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Lions Bay Capital Inc. (TSXV:LBI) is a strategic investor in the junior resources sector. Whilst the company recently listed on the TSX venture exchange in November 2017, the founders and management have established a proven business model and have a successful track record in the sector.

In 2017, the team behind Lions Bay Capital played a pivotal role in the transformation of ASX-listed Jervois Mining (ASX:JRV), helping to advance it from a market capitalization of approximately $5 million, into one of the leading near-term cobaltnickel appraisal companies. Lions Bay Capital retains a strategic position in Jervois Mining valued at approximately $3 million.

More recently, in early 2018, Lions Bay Capital initiated the restructuring of Montan Mining (TSXV:MNY,FSE:S5GM,SSE:MNYC) and is currently repositioning the company for near-term value creation from both new opportunities and Montan Mining’s existing assets including the Cerro Dorado gold processing plant, and associated Rey Solomon gold mine, in Peru. Lions Bay Capital holds 45.33 percent of the company and is working closely with Montan Mining to successfully recommission the Cerro Dorado plant and expand the project portfolio. Following the restructuring, Lions Bay Capital became a control person of Montan Mining and currently owns in excess of 40 percent of the company, leading a near-term recapitalization initiative.

In addition to the positions in Jervois Mining and Montan Mining, Lions Bay Capital also holds several additional strategic investments in promising mining companies, including 12.5 percent of Eurotin (TSXV:TIN), which recently agreed to sell the advanced-stage Oropesa tin orebody in Spain to Elementos Ltd. (ASX:ELT). Lions Bay Capital plans to also increase its stake in Elementos so as to own a material interest in the project. The company also has a 3.78 percent stake in power technology company Kalina (ASX:KPO). Recently, Lions Bay Capital sold its interest in the Consolidated Potash Corporation (CPC) and the ownership of Activated Technologies’ aMES™ technology platform to Parkway Minerals NL (ASX:PWN) for a majority stake in Parkway Minerals.

Lions Bay Capital Highlights

  • Target of over 25 percent growth per annum with a potential $30 million to $50 million portfolio by 2020.
  • Strategic investor in junior resources sector providing advice on financial and strategic issues and leading restructuring of undervalued assets.
  • Helped develop Jervois Mining from $5 million market cap to $100 million market cap.
  • Flexible investing approach to ensure ability to participate in outstanding opportunities identified or developed by management and/or associates.
  • Deep industry experience and extensive network to identify strategic investment opportunities.
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