Azarga Metals

Advancing Exploration of Globally Significant Copper-Silver Discovery

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Azarga Metals (TSXV:AZR) is a mineral exploration and development company advancing exploration at the Unkur Copper-Silver Project. Located in eastern Russia, Unkur has both the size and grade to be a globally significant copper-silver deposit.

Russia’s vast landscape—the largest country in the world by surface area—is home to equally vast natural resources—some of the largest mineral reserves in the world. The largest producer of diamonds and palladium, the nation also ranks third in important mineral commodities such as platinum, gold and iron. Russia’s mineral treasure trove also includes some of the world’s largest copper deposits.

Mining is Russia’s second largest industry after oil and gas, and represents about 5 percent of the country’s GDP and 16 percent of its exports. While Russia’s oil and gas industry is mostly state-owned, the nation’s mining industry is largely privately owned. The Russian government is highly supportive of foreign mining investment and development. Major miner Kinross Gold, which operates as many as 14 mining sites in Russia since 1995, is a good example of a western company successfully operating in want many may consider a challenging policy environment.

Azarga Metals’ Unkur Copper-Silver Project lies in the Far East province of Zabaikalsky, a prolific mining jurisdiction that shares a border with China and Mongolia.

Company Highlights

  • Located in prolific mining jurisdiction of eastern Zabaikalye Province near China-Russia border
  • Region benefits from various government incentives for project development
  • Excellent infrastructure: power and water onsite, 7km from major railway
  • Phase 1 exploration led to discovery of new mineralization zone with the potential for further discoveries
  • Potential to be one of the world’s top silver deposits in terms of grade and size
  • Led by a team of mining and finance professionals with a long track record of success
  • Management and Board hold 20 percent of shares