Nutritional High

Developing High-Grade Extracts for the Global Cannabis Market

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Nutritional High (CSE:EAT, OTCQB:SPLIF, FWB:2NU) is focused on developing, manufacturing and distributing premium and consistently dosed cannabis-infused products, including edibles and oil extracts, for nutritional, medical and recreational use. The company works exclusively through licensed facilities in jurisdictions where such activity is permitted and regulated by state law.

Nutritional High entered the US market by developing a presence in Colorado, where the company has a fully-operational team of specialists in one of the state’s largest and most automated oil extraction and infused edibles facilities. Through agreements with Palo Verde LLC, Nutritional High has access to a cannabis-infused product manufacturing license. Under this, the company has developed a production and distribution foothold for its FLÏ brand, which includes vape pen cartridges, oil syringes and edibles aimed at nutritional, medical and recreational use.

The company’s current priority is establishing a dominant foothold in California. To help meet the state’s demand for cannabis, Nutritional High has acquired Calyx Brands, a cannabis distribution company; Pasa Verde LLC, an extraction and toll facility; and various companies specializing in cannabis-infused edibles and drinks. Nutritional High’s acquisitions allow it to process and distribute its own FLÏ-branded products.

The company utilizes a process of mechanical separation, cold ethanol extraction and short path distillation to produce its vaporizer cartridges. By using ethanol, Nutritional High removes the risk of combustion which is a result of using butane extraction.

Expanding its footprint beyond California and Colorado, Nutritional High has also acquired cultivation and processing facilities in Nevada and Oregon.

Canada’s cannabis market is another of Nutritional High’s targets as the Canadian cannabis market is expected to be worth $2.5 billion by 2020. As a result, Nutritional High has partnered with Abba Medix, a Canada House (CSE:CHV) subsidiary, to distribute oils under Nutritional High’s FLÏ brand and has constructed a 2,000-square foot extraction facility in Ontario. An added benefit of acquiring an extraction license in Canada is that Nutritional High is now free to export internationally to the markets in Europe and Asia.

Aside from Canada, Nutritional High is exploring expansion opportunities in Asia and has retained Tom Kruesopon to develop business opportunities on the continent. Through this agreement, Nutritional High has formed a five-year agreement with Thailand-based Golden Triangle Health Company Ltd. to manufacture and distribute branded products in North America, bringing Asian brands to the North American cannabis market. Nutritional High expects to receive a 75 percent sales fee.

Nutritional High’s Company Highlights

  • Established ethanol extraction methods that filter out contaminants and remove additional risk
  • Strategic partnerships with various cannabis-related companies
  • Established presence in Colorado in one of largest oil extraction facilities in the state having launched FLÏ brand
  • Launched a FLÏ-branded cannabis awareness campaign
  • Long-standing relations with experienced California cannabis industry players
  • Extracts with the largest profit margins in the cannabis industry
  • Calyx has generated $7.4 million in top-line revenue and incurred approximately $6.1 million in cost of sales over a six-and-a-half-month period
  • The company doubled Calyx’s distribution capacity in June 2019.
  • Calyx’s distribution network includes over 600 licensed retailers in California.
  • Partnership with licensed Canadian extraction company providing international exportation opportunities
  • Nutritional High’s agreement with Golden Triangle provides the company with access to successful Asian cannabis brands and can facilitate the company’s entry into the region.
  • Acquisitions in California provide control over distribution and extraction
  • Nutritional High is currently operating in three US states
  • Nutritional High is exploring business opportunities in Asia.

Addressing Demand in the California Market

Nutritional High’s main focus is to supply the California cannabis market and distribution is key to the company’s operations, as the cannabis market is expected to exceed $5 billion in revenue by 2019. To this effect, the company has conducted numerous acquisitions within the state, establishing a model of production and distribution across California to meet a demand which accounts for up to half of all legal cannabis sales in the US.

Acquisitions and partnerships in the state

Calyx Brands

The company’s acquisition of the California distribution company, Calyx Brands, in late 2017 gives Nutritional High increased market penetration for its extracts and oil products in-state. Calyx Brands is a leading distributor to legal dispensaries in-state that serves as the link between producers, retailers and Nutritional High.


