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AI/ML Innovations (OTC: AIMLF) (CSE: AIML) Chairman, Tim Daniels: "More HealthTech M&A in Pipeline..."
AI/ML Innovations (CSE: AIML) was recently a featured presenter at Wall Street Reporter's Investors Discovery Day livestream event. AIML Chairman Tim Daniels shared with investors the company's innovative wearable healthtech platform which uses AI and machine learning for applications ranging from remote patient monitoring, to fitness/health tracking and more.

With an initial focus on large B2B contracts, including insurance providers, AIML is now capitalizing on growing consumer demand for its wearables, which it is marketing through online direct-to-consumer channels. Tim Daniels also updated investors on AIML's growing pipeline of M&A opportunities in the HealthTech space, which could have a positive impact on maximizing shareholder value in coming months.
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Jun 16 - AIMLF's Health Gauge, has partnered with the University of Alberta's ST Innovations regarding Neural Network data set validation work in support of Health Gauge's FDA 510k and Health Canada submission processes for clearance as a Class 2 medical device. Additionally, this collaboration is designed to help refine and optimize the overall accuracy of Health Gauge's latest wearable device (smart watch), The Phoenix, for blood pressure (BP), O2, and other predictive data relating to a patient's physiological information.
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Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP) CEO Todd Shapiro: "Psychedelics is Next Billion Dollar Market Opportunity"

In a recent presentation on Wall Street Reporter's NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, Red Light Holland (OTC: TRUFF) (CSE: TRIP), CEO Todd Shapiro updated investors on the TRUFF's latest market expansion and success in the psychedelics sector, and major new growth opportunities in coming months. TRUFF produces and sells recreational grade psychedelic Magic Truffles to the current legal adult use market in the Netherlands, and is planning global expansion as legislation is rapidly changing globally.

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June 17 - 12:30 EST - LIVESTREAM: CEO LiveChat discussion on merger of Red Light Holland and Creso Pharma to form "The HighBrid Lab". Click here to join live:

June 16 - TRUFF and Creso Pharma have entered into a definitive agreement to merge their businesses and create The HighBrid Lab (implied pro forma equity value of C$347 million based on the closing price of the shares of Creso Pharma and Red Light Holland on June 15th, 2021). Bruce Linton, leading cannabis and psychedelics entrepreneur, expected to join as Non-Executive Chairman of The HighBrid Lab's board of directors.

June 10 - TRUFF closes acquisition of 80% stake in Happy Caps Mushroom Farm based in in Nova Scotia, Canada. Happy Caps is a unique gourmet mushroom farm, cleverly positioned in the mushroom plug spawn business, selling fresh mushrooms for the wholesale market and specializing in 'grow your own mushroom kits' with sales in Canada and the United States. The transaction is immediately revenue accretive, and the Company will aggressively pursue additional revenue growth opportunities, including potentially introducing Happy Caps' products to Europe via SR Wholesale, RLH Netherlands B.V.'s wholly-owned wholesale company which has established a distribution network of over 400 companies that sell products across Europe.

June 8 - TRUFF closes acquisition of Radix Motion Inc., a technology and innovation company focused on empowering the psychedelic ecosystem with embodied technology, including augmented reality, virtual reality, and interactive holograms. "Psychedelics increase the plasticity in our brain and I believe the future of psychedelics will be using technology like ours to create support structures and customizable settings that will allow for tight feedback loops to help people achieve personal growth," said Sarah Hashkes, the CEO of Radix Motion and CTIO of Red Light Holland. "The broader vision we have for Radix Motion is utilizing my neuroscience research in movement data and psychedelics with Co-Founder Matthew Hoe's expertise in immersive technology and AR/VR to create healthy bridges between our body and technology. With Red Light Holland's support, we can further our vision and build technology that increases the bandwidth of human connection by linking us to our body and to each other in alignment with the magic of psychedelics."

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Reliq Health Technologies (OTC: RQHTF) (TSX.V: RHT) CEO Lisa Crossley: "2021 is Breakout Year for Our Telehealth Platform"

In a recent presentation at Wall Street Reporter's NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, Reliq Health Technologies (OTC:RQHTF) CEO, Lisa Crossley explained how the company's iUGO telehealth remote patient monitoring platform is now at an inflection point - with three significant new contracts announced, just in the past 30 days - and on path to $100 million revenues by 2024 (which could give RQHTF a valuation of $1 billion+ based on current peer group valuations).

Reliq's powerful iUGO telemedicine platform supports care coordination and community-based virtual healthcare, allows complex patients to receive high quality care at home, improving health outcomes, and reducing the cost of care delivery. iUGO Care provides real-time access to remote patient monitoring data, allowing for timely interventions by the care team to prevent costly hospital readmissions and ER visits.

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June 16 - RQHTF has signed a contract with a large regional clinic in Nigeria to provide its iUGO Care Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Behavioural Health Integration (BHI) modules and its iUGO Voice automated interactive voice recognition platform to their chronic disease patients. "Nigeria has a population of over 210 Million people," said Dr. Lisa Crossley, CEO of Reliq Health Technologies. "Over 4 Million Nigerians have diabetes and over 8 Million have hypertension. Reliq will be able to deploy our iUGO Care and iUGO Voice solutions in Nigeria to help cost-effectively improve health outcomes and access to care for chronic disease patients. Our software's multilingual capabilities and our track record of successful deployment in areas with very limited infrastructure and connectivity – such as Northern Ontario and rural Texas – Reliq is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of the rural and urban Nigerian population. We expect to start onboarding in July."

May 6 - RQHTF signs four new Skilled Nursing Facility clients in the Southern United States, and is expanding its Care Management team in response to significant demand for the Company's Care Management Services. Using RQHTF's iUGO Care platform, SNFs can provide discharged patients with Transitional Care Management, Remote Patient Monitoring, Annual Wellness Visits and other services aimed at preventing readmissions and proactively managing chronic conditions to improve health outcomes. These services create new, high margin revenue streams for Skilled Nursing Facilities while also improving patient satisfaction, and help SNFs avoid significant financial penalties assessed by Medicare and Medicaid for preventable readmissions.

April 21 - RQHTF signs contracts with two US Nephrology practices to use Reliq's proprietary iUGO Care platform to monitor Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients.

April 13 - RQHTF signed two new contracts with Orthopedic Practices in Texas, leveraging its iUGO Care platform to enable Orthopedic Specialists to manage their chronic orthopedic and post-operative patients at home.

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Victory Square Technologies (OTC: VSQTF) (CSE: VST) CEO, Shafin Diamond Tejani : "‘Unicorn Farm' with Multiple Shots on Goal"

In a recent presentation at Wall Street Reporter's NEXT SUPER STOCK livestream, Victory Square Technologies (OTC: VSQTF) (CSE: VST) CEO, Shafin Diamond Tejani shared VSQTF's growth strategy for investing and developing disruptive technology companies - which can have "unicorn"/billion dollar valuation potential. VSQTF's portfolio consists of over 20 companies in sectors such as HealthTech, E-Sports, AI, VR/AR, Blockchain, Fintech and other emerging sectors.

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Shafin shares the view that VSQTF's portfolio is a "Unicorn farm" with "multiple shots on goal" for achieving billion dollar wins. One of VSQTF's recent success stories is FansUnite (FANS) the iGaming/esports betting company, which was spun off last year, and recently trading at $100 million+ valuation. Shafin explained how VSQTF will be spinning-off more exciting companies in the coming months, in the gaming and AR sectors and creating shareholder value.

May 4 - VSQTF Reports record Net Income of C$19,733,031 - C$0.30 per share for FY 2020

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