicated to creating value-added businesses using cannabis as an ingredient.

One such organization emerging as a pioneer is RISE Life Science, a Canadian-based company that started looking ahead to cannabis consumer product development four years ago.

Their corporate objective is to build a suite of value-added products for the health and wellness category with an initial focus on sexual health.

RISE Life Science knows that their ability to create products that deliver heightened experiences is also synonymous with their ability to raise the value of their products.

Leaving nothing to chance in this regard, the company recently announced that it has commissioned a longitudinal study to investigate sexual health and wellness with a particular focus on how cannabis products designed for sexual enhancement and health affect sexual behaviors and performance.

Dr. Regina Nelson, a behavioral scientist and one of America’s leading cannabis educators, will lead the study. As she points out, to date there has been no scholarly investigation of this scale on the physiological connection between cannabis and sexual health.

“We are investing in this study because it is central to the development of consumer products that individuals and couples believe in and actually want to use,” said Anton Mattadeen, CEO of RISE Life Science. “The proprietary data generated by this study will not only add necessary information to the subject of sexual health, it will also inform RISE of the best possible product development decisions to meet the needs of our customers, provide us with a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and help us remain right in the middle of this important conversation with our expanding consumer community.”

The study is now in beta. The general public will be invited to participate when the RISE Study formally launches in September 2018.

Ultimately, what the company learns through the study will be central to how the company produces, packages, markets, and delivers its products.

RISE products will launch in California – the largest and most sophisticated cannabis market in the world – in early summer, with products on the shelf in 70 Los Angeles dispensaries. By the end of the summer, RISE expects to have products in 150 premium store locations across the California dispensary retail market in addition to consumer-direct online sales. Another 100 stores will be added to the distribution network in less than 12 months.

To support their roll out, the company recently closed a non-brokered equity financing worth $2.2 million.

After all, California is just the start.  RISE is intent on selling its products across the world in all jurisdictions that have legal regulatory frameworks in place regarding cannabis.


Anton Mattadeen—CEO and Director

Anton Mattadeen is an entrepreneur, inventor, and technology and communications professional that brings over 30 years of expertise from global companies like IBM and Sony. For the past several years he has taken an active role to learn, understand, and develop strategic initiatives for the global botanical marketplace. From business strategy and design, to innovative market insertion plans, navigating regulatory protocols, public representation, government communication, and investor relationships, he is well versed in all aspects of this burgeoning industry.

Chris Dollard—COO and Director

Chris brings over three decades of business leadership and experience in Operations, IT, and Communications to RISE. He possesses deep operational capabilities derived from a career delivering services for companies such as Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, and Best Buy/Future Shop and others. By blending “old school” knowledge open leadership and audit-able business practices, he excels at creating operational strategies that reflect the highest professional standards, are comprehensive, and easy to understand by all stakeholders.

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