In May 2018, Nutritional High acquired a 7,000 square-foot facility in Long Beach, California. The building is fully compliant with local and state licensing regulations. The company has set aside 3,000 square feet to lease to a cannabis testing company and the remaining square footage will be used by Calyx.

In June 2019, Nutritional High entered an agreement to provide a southern California base for Calyx’s operations, effectively doubling Calyx’s distribution capacity. The distribution facility was granted operating approval by the City of Los Angeles for distribution, manufacturing and cultivation the same day as the acquisition was announced.

Calyx currently services over 650 dispensaries throughout the state and Nutritional High intends to expand its distribution infrastructure.

Pasa Verde Labs

In addition to Calyx Brands, Nutritional High also announced in April 2018 that it had acquired 100 percent of Pasa Verde, a leading cannabis extraction and toll processing facility in Sacramento, California. The company closed its acquisition of Pasa Verde three months later.

Pasa Verde Labs received an extension on its cannabis manufacturing license in May 2018, while its application annual cannabis manufacturing license is still under review. The company received its provisional distribution license in June 2019.

The 17,600-square-foot extraction facility is aiming to achieve full production capacity in the near future. Its revenue since 2018 has exceeded $200,000, a number expected to rise with the recent addition of new equipment. Nutritional High’s list of acquisitions also includes TKO Products, a manufacturer of cannabis cookies, brownies, chocolate, Krispy treats and vaporizer cartridges.

With both a distributor, an extraction facility, and the impending 2018 launch of the company’s FLÏ-branded products in California, Nutritional High is poised to supply the entire state with high-quality products. The company has also purchased a 9,000-square foot industrial building in northern California for further cannabis oil extraction and manufacturing, adding to its fast-growing foothold in the Golden State.


Nutritional High expanded its product line by purchasing a 50 percent interest in Tres Ojos Naturals LLC, doing business as SolDaze. SolDaze produces cannabis-infused fruit snacks in California. The snacks are then distributed by Calyx.

Expanding into Canada

Nutritional High’s entry into the Canadian market is key for two reasons: legislation to legalize cannabis presents an enormous market for cannabis, with the Canadian market for cannabis estimated to be worth over $2.5 billion by 2020; and because Nutritional High’s access to Canada also allows for access to other international markets such as Europe and Asia.

The company was able to bypass the process of becoming a licensed Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) manufacturer under Canadian law through a strategic partnership with Canada House’s fully-licensed cannabis manufacturing subsidiary, Abba Medix, to manufacture oil extracts under Nutritional High’s FLÏ brand in Canada. As part of its joint venture, Nutritional High and its partner are constructing a 2,000-square foot facility in Pickering, Ontario to extract cannabis oil and extracts currently permitted under ACMPR regulations.

Nutritional High’s FLÏ Brand

FLÏ is Nutritional High’s flagship brand and product portfolio. The brand offers consumers high-quality cannabis concentrates and edibles. Nutritional High manufactures its branded products through the company’s subsidiary, Pasa Verde, at its facilities in Sacramento, California. The products are then distributed by the company’s partners and found in dispensaries throughout California, Colorado, Nevada and Canada.

The company is always developing new formulations and products to launch under this brand and has partnered with KMG International Ltd., a consumer product design and production company with extensive relationships across Asia, to design the company’s dabbing products. To date, the FLÏ brand offers consumers vaporizer products and accessories, pre-rolls, oil syringes, dab jars and cannabis-infused chocolates, gummies and truffles.


FLÏ Safe

In July 2018, Nutritional High launched FLÏ Safe, a cannabis awareness program that focuses on promoting responsible cannabis consumption and education through research. The campaign is expected to target cannabis advocates with online and offline activities.

“Today, more than ever, it is important for a brand to not only create great products but create a platform that help educate consumers and have fundamental impacts on supporting the sales, marketing, and the vision we have for Nutritional High,” said Frazier. “Corporate responsibility is going to be an integral part behind federal legalization and it benefits not only our brand but also the industry in general to create this kind of well-researched awareness.”

