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First Responder Technologies


Technologies That Protect Innocent By-Standers and First Responders

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First Responder Technologies Inc. (CSE:WPN,OTCQB:WPNNF,FWB:3WK) was founded in 2017 by a former RCMP officer, as a platform to commercialize new technologies to assist law enforcement and other first responders in the performance of their duties and to help ensure their safety and the safety of the general public. The products detect concealed and openly carried weapons.

The company has successfully demonstrated its Sentinel™ WiFi concealed weapons detection and Sentinel™ Vision openly carried weapon detection units to its Board of Directors and Advisory Council at a board meeting on August 14, 2020. Further testing and demonstrations are expected as the company expects to deliver its A4 minimum viable product in the fourth quarter of 2020.

First Responder Company Highlights

  • First Responder’s technology has numerous applications across a variety of industries, such as commercial, residential, law enforcement, military and public security.
  • First Responder is developing the Sentinel™ Suite of products that include the Sentinel™ Threat Management System. A user interface that manages alerts and warnings.
  • The company successfully demonstrated the Sentinel™ Vision AI smart camera, with edge computing.
  • The Sentinel™ Wifi A4 minimum viable product expected to be delivered in Q4 of 2020.
  • Strategic partner agreements both in the UK and UAE.
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