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YDX Innovation Corp. (TSXV:YDX,OTC Pink:YDRMF,FWB:A2AP0L) is a highly-experienced company and a worldwide leader in the field of interactive exhibitions, augmented and virtual reality and esports.

Part of YDX Innovation is its Arkave division, one of the most advanced and immersive virtual reality (VR) gaming platforms in the world. The company is now expanding its network of gaming arenas with the goal of becoming the most popular multiplayer VR arena in the world. The first Arkave VR Arena was opened in December 2018 and have five arenas installed in the US, two in the UK, two in Canada and four in Brazil. The company has signed with two global distributors that are reselling Arkave worldwide.

YDX Innovation and The Walt Disney Company Brazil (NYSE:DIS) have signed an agreement to create exclusive content for Arkave VR. The objective is to create a new VR experience using Disney´s iconic IP, Mickey Mouse. The first game will be co-created by Disney and YDreams Global in Brazil and will bring Mickey Mouse to Arkave VR. The agreement entails that the Arkave VR Arena featuring the Disney VR game can be launched in different cities within Brazil, to start with. Other potential venues include: shopping malls, entertainment centers, events and movie theaters. Discussions with interested parties have started.

YDX Innovation’s branded experiences and conceptual exhibition arm, YDreams Global, has delivered over 1,500 interactive experiences for brands such as Coca-Cola (NYSE:KO), Qualcomm (NASDAQ:QCOM), Disney, Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO), Nike (NYSE:NKE) and the NBA. YDreams Global also works as a partner for companies and brands to reframe their strategy through relevant human-centered ventures that integrate digital experience with a physical presence and venues. YDreams Global anticipates future challenges and connects them with the needs of the market, building innovative concepts and delivering them with international excellence.

The company has delivered internationally acclaimed projects such as the Bank of the Future branch for Bradesco Bank (BVMF:BBDC4), the World Cup VR Experience for Coca-Cola and the Virtual Aquarium, a product installed in shopping malls where kids can create their own virtual pet fish that they can visit every time they go to the mall.

With a recent rebrand, YDX Innovation has launched a third business unit: Immersive Exhibitions. A new event named Game On Festival was conceptualized and designed by YDX Innovation to appeal to the growing demand for esports and other gaming events. The main attraction will be an interactive exhibition about the history of videogames, offering various immersive experiences.

In 2019, YDX Innovation also delivered three new interactive and immersive exhibitions for shopping malls: Landscapes of Van Gogh, Water and Us and Curves of Niemeyer. The company announced in October 2019 that it had secured funds from a subsidiary company of Santander to create an interactive playground around the work of one iconic artist Tarsila do Amaral.

“With the immense interest in professional gaming and esports, we see an opportunity to create something relevant for this large demographic group, those who play regularly and always wondered how they would do in a professional competition. For the past decade we have delivered highly innovative immersive exhibitions. It’s important for the growth of the company that we continue to focus in proprietary content and on bringing our exhibitions to more countries,” stated YDX Innovation CEO Daniel Japiassu.

YDX Innovation’s Company Highlights

  • Completed over 1,500 projects and over 5,000 interactive experiences in over 30 countries.
  • Released turnkey VR gaming platform with over 10 arenas open worldwide.
  • Clients include Fortune 500s such as Coca Cola, Qualcomm, Disney, NBA, Nike, Intel (NASDAQ:INTC), McDonalds (NYSE:MCD) and Cisco.
  • Generated over C$24 million in revenue over the past seven years.
  • Reported revenue of $2.27 million, representing a growth of 32.9 percent in 2018.
  • Three patents in AR elements, virtual sightseeing and interactive shelves technology.
  • Launched a third business unit, Immersive Exhibitions, including Game On Festival, which will host an immersive exhibition on the history of videogames.
  • Signed a licensing agreement with Walt Disney Co Brazil to create a game using their iconic Mickey Mouse character for Arkave VR arenas. Pre-sales for the game commenced in July 2019.

Arkave VR Arena

Arkave VR is a turnkey gaming arena created by YDX Innovations that represents the future of virtual reality attractions for family entertainment centers. Arkave VR was designed by gamers for gamers and is an entertaining experience for the whole family.

“We’ve created a platform that allows three people to play together, so it’s very social, letting you play with your friends,” said YDX Innovation CEO Daniel Japiassu. “You can see your friends as avatars and communicate with them during the game, playing and interacting together. The other main attraction is that you are free to walk around in a room and play several different games in that space.”

Arkave VR received the Hyper Award 2018 in Brazil, providing further validation of the platform’s leading role in the market.