Nutritional High’s US Operations

Palo Verde, Colorado

Nutritional High began its entry to the US through a partnership with the Pueblo-based company Palo Verde LLC in Colorado. Through a strategic relationship, the company has access to Palo Verde’s MIP license as well as one of the largest automated cannabis oil extraction facilities in Colorado. In May 2017, the facility proved its capability by achieving over 95 percent THC content in its extracts. One of the few states to have rolled out regulations for a legal recreational market, Colorado has acted as a research and development hub for Nutritional High to establish its product line and strategically plan for roll out into additional states.

Now fully-operational, Nutritional High’s team of cannabis and marketing experts is currently manufacturing and distributing FLÏ-branded products across the state. This includes vape cartridges, oil extracts and infused chocolate bars.

Green Therapeutics, Nevada

In October 2018, Nutritional High signed a definitive agreement to acquire 75 percent of Green Therapeutics, an established cannabis producer and processor in Nevada. The company later amended its agreement with Green Therapeutics by 50 percent and excluded certain assets and intellectual property pertaining to Nutritional High’s distribution-focused business model.

In July 2016, the company completed the construction of its facilities while also completing its first harvest. Green Therapeutics produces premium cannabis flower in addition to concentrates, oils, creams and sprays.

The company’s asset base includes four Nevada licenses with two cultivation facilities and two production facilities in Clark County and North Las Vegas. In Clark County, Green Therapeutics has 8,000 square feet of licensed and operational cultivation and production space, which generates approximately $400,000 per month. Green Therapeutics’ North Las Vegas facility has a 5,400-square-foot production laboratory with ultra-performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometer and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry testing capabilities.

Additionally, Green Therapeutics has both an approved cultivation license in North Las Vegas which is set to move to a new greenhouse facility and a 9.8-acre parcel of land capable of supporting 500,000 square feet of cultivation space. Nutritional High has plans to purchase real estate owned by Meridian Companies, a company with land and facilities for cannabis cultivation currently utilized by Green Therapeutics.

In December 2018, Green Therapeutics was granted conditional approval of a retail store license from Nevada’s Department of Taxation, enabling the company to operate a retail cannabis store in Douglas County, Nevada.

Nutritional High’s International Operations

The global medical cannabis industry could reach US$146.4 billion by the end of 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research. This includes Asia-Pacific, which is slowly opening up to cannabis legalization. To capitalize on these emerging markets and to gain a first-mover advantage, Nutritional High has entered into a five-year agreement with a Thailand-based health and wellness company, Golden Triangle Health Company Ltd., to manufacture and distribute branded products in North America. Thailand is the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize medical cannabis use and has a rich cannabis cultural history.

Golden Triangle is actively soliciting additional brands from Asia to its brand portfolio, which already includes brands such as Smooth-E, P80 Natural Essence, Siang Pure Oil, SLC Clinic and the Traditional Thai Herbal Association, with the purpose of manufacturing and distributing CBD and cannabis-infused products in North America, Europe and Asia, where permitted. Nutritional High is tasked with providing North American market assessments for the brands and to infuse, package, market, distribute and sell the selected brands. The Smooth-E, P80 Natural Essence, Siang Pure Oil, SLC Clinic and the Traditional Thai Herbal Association have a strong following in Asia and have been initially picked for importation to the US.

As part of the agreement, Nutritional High expects to receive a sales fee totaling 35 percent of gross sales as well as a fee for each initial product assessment. Nutritional High expects to receive 75 percent of the sales fee and Golden Triangle is to receive the remaining 25 percent.

“We are proud to have attracted Golden Triangle as a key strategic partner to allow us to be a first mover in Asian-focused products, and eventually in Asia,” said Nutritional High CEO Adam Szweras. “Golden Triangle is licensing successful products throughout Asia and this partnership allows us to leverage our extensive distribution network and robust manufacturing footprint for a brand-new emerging category with limited risk.

Nutritional High’s Strategic Partnerships


Nutritional High has also partnered with NeutriSci International Inc. (TSXV:NU), a company that specializes in the innovation, production and formulation of nutraceutical products. As part of their agreement, Nutritional High and its partner intend to develop, manufacture and distribute THC and CBD-infused sublingual tablets using NeutriSci’s patent-pending technology and proprietary ingredients and formulations.

