Cobalt Blockchain


Ethical Cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo

Press Releases


Cobalt Blockchain Inc. (TSXV:COBC, OTC:COBCF) is a Canadian resource company currently focused on exploring and developing high-grade cobalt assets in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). They are implementing a model that uses an innovative blockchain platform for mineral traceability, ensuring the ethical sourcing of materials.

The DRC is responsible for producing approximately 58 percent of the world’s cobalt and holds the world’s largest reserves of cobalt. However, the DRC has a history of internal conflict and corruption, leading manufacturers to look to other sources of the metal. Issues have also been identified with regards to human rights violations, specifically for the use of child labor by artisanal miners. These issues have brought up the question of how to track and acquire ethically-sourced cobalt.

Company Highlights

  • Concentrated on the acquisition of several large-scale, high-potential projects.
  • Copper and Cobalt trading licence in hand.
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