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Producing Craft Quality Cannabis at Commercial Scale

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The Supreme Cannabis Company Inc (TSXV:FIRE) is a licensed producer uniquely implementing B2B cannabis sales within Canada and producing customer-centric proprietary cannabis plant products for global distribution. Based in Ontario, the company is headed in Toronto and their sole asset, 7ACRES, is situated in Kincardine, on the southern shores of Lake Huron. Supreme’s mission is to lead the cannabis industry, making a positive impact on people and the planet by growing better cannabis companies globally.

The first to adopt a licensed B2B wholesale model in Canada, part of Supreme’s approach is based on producing high-quality cannabis that can be sold at a commercial scale to licensed producers, value-add manufacturers, storefronts, among others. The goal of this approach is to allow for specialization across the industry, allowing partners to develop and succeed while they are supplied with quality cannabis.

Supreme’s management team is one with vast amounts of experience in the cannabis and financial sectors. The team is benefitted by the experience of John Fowler, a lawyer that has been an advocate for the cannabis industry and thus has a deep knowledge of both the medicinal and recreational spaces.

The Supreme Cannabis Company Company Highlights

  • Innovative wholesale business model for bulk cannabis sales to strategic partners
  • Low operational costs to produce high-quality product
  • 7ACRES property with 342,000 square-foot hybrid greenhouse facility
  • At full capacity, 7ACRES is expected to produce 50,000 kilograms of cannabis per annum
  • Supply agreements with six provinces
  • Supply agreements with Namaste, BlissCo, Pure Global and Tilray
  • Strategic partners include Dinafem, Aurora, Emerald Health Technologies, Medigrow Lesotho and Segra International
  • Strong management team with notable experience in the cannabis space
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