In early-July 2018, Nutritional High and NeutriSci commenced the production of Nu Energy tablets, a chewable sublingual THC product, for sale and distribution in California. The tablets are produced at the Pasa Verde manufacturing facility in Sacramento, California. The partners intend to initially distribute the tablets to approximately 400 dispensaries across the state.

Pharmadrug (formerly Aura Health)

The company has also acquired a strategic 17 percent interest in Pharmadrug Inc. (CSE:BUZZ,OTC:LMLLF) a company that has been involved in the development and acquisition of health clinics across the US and owns interests in clinics in Nevada and Arizona. These operations test prospective patients and, when applicable, apply to the state for medical-use certificates on behalf of the patient. Nutritional High is also working with Pharmadrug to bring the company’s extraction and edibles technology and products to the European and Israeli cannabis markets.

Marley Natural

In January 2019, Nutritional High signed an agreement with Docklight LLC in Seattle, Washington to license a number of well-known brands, including the Marley Natural brand, in Washington and Oregon. Marley Natural is Bob Marley’s official cannabis brand and offers a variety of products, such as cannabis, body care and accessories. In addition to Marley Natural, Nutritional High has the right to produce, market and sell products from the Dutchy, Headlight, Irisa, Grail and Martian Gardens brands.

District 11

Expanding on Calyx’s services, Nutritional High entered into a distribution relationship with District 11, a licensed, premium cannabis company. Under the terms of the agreement, Calyx Brands is expected to help launch and distribute the ST IDES brand of pre-rolled, tobacco-free blunts to its network in California.

PurBlend Science 

Nutritional High also signed a distribution agreement with PurBlend Science Inc., the makers of the VOOZTM vapor delivery system. VOOZTM is a next-generation, pod-based delivery system with a unique hardware design that can accommodate various types of oil.

The system features a unique one milliliter to 0.5-milliliter v-pod design that uses a gravity feed. A nano-tech ceramic coil increases surface area and improves airflow to deliver an optimal draw and flavor. The pods contain a larger hole, making it easy for consumers to customize their experience by filling their own pods, and a magnetic base allows for easy changing of pods.

Prime Care 

Nutritional High has formed a California distribution partnership with Prime Care Inc. to distribute Prime Care’s Nuvata cannabis vaporizers. Nuvata’s signature mind-body vaporizers feature special combinations of cannabinoids and terpenoids to help consumers enhance their state of mind and body to achieve specific effects. The mind-body series offers six experiences that range from full mind to full body.

Extract Solutions

Nutritional High has signed a one-year, auto-renewable exclusive distribution agreement with Extract Solutions Inc. to distribute the Hella Dank brand of ice-water hashish concentrates. Hella Dank products are made exclusively through a clean, solvent-free process using water, ice and minimal agitation. The brand has generated strong initial sales orders from top retailers statewide.

Nutritional High’s Management Team

David Posner—Co-Chair of the Board and Director

David Posner brought “Hempen Gold,” the first hemp-infused beer to Canada.  He imported and created marketing and branding initiatives for various other alcoholic products in Canada. He was formerly the acquisitions manager for Stonegate Properties Inc. where he managed real estate properties and brokered deals in Canada and Oklahoma.

Adam K. Szweras— Co-Chair of the Board

Adam Szweras co-founded Nutritional High along with David Posner, Chairman of the company. He is an experienced entrepreneur, securities lawyer and investment banking professional with an extensive background in corporate finance and cannabis-focused strategy development. He has grown several companies through his merchant bank, the Foundation Markets group of companies, which includes Foundation Markets Inc., a Toronto-based investment bank and Exempt Market Dealer, and FMI Capital Advisory Inc., which provides consulting and advisory services to high growth companies listing on Canadian stock exchanges. Szweras is a partner with the law firm Fogler, Rubinoff LLP where he is a member of its securities law group. He has served on many corporate boards throughout his career and is currently a director of several leading cannabis companies including Aurora Cannabis Inc., and Quinsam Capital Corp. He is also a director of leading irrigation company Water Ways Technologies Inc.