YDX Innovation has signed a collaboration agreement with Liquid Media Group Ltd. (NASDAQ:YVR), a global studio that produces content for several media platforms including film, TV, gaming and VR. The agreement is expected to bring classic and future titles to the Arkave VR arenas in Canada, the US and Brazil as well as Game On Festival Experiences. Liquid Media’s, subsidiary, Majesco Entertainment, is a leader in the development of video games and has developed platforms for Nintendo, Wii, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox, among others.

YDX Innovation has teamed up with Synthesis VR to add new games to Arkave VR and use Synthesis VR’s management software as a back office for Arkave. The company has also installed an arena at Synthesis VR’s gaming facility in Los Angeles, California.

In addition to its arenas in the US (Los Angeles, Denver, New Jersey, Hartford and Doral), the company has established arenas in London, Toronto, Vancouver and Prince George.

YDX Innovation has partnered with oasisVRX, a New Jersey-based premier VR center, to bring Arkave VR to the tri-state region of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. The goal of the partnership is to create esports tournaments and events in the tri-state area. An Arkave VR arena is also expected to be permanently installed in a new state-of-the-art VR center in New Jersey.

In July 2019, YDX Innovation installed seven Arkave VR arenas at the 2019 Game XP event, which is taking place July 25 to July 28, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In a previous event, Arkave VR was voted as one of the best attractions of the event. Looking to continue its success, the company launched its first esports competition for Arkave VR called “The Last Squad”.

Arkave VR was also booked for the first time as an attraction at a traditional music festival in Brazil called Rock in Rio. This year the festival is expected to host artists like Drake, Foo Fighters, Iron Maiden and Muse. Six Arkave VR are expected to feature as a main attraction in the newly formed Gameplay Arena, which is designed to bring digital games and esports among other to music and gaming fans.

In its efforts to expand its presence in the US, YDX Innovation has signed an agreement with the Launch Family Entertainment to offer Arkave VR as an official solution to be offered through Launch’s franchisees. As part of the agreement, an Arkave VR arena is to be installed at Launch Hartford in Connecticut to test new solutions before being deployed in other Launch franchise locations.

The Arkave VR arena has been gaining popularity at gaming festivals and has recently been added as an exhibit at the 2019 Brazil Game Show (BGS), which is sponsored by the Bank of Brazil. The arena is expected to be featured as the main attraction at the Bank of Brazil booth in an area dedicated to entertain guests and promote the products of the bank.

The BGS is the biggest gaming conference in South America and one of the largest in the world. The event has attracted sponsors like PlayStation, Nintendo and Epic Games.

Game On Festival

Bringing kids and families into the game

Game On is a festival that blends entertainment, esports and education to engage fans of all ages. It provides interactive exhibitions, immersive experiences and gaming tournaments to strengthen the bonds between kids and their families.

There is an opportunity to create an engaging event that educates new players and their parents. It also provides a safe and fun environment for their first experience in esports and the world of videogames.

ydx game on arcade

Main activities during the event:

  • Interactive exhibitions
  • Local esports amateur competitions
  • Esports professional tournaments
  • Arkave VR gaming arenas
  • PC gaming stations
  • Individual and collective interactive gamified experiences
  • Esports coaching overview
  • Esports training
  • Meet and greet with gaming digital influencers
  • Top selected speakers from gaming industry
  • Radio and media partners streaming podcasts

YDreams Global

Augmented Reality: Enhancing Retail Experiences

According to a May 2016 report by Grand View Research, “augmented reality technology is in the nascent stage with a huge growth potential, and has attracted large investments contributing to the industry growth.” The same report noted gesture-based technologies and augmented reality (AR) trial rooms are of particular interest. De Beers, for example, already uses AR technology to let customers virtually try on jewelry.

In September 2018, YDreams announced that it had developed an AR mobile app for Hyundai Motor Brazil to showcase two commemorative editions of the Crete and HB20 models. The app explains what the main features of the special edition line of cars have to offer in an easy and interactive way.

New projects delivered in 2019

An interactive playground, “Garden of Unicorns,” was produced for Patio Higienopolis, a large shopping mall located in São Paulo, Brazil. The playground, which features activities for children from ages four to 10, has five different areas with magical narratives, immersive scenarios and interactive technologies.

ydx innovations garden of unicorns

In early 2019, YDreams Global also launched a virtual reality experience titled “Tomorrow´s Shopping,” which was developed for Brazilian shopping mall operator Sonae Sierra. The immersive storytelling simulates in VR what a shopping mall experience of the future will be like. Some of the features are: the use of drones to deliver gifts, AR alerts of friends visiting the mall at the same time as you and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to follow your schedule and optimize your time at the mall. The experience was launched in two shopping malls and is expected to tour other malls that are part of the Sonae Sierra group.

ydx innovations sierra brazil

YDreams Global has also launched an immersive exhibit that follows the life and works of painter Vincent van Gogh. The exhibit features eight immersive rooms, each inspired by well-known paintings from the artist in a large shopping mall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The event brought in close to 22,000 visitors with an almost 90 percent occupancy rate.

