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Bion Environmental Technologies

Efficient, Low-Cost Livestock Waste Treatment and Byproduct Refining Technology



Bion Environmental Technologies Inc. (OTCQB:BNET) has developed a proprietary technology platform aimed at reducing costs and improving efficiencies in the multi-billion dollar water treatment sector. The technology also has direct applications in the dairy, meat and egg production industries.

Bion is well-positioned to capture a significant portion of the evolving cleantech space — the company’s technology can reduce water pollution at a fraction of the cost US taxpayers are currently spending on outdated water treatment strategies, while simultaneously improving efficiencies in livestock production, processing and distribution.

Bion’s Company Highlights

  • Ground-breaking technology developed and proven over the last 29 years.
  • Excess nutrients are now recognized by US EPA as “one of the greatest water quality problems in the US today”.
  • There is no other known cost-effective technology that provides Bion’s level of treatment of wet livestock waste.
  • Bion’s treatment solutions are scalable, proven in commercial operations and their verified reductions have been accepted by EPA, the US Department of Agriculture and other regulatory agencies.
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