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According to the Government of Canada, the blue economy is driven by sustainable ocean resources and accounts for about $31.65 billion annually in GDP. A significant factor in the blue economy is the preservation of aquatic life –– specifically, seafood. As a result, seafood alternatives are projected to reach a market size of US$1.6 billion in the next decade at a CAGR of 28 percent. With this in mind, companies with business models that support the blue economy and offer plant-based seafood alternatives will likely be of interest to investors seeking upside potential.

Billy Goat Brands (CSE:GOAT) (“GOAT” or the “Platform”) is a venture capital platform focused on building a portfolio of high potential, expansion stage companies working in the blue economy. GOAT is dedicated to investing in and helping grow exciting and innovative companies with ESG values that address climate change, human wellness and the global demand for food security. The Platform’s portfolio also offers investors early exposure to functional foods, food technologies and fermented food brands.

GOAT is different from a traditional investor in that it is also a partner that provides advisory services in the form of strategic assistance, network connections and other support to its investee companies. This mutually beneficial relationship is intended to facilitate rapid growth, which is expected to propel portfolio companies toward new market opportunities.

The Platform’s current portfolio consists of Sophie’s Kitchen, FunGuys Beverages, The Vegetarian Butcher and Evanesce Packaging, with more investments to be made on an ongoing basis. Sophie’s Kitchen, which is GOAT’s most significant investment to date, focuses on delivering delicious and nutritious plant-based seafood alternatives to consumers. FunGuys Beverages has created the KOLD line of mushroom-infused cold brew coffee beverages. The Vegetarian Butcher offers plant-based deli meat alternatives to consumers in a bricks-and-mortar grocery store format. Lastly, Evanesce Packaging creates truly compostable, organic, sustainable and effective disposable packaging and utensils.

GOAT’s portfolio is currently made up of 40 percent functional foods, 45 percent plant-based proteins and 15 percent food technology. The Platform is targeting a core group of 5 to 10 investee companies to help incubate on the path to bespoke liquidity events expected for each company.

Each investee company currently in GOAT’s portfolio is expected to grow rapidly over the next three years. Accordingly, the Platform plans to generate returns on its investments in several ways, including the public listing of its investee companies, mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”) or other liquidity events.

Looking ahead, GOAT has identified more than 200 potential portfolio companies and has engaged in more than 40 advanced discussions to make investments into various ventures. It expects to conduct detailed due diligence on dozens of companies in order to arrive at an optimal portfolio of 5 to 10 holdings.

In October 2021, Billy Goat Brands signed a Letter of Intent to purchase an equity stake with Cascadia Seaweed,  a vertically integrated company growing to become the largest provider of ultra-premium ocean cultivated seaweed in North America.

GOAT is led by an experienced management team that is well-versed in the nuances of the public markets, venture capital, M&A, strategy, corporate governance and operations. Its management team has executed over $5 billion of various debt and equity transactions. The team has also established highly successful channels, ideas and platforms for brands like Best Buy, Telus and Tourism BC.

Billy Goat Brands’ Company Highlights

  • Billy Goat Brands (CSE:GOAT) is a venture capital platform focused on building a diversified portfolio of high potential, expansion-stage food and nutraceutical brands companies working in the blue economy with ESG values in the blue economy with ESG initiatives.
  • GOAT differentiates itself from a traditional investor as a partner that provides strategic assistance, network connections and support to its portfolio companies for faster scale and growth. All of Billy Goat Brand’s portfolio companies have been more than satisfied with the assistance that Billy Goat Brands has provided to them.
  • GOAT’s current portfolio consists of Sophie’s Kitchen, KOLD, The Vegetarian Butcher and Evanesce Packaging. Sophie’s Kitchen, the company’s largest asset, focuses on delivering delicious and nutritious plant-based seafood alternatives that support a blue economy.
  • GOAT signed a Letter of Intent to invest in Cascadia Seaweed, a vertically integrated company growing to become the largest provider of ultra-premium ocean cultivated seaweed in North America
  • Each company that is currently in GOAT’s portfolio is expected to produce a more than 50 percent CAGR in each of the next three years.
  • The company is led by an experienced management team that is well-versed in the nuances of the public markets, venture capital, M&A, strategy, corporate governance and operations.

Billy Goat Brands’ Key Products

Sophie’s Kitchen

GOAT has the right to acquire up to a 46 percent interest in its key holding, which is Sophie’s Kitchen. The Platform will also be providing capital markets advisory services to Sophie’s Kitchen to help the business go public on a North American stock exchange in the medium term. Sophie’s Kitchen is Billy Goat Brands’ largest investment to date.

Sophie’s Kitchen offers delicious and nutritious plant-based seafood alternatives that have zero mercury content, no fishy smell, no concern of microplastics and do not negatively impact the ocean. It is a manufacturer and distributor that creates both frozen and shelf-stable products. Sophie’s Kitchen’s products include Plant-Based Toona with Sea Salt, Plant-Based Toona with Black Pepper, Breaded Vegan Shrimp, Vegan Fish Fillet, Vegan Smoked Salmon and Vegan Crab Cakes. Sophie’s Kitchen has experienced rapid revenue growth over the last few years.

