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CBDS Health

Revolutionizing Clinical Trials with the IoT and Blockchain Technology

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CBDS Health is a health technology company focused on revolutionizing the clinical trials space through the deployment of information technologies including the internet of medical things (IoMT), big data analytics.

The company’s virtual clinical trials platform is a cost-effective solution for researchers and contract research organizations (CROs). CBDS Health is currently enhancing this platform by tapping into the IoMT and deploying it as a solution for cannabis clinical trials.

The IoMT is a connected system of medical devices and applications that collectively gather data that is then delivered to healthcare IT systems through online networks. A growing market in the healthcare industry, according to Allied Market Research, the IoMT is predicted to reach $136.8 billion globally by 2021.

Company Highlights

  • Deploying CMTS platform that makes use of IoMT and integrated technologies for clinical trials
  • Enhancing the platform security, transparency, data accuracy and data sharing