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High-Quality Cannabis Cultivation and Distribution in Canada and the EU

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Wayland Group Corp. (CSE:WAYL; FWB:75M; OTCQB:MRRCF) is a licensed cannabis producer focused on cannabis cultivation, extraction, formulation and distribution. Having established operations across the globe, the company is building a 217,000-square-foot facility in Langton, Ontario and has formed subsidiaries and partnerships that are operating out of Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Malta, the UK, Australia, Colombia and Argentina.

In October 2017, Wayland acquired NanoLeaf Technologies to gain access to the patent-protected VesiSorb delivery technology, which increases the bioavailability of cannabinoids and makes them soluble in water. This allows for the easy integration of both THC and CBD in edibles, gel capsules, functional beverages and topicals. The technology is already used in 40 percent of the world’s lipophilic drugs and Wayland is using it to bring the best of the pharmaceutical world to cannabis.

As a vertically-integrated company targeting the medicinal and recreational markets, Wayland is in the process of establishing distribution agreements across the globe. To date, the company has established partnerships with a network of pharmacies, including a Canada-wide brand, to develop educational programs and materials targeting medicinal cannabis for pharmacists, patients and healthcare professionals. Understanding the need for educating consumers and furthering the scientific insight into cannabis applications, Wayland also hopes to partner with organizations conducting cannabis studies.

In Canada, Wayland has been working on establishing partnerships with the various provinces and territories, as they will each be responsible for determining their distribution processes. As such, Wayland has signed supply agreements with the BC Liquor Distribution Branch (BCLDB), the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL), the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC) and the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

Wayland is led by a team of executives and directors that have notable experience in both jurisdictions in which the company operates. This includes CEO Ben Ward, a cannabis pioneer who brings extensive experience in business and infrastructure development, as well as the company’s president, Terry Fretz, who has developed and sold two international generic pharmaceutical companies and has noted success in navigating highly-regulated markets. They are supported by Geoff Kosar, VP of Sales and Marketing, who brings insight into marketing brands within regulatory frameworks, having worked for a spirits company.

Company Highlights

  • The global legal cannabis market is expected to reach US$146.4 billion by 2025.
  • Established footprint in both Canada, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific.
  • Spinning out international assets to continue to drive value for shareholders.
  • Low-cost 217,000-square-foot Phase 1 cultivation facility currently producing in Langton, Ontario.
  • Successfully shipping cannabis to Germany from Langton facility.
  • Retrofitting 820,000-square-foot Ebersbach facility in Dresden, Germany.
  • Successfully completed first harvest of 120,615 kilograms of dry hemp flower in Germany.
  • Licensed in Malta.
  • Canada-wide pharmacy partnership to build educational programs for pharmacists.
  • Supply agreements in place with four Canadian provinces.
  • Supply agreements in place with RavenQuest in Canada and Cannamedical in Germany.
  • Establishing distribution and retail agreements across the globe.
  • Launched seven unique cannabis brands.
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