Sophie’s Kitchen has entered into several strategic partnerships to support its aggressive growth. Its products are available at various retailers like, Wegmans, Sprouts Farmers Market, Stop&Shop, Walmart and Whole Foods Market. The business also has some of the best national distribution partners, including United Natural Foods, KeHE and Sysco. Sophie’s Kitchen is also working to develop a plant-based chicken alternative.

Sophie’s Kitchen has been featured by PETA, Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Veg World, Well + Good, East Bay Express, Bloomberg, VegOut, VegNews, The Beet and Vegconomist. It has also won the PETA Vegan Food Award and the title of “Best Plant Based Seafood” from Goop’s “A Guide to the Best Plant Based Meats.”

FunGuys Beverages

GOAT owns 100 percent of FunGuys Beverages and its line of KOLD products. The business aims to manufacture and distribute cold brew coffee drinks that are enhanced with organic Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms as well as slow-roasted chicory for digestive health. KOLD products will be packaged using reusable glass bottles through a partnership with Terracycle’s LOOP program. Its strategy is to earn a significant share of the nearly US$23 billion functional mushroom market. KOLD plans to launch in the North American market in late 2021 and then globally thereafter.

The Vegetarian Butcher

GOAT owns a 12.4 percent stake in The Vegetarian Butcher, which offers plant-based alternative meat products to customers in a bricks-and-mortar grocery store format. It specializes in fresh vegan deli meats that are prepared in-house, frozen packaged foods and dry and canned ingredients. The business also sells white-label vegan meat substitutes and catering services.

The Vegetarian Butcher has two primary bricks-and-mortar locations in British Columbia as well as an e-commerce platform to sell its products. Both stores successfully became cash flow positive within two months of opening. Currently, the business is planning to open two more bricks-and-mortar locations in the same province. The Vegetarian Butcher is also exploring potential franchising and value-added manufacturing options. It has a goal of manufacturing products in-house to reduce costs and improve margins. The business also hopes to expand nationwide over the next three years with 36 locations, including 10 or more stores in Ontario in the Greater Toronto Area.

Evanesce Packaging

GOAT owns a minority stake in Evanesce Packaging, which offers truly compostable, organic and sustainable disposable packaging and utensil alternatives to non-compostable and inorganic options. Its packaging is made from plant-based by-products and does not compromise strength, insulation, nesting capabilities or cost competitiveness. The business’ packaging products decompose in under 90 days and have a shelf life of over 2 years. Evanesce Packaging’s offering include takeout containers and compostable straws that don’t disintegrate like cardboard straws. Its innovative technology has generated three issued patents, with one patent pending and 17 claims. Evanesce Packaging plans to target several markets, including grocers, meat and poultry packers, fast food chains and produce packers in the first half of 2022.

Cascadia Seaweed

Based in Sidney, British Columba, Cascadia Seaweed cultivates seaweed along the coast of BC in Canada. Founded in 2019 and produced seed, built farms, planted, grew and harvested from 2 hectares of demonstration farms in the same year, Cascadia Seaweed has a vision to have at least 500 hectares under cultivation by 2025.

Under the terms of the Letter of Intent, Billy Goat Brands may provide capital advisory services to Cascadia Seaweed in exchange for an equity stake in the company.

Billy Goat Brands’ Management Team

Tony Harris – Chairman and CEO

Tony Harris has over 20 years of experience as an investor and entrepreneur. Harris has earned a reputation for leading high-performance teams. Harris is the president of the Tony Harris Group and a partner at Harris Auto Group. As an entrepreneur and investor, Harris has extensive experience in corporate banking and finance. Harris is an award-winning automotive dealer and real estate developer.

A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Harris also completed executive education in leadership and entrepreneurship from Babson College. Harris is a family man, a known community builder and a philanthropist who serves as chair of the Nanaimo and District Hospital Foundation.

Kris Dahl – COO and Director

Kris Dahl is the COO and director of Billy Goat Brands. Dahl is also the founder and managing director of Greenbridge Capital Corp. which is a niche lender that provides liquidity to law firms and their clients. Dahl has 25 years of experience in commercial and retail investment and lending. Before Greenbridge, he worked as an executive with TD Bank and TD Waterhouse. At TD Bank and TD Waterhouse, he managed a 50-person team in 13 offices across Western Canada and oversaw over $30B in assets under administration.

Dahl holds an MBA from Dalhousie University, a BCom from the University of Saskatchewan and a FinTech Certificate from Harvard University. Dahl also holds a Derivatives Market Specialist designation from The Canadian Securities Institute.