Following a successful debut in Sao Paulo, YDreams Global has secured a second location in Brazil to feature the exhibit. The company is currently in negotiations to secure additional tour stops.

YDreams Global has also been commissioned to deliver projects for the Brazilian aerospace conglomerate Embraer S.A. (NYSE:ERJ) and Shell Brazil. The company has also been asked to develop an immersive exhibit about the importance of water to our plant and humankind. The project is expected to generate C$220,000 and will be located in Brazil.

Interactive Attractions for the NBA

In May 2019, YDreams Global was commissioned by Octagon, one of the largest global marketing agencies, to develop interactive solutions for the NBA. One such innovation is the NBA House, a gaming house that allows fans of all ages to game in the same space. YDreams Global created one of the main activities, an AR basketball experience that is designed to take fans “inside” the game. The NBA House was created in San Paulo, Brazil, during the playoffs.

Olympic City Museum, Rio de Janeiro

In August 2016, the company executed multiple projects for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. The most significant of these were the Olympic City Museum, the official memorial museum for the games and a significant source of revenue for YDreams Global.

“The increase in turnout has confirmed that the interactive immersive environment that YDreams has created for the Museum has been a success in increasing traffic,” Japiassu stated. “This shows that the interactive and virtual reality experiences that YDreams creates tend to generate a significant increase in attendance and potential revenues for our clients.”

AquaRio Virtual Aquarium, Rio de Janeiro

To date, YDreams Global has developed similar attractions to its Olympics projects all over the world. These include exhibits for South America’s largest aquarium, AquaRio, which opened in late 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, with 350 species in 28 separate tanks. The virtual exhibit brought together a video wall, AR, radio frequency identification (RFID) cards and interactive kiosks within an educational setting. Importantly, the display enables children to create and care for their own virtual pet fish, with a unique species, color and size. These pets can be named and saved using a purchasable RFID card, and afterwards become the child’s host throughout the museum, appearing at smaller YFish terminals at various exhibits.

Marcos Alves, Director of YDreams Global Products Division, described how owners of the virtual pets are enticed to feed their pets, monitor their development and unlock new features. This encourages frequent returns, Alves said, generating new revenue for AquaRio.

ydx innovation lego

Qualcomm Exhibit at Futurecom, Sao Paulo

In November 2016, YDreams Global teamed up with mobile technology creator Qualcomm Inc. at Futurecom, the largest Latin American telecommunications fair, hosted that year in Sao Paulo. YDreams created Qualcomm’s stand, featuring interactive touch screen displays and exhibits that communicated with one another. The display increased Qualcomm’s visibility at the event and promoted the company’s patented 5G technology, Japiassu explained, helping Qualcomm establish its brand as part of the future of the Internet of Things.

Natura Amazon VR Rainforest Tour, New York City

In December of 2016, YDreams Global completed its first project in the US, another major project on behalf of popular Latin American cosmetics brand Natura. The virtual reality tour, “Natura Brings the Amazon Forest to You,” was completed in conjunction with the grand opening of Natura’s first North American flagship store near New York City. The experience featured a simulated walk through the heart of the Amazonian Rainforest. Viewers encounter materials used in Natura’s Ekos line of body care products during their virtual stroll.

ydx innovations vr jungle

YDX Innovation’s Management Team

Daniel Japiassu – CEO and Director

Daniel Japiassu is the CEO of YDreams Global. With over 20 years of experience managing technology companies, he has led YDreams to become a publicly listed company in Canada. Since his start as one of the partners, in 2006, the company has achieved substantial revenues, expansion from Brazil to Canada and the USA and has delivered thousands of projects for several Fortune 500 companies, such as Coca-Cola, Cisco, Qualcomm, Intel, Nike and the city of Rio. Mr. Japiassu is passionate about human-centered technologies, Virtual and Augmented Realities and how the physical world is becoming smarter through digital tech.

Karina Israel – COO and Director

Karina Israel has had an international career over the past 20 years. After two years of experience in the Energy Research Center (CEPEL) in Rio de Janeiro, she led the Media Lab production area between 1996 and 1999. During this period, she graduated in Social Communication at UFRJ and became one of the pioneers of internet business development in Brazil. She still worked for Ogilvy Interactive and Tesla in São Paulo before setting off to Europe for a Master´s degree in Technology Science and Society at the Salamanca University, in addition to post graduate studies in Business Administration from the New Lisbon University. In 2004 she joined YDreams in Portugal as a precursor to producing real-time location-based games for mobile devices. Israel spearheaded YDreams’ move into the professional advertising sector. She also led the opening of YDreams Brasil in partnership with Daniel Japiassu and achieved a master´s degree at USP for Media, Society and Information. Under their leadership the Brazilian operation soon became independent and