John Durfy—CEO

Mr. Durfy brings a wealth of senior management and executive experience encompassing operations, investment management, financial and business strategy over the past 30 years. Mr. Durfy has an extensive understanding of the North American cannabis landscape through participation on a number of boards, active participation in a cannabis investment corporation, as well as senior leadership experience in a medical cannabis company. He has extensive experience in the capital markets having served as a Managing Director of a major Canadian pension fund, chief investment officer of an alternative asset manager, and chief operating officer of an emerging asset manager.

Billy Morrison—CTO and Director

Billy Morrison founded Peloton Pharmaceuticals, where he designed, developed, and deployed nearly autonomous grow system that mitigates labor and reduces cost. He is a deeply knowledgeable cannabis industry figure, having previously founded an ACMPR-licensed facility in Quebec, established the Union Collective, a prominent California dispensary, and a prominent extraction lab which continues to operate in Southern California. He has developed Nutritional High’s proprietary cryoethanol extraction processes which has shown to yield cannabis oil containing 100 percent THC and other cannabinoids.

Robert Wilson—Chief Financial Officer

Throughout his career, Mr. Wilson has held senior positions in investment banking and private equity including BMO Nesbitt Burns, Mackie Research Capital, Yorkton Securities, Working Ventures Canada Fund and Temperance Capital Income Fund.

Mr. Wilson has also served as senior executive and director of a number of Canadian and US publicly listed companies where he was responsible for corporate finance, investor relations, governance, financial and regulatory reporting, mergers and acquisitions.

Andres Tinajero—Director

Andres Tinajero has over 20 years of business experience, having supported a broad range of industries, including mining, manufacturing, and technology. He has served as CFO and vice president of finance of several medium-sized public companies across Canada.

He holds a degree in business administration and an MBA, and is also a member of the Canadian Institute of Certified Management Accountants, the Certified Practicing Accountants of Australia and he is a certified member of the Institute of Corporate Directors.

Brian Presement—Director

Brian Presement is president and CEO of Unite Communications Corp, which he has grown from a regional telecom provider offering a narrow set of services to a full-scale telecom provider offering services to companies of all sizes all across Canada.

He has over 20 years of business operations and marketing experience. He was previously vice president of business development for VOXX Corporation responsible for the sales and marketing of VOXX’s Telecommunications Services.

Aaron Johnson—Director

Aaron Johnson is a partner and member of the business department of JRG Attorneys at Law, LLP, where he has substantial experience in the fields of cannabis business entity formation and regulation, business transactions (formation, operation, mergers and acquisitions), real estate transactions and land use (CEQA) law.

Tom Kruesopon—Director 

Previously, Mr. Kruesopon served as an advisor to the former Prime Minister of Thailand and was instrumental in legalizing cannabis for medical use. He currently serves as the senior advisor to Apple Wealth Holding Company, CEO of Tune Insurance, President of Panda Securities, and former Director of Thai AirAsia X. Mr. Kruesopon has been working closely with the Company since March to develop opportunities in Asia and played a large role in securing the previously announced agreement with Golden Triangle Health Company Ltd.

Carrie Howes – SVP Communications 

Carrie Howes has over 15 years of experience in the finance industry, including investor relations and fundraising for companies in Canada, Europe and the Middle East. She spent three years as Managing Director of European Investor Relations at Moore Clayton & Co. and previously served eight years as Institutional broker at Union Securities, London, UK. She received her B.A. (Hon) in Psychology and Business from the University of Western Ontario.

Chad Whittman – VP Manufacturing 

Chad Whittman is the former General Manager and VP Operations at Bronner Corp., one of the country’s largest contract manufacturers for infused products. He has served as General Manager and Director for two of Colorado’s largest cannabis manufacturers for 10 years and managed production facilities across multiple states. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwestern State University.

Dwayne Jones – Director of Operations 

Dwayne Jones has been an active operations consultant in the cannabis industry for over four years. Previously. He was the owner of American Perimeter Security Inc. and was responsible for all aspects of the business between 2003 and 2013. He launched his career in operation with Integrated Micromachines in Monrovia, California where he directed the buildout of CNC’s fabrication plant including labs, manufacturing, assembly and testing.

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