Kerry Biggs – CFO and Director

Kerry Biggs is the CFO and director of Billy Goat Brands. Biggs has over 23 years of finance experience. Most recently, Biggs was the CFO of two publicly-traded entities within the Canadian cannabis sector. In addition, Biggs served as vice president, treasurer at Lululemon Athletica where he oversaw capital markets, liquidity, treasury and insurance activities. Biggs was also the vice president of finance at GCT Global Container Terminals Inc. which is a company wholly owned by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan. He has held various senior finance roles at Finning International and Enbridge Inc.

Biggs holds an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Victoria. Biggs is also a designated Chartered Professional Accountant.

Paul Marr – SVP of Marketing

Paul Marr is the SVP of Marketing at Billy Goat Brands. Marr is an award-winning executive creative director. Marr is currently the principal director at KOLD and he is the head of Marcom creative for EA Sports. At EA Sports, Marr leads a team of strategists, designers, copywriters and creative directors. Before EA, Marr was a director at Cossette which is Canada’s leading creative agency. At Cossette, he helped establish brand channels, ideas and platforms for brands like Best Buy, Telus and Tourism BC.

David Jackson – SVP of Branding

David Jackson is the SVP of Branding at Billy Goat Brands. Jackson is a highly-regarded marketing leader. Jackson is currently the principal director at KOLD and VP of marketing for EA Sports. At EA Sports, Jackson is responsible for over $2B of revenue globally across the FIFA franchise. Before EA, Jackson worked in omnichannel advertising for the public and private sector with Saatchi & Saatchi in London, United Kingdom. Jackson has also held a position in sponsorship strategy and activation with Barclays Bank.

Jan Urata – Corporate Secretary

Jan Urata is the founder and president of Take It Public Services Inc. Urata founded Take It Public Services Inc. in 2011. Take It Public Services Inc. is a regulatory and corporate compliance support service for top-tier junior issuers in a wide range of industries ranging from biotech, mining, venture capital and oil and gas. Urata brings over 20 years of industry experience and is well-versed in taking corporate entities from the initial seed capital stage to publicly-listed companies.

Todd Buchanan – Chairman and Investment Committee

Todd Buchanan is chairman of Billy Goat Brands. Buchanan has over 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 public and private companies on the creation and implementation of business process management methods and technology. Buchanan has proven he is a strong consensus builder and negotiator. He is focused on assisting founders and families operating early-stage companies from start-up through proof of concept to hyper-growth. Buchanan has worked with various companies during which he offered his multifaceted experience. He has held various senior executive positions at several companies including International Forest Products, SiCam Systems and its clients, Nexii Building Solutions, Luvo Inc., LYFE Kitchen and Equifaira Partners and its clients.

Buchanan currently serves on the board, as an officer and in advisory roles with multiple companies, a mutual fund trust and a not-for-profit organization.

Asghar Khan – Investment Committee

Asghar Khan is part of the investment committee at Billy Goat Brands. Khan has extensive experience working with public and private enterprises. He has driven shareholder value as well as long-term growth. Khan had served as the regional head of strategy and business development for PepsiCo. At PepsiCo, Khan drove a multi-billion dollar portfolio in 14 countries across the Asia Pacific, with a primary focus to develop strategy and M&A. Before PepsiCo, Khan held senior finance and planning positions at Rogers Communications Inc. and PwC.

Khan has also served on the boards of various MNC’s in the Asia Pacific. Khan is a member of CIMA Australia. In addition, Khan holds a Bachelor’s degree from Albright College, an MBA from Lerner School of Business at the University of Delaware and a Master’s degree in Finance from The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Lyndsay Hamelin – Director

Lyndsay Hamelin brings over 15 years of experience in corporate and securities law. During her career, she has focused on securities and corporate finance. Hamelin assists with managing and orchestrating public company requirements with a focus on the CSE, TSXV and TSX stock exchanges as well as listings on the OTC Markets. After starting her career in Vancouver, Canada, Hamelin advanced to a senior position working with a top-tier law firm in London, England where she assisted in completing a corporate reorganization. Hamelin has returned to Canada where she uses her international expertise to help clients navigate complex corporate compliance matters, financings and IPO preparations for the Canadian markets.

Natasha Raey – Director

Natasha Raey is an entrepreneur and philanthropist with over 15 years of operational and project management experience. Raey’s primary sector focus includes healthcare, cannabis, consumer discretionary and women’s empowerment. Raey is the founder of Bloomelix and the CEO of Skye Cannabis. She has had experience developing and executing research projects, development action plans and evaluation frameworks for many community development and health-focused projects. Raey is a partner at Cadence Health Centre in which she oversees the development and execution of the multi-disciplinary health centre and compounding pharmacy.

Raey is an avid philanthropist with a focus on healthcare and women’s empowerment. Raey is the founder of SheTalks Global which is a platform for women to share their stories of empowerment. SheTalks Global is a movement that has also been recognized by CNN International. Currently, Raey sits on the board of Myconic Capital Corp. Raey holds an Honors Degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University. Raey also has a Master’s in Health Administration from the University of British Columbia.

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