FinCanna Capital

Funding the Production of Ultra Premium Cannabis Products in North America’s Largest Market


FinCanna Capital Corp (CSE:CALI,OTCQB:FNNZF) is a royalty finance company uniquely focused on investing in licensed cannabis businesses in the US with a focus on California, the largest market in North America. Operators are seeking funding and big pharmaagriculture and tobacco continue to wait on further legalization. FinCanna aims to capitalize on this market opportunity by providing access to capital for companies operating in the licensed cannabis sector in exchange for royalty payments based on a percentage of their revenues. The business model is scalable as there are no operational components.

For portfolio companies, FinCanna’s business model enables them to avoid dilutive equity financing agreements with a potentially lower cost of capital. Portfolio companies also have greater flexibility as their owners and operators maintain control and operating autonomy and the agreements can be customized based on the situation. Incentives for both companies are also aligned since FinCanna only makes money when portfolio companies make money.

FinCanna’s shareholders benefit from a diversified portfolio of companies across different sectors as the company seeks to invest its capital in rapidly emerging private companies operating in the licensed US cannabis industry. For investors, diversification helps mitigate the risk of any individual company or sub-sector impacting an entire portfolio’s value. Cannabis investors also have access to private versus public cannabis companies as added diversification. Additionally, FinCanna’s royalty business model doesn’t require nearly as many personnel or resources as production companies, which keeps overhead costs relatively low and predictable.

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FinCanna’s Current Active Royalty Portfolio

  • QVI Inc. – QVI Inc. is a manufacturer of cannabis-infused products under the trade name “The Galley”. The company is currently retrofitting its 8,300 square foot facility with dedicated spaces for a large-scale commercial kitchen for baked goods, chocolate products, hard candies and gum products. The facility is expected to have a designated area for contract manufacturing and additional products and should be fully operational in Q4 2019. FinCanna has recently advanced a second tranche of capital to QVI as part of the royalty agreement.
  • ezGreen Compliance – ezGreen Compliance offers state-of-the-art enterprise compliance and point-of-sale (POS) software solutions to licensed cannabis dispensaries and cultivators. ezGreen’s POS software supports and simplifies the maintenance of accurate reporting, inventory control and taxation requirements for licensees seeking to remain compliant.
  • Refined Resin Technologies – Refined Resin Technologies, located in Oakland California, is a cannabinoid research and refinery company engineered for industrial scale. Upon build-out of its 6,000 square foot extraction facility, the company is looking to provide B2B and B2C products and services to licensed dispensaries and distributors in the licensed cannabis supply chain.


For more information on FinCanna’s portfolio of companies visit the company’s website

FinCanna Company Highlights

  • US-focused with an emphasis on California
  • Royalty model aligns financial incentives for operators and FinCanna
  • Diversified investment portfolio over multiple sectors
  • Early entrant in the US with an extensive network for new projects
  • Investing in private companies not available to individual