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Exploring Highly Prospective Graphite and Gold Assets in North America

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Goldcore Resources Ltd. has changed its name to Green Battery Minerals Inc. The new name has been chosen to better reflect the company’s new strategic focus of working toward supplying green, clean (environmentally safe) produced elements for the battery market. This new chapter in the company’s growth and development will be reflected in the company’s corporate governance as it works toward being an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) company.

Green Battery Minerals (TSXV:GEM,FSE:BK2P,WKN:A2QENP,OTCQB:GBMIF) is building test batteries to prove their graphite can be used in battery making. This entails verifying the sphericalizing and coating of their graphite, which if achievable, will add value to their end product.

The world is in the midst of an electric vehicle revolution. Market research projects the electric vehicles market to reach over 26 million units by 2030, with a CAGR of 21.1 percent from 2019 to 2030. With the increasing popularity and affordability of greener energies and alternatives to transportation and power, the world’s electrification is a movement that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

To meet this industry’s demands, investors need to look at the materials that power these green alternatives. Graphite, one of the most prominent elements of electric vehicle batteries, is predicted to remain a dominant component in these power sources for the foreseeable future. As the electric vehicle market grows, so will the demand for this material, which could rapidly increase to 15 times today’s demand by 2030.

Green Battery Minerals is an exploration company focused on developing its highly prospective graphite and gold assets. Leveraging excellent mining-friendly conditions and resource-rich geological profiles primes the company for success in the booming graphite and gold industries.

The company is currently operating mineral exploration in the mining-friendly jurisdiction of Quebec within relatively close proximity to one another. The projects leverage excellent infrastructure, easy access via forest roads and rich local resource networks.

Green Battery Mineral’s flagship Berkwood Graphite project sits near the Manicouagan regional county municipality in Quebec. The asset is also adjacent to the Mason Graphite (TSX:LLG) graphite deposit, which has seen over 10 million tonnes of contained graphite mineralization. The strategic positioning in relation to this deposit allows Green Battery Minerals to take advantage of Mason Graphite’s testing campaign results and much of the preliminary groundwork in determining the viability of the project.

The Berkwood Graphite deposit hosts surface-level graphite mineralization and some of the richest graphite quality in the world. Metallurgical testing on the asset has produced 97.8 percent grades from extraction and determined the host ore has minimal pollutants that could limit graphite yield.

The company is now one of the largest landholders in the surrounding Quebec area.

Recently, the company has also added gold exploration to its portfolio. Green Battery Mineral’s Stallion gold property in British Columbia strategically positions the company in a mining-friendly jurisdiction with great accessibility, world-class gold mines and past-producing gold deposits in the famous Golden Triangle.

In February 2021, Green Battery Mineral announced it had contracted ProGraphite, one of the world’s leading graphite research and development laboratories in Germany, to build several sample lithium-ion batteries using graphite from the company’s Berkwood Graphite deposit.

“I am very pleased to be one of the first North American graphite companies actually to build sample lithium-ion batteries from its own graphite,” Green Battery Mineral CEO Thomas Yingling said. This contract is an exciting step for Green Battery Mineral’s growth and leadership in the Western graphite market.

Green Battery Mineral Resources’ management team brings over 100 years of collective professional and field experience in the resource, engineering and financial sectors. Together, the deeply connected team primes the company for significant economic growth to meet the world’s increasingly high demand for graphite.

Green Battery Minerals’ Company Highlights

  • Focused on developing its graphite projects and highly-prospective gold asset.
  • The company currently operates their flagship Berkwood Graphite project.
  • The material hosted on the Berkwood Graphite property is very suitable for the production of expandable graphite, having achieved densities of 380 to 390 milliliters per gram and can be purified to 99.95 percent by the standard alkaline process.
  • ProGraphite, one of the world’s leading graphite R&D laboratories, is currently under contract with Green Battery Mineral to build sample lithium-ion batteries with the company’s graphite.
  • Stallion gold project is Green Battery Mineral’s gold asset. Leveraging favorable mining conditions of British Columbia, this project holds significant discovery potential.

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