Ascent Industries


International Manufacturer and Distributor of Medical and Adult-use Cannabis

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Ascent Industries (CSE:ASNT) is a vertically-integrated Canadian cannabis company focused on developing, branding, producing and distributing manufactured cannabis products across Canada, the US and Denmark. Ascent has been acquiring various cannabis companies and proprietary brands that they are able to mass produce. This allows Ascent to provide consumers with access to a variety of brands, producers and cultivators. Ascent’s facilities are also designed to support industrial-scale manufacturing with fully-automated production lines, helping the company meet the demand of the cannabis market.

Ascent has acquired a variety of licenses in Canada and the US. Ascent holds a Canadian dealer license, which allows Ascent to possess, produce, package, sell, send, transport and deliver cannabis products as well as conduct research, clinical trials and provide a variety of analytical testing for the company and other licensed producers and dealers. Ascent is also a licensed producer in Canada.

Additionally, Ascent obtained their licensed processor (extraction) and wholesaler in August 2017 and have commenced sales in October 2017 in Oregon. Ascent is a licensed cultivator and producer (extraction) in Nevada since January 2018 and have been selling products since March 2018. The possession of these licenses allows Ascent and its subsidiaries to offer cannabis infused products, such as oils and edibles, under a variety of brands for consumers to choose from, including Agrima, Nu, The Quarry, Grace Notes and Toko.

Dr. Perry Kendall, a lifelong advocate for the use of cannabis who was the first Provincial Health Officer (PHO) for British Columbia’s health ministry, is a board member for the company. Additionally, Ascent’s management team notably holds 47 percent of the company shares.

Company Highlights

  • Focused on the manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products.
  • Industrial-scale capacity at five facilities in Canada and the US.
  • Possesses 710,000 square feet in facilities and can produce 65 million grams of cannabis and 12 million grams of oil annually.
  • Cultivated six proprietary brands under the Ascent name: Nu, Toko, Grace Notes, The Quarry, Green Screen and Agrima.
  • Licensed Producer (cultivation and production) in Canada with dealer license, Licensed Processor (extraction) and Wholesaler in Oregon and Licensed Cultivator and producer (extraction) in Nevada.
  • Filing two patents for research conducted on sleep.
  • Dr. Perry Kendall is a well-recognized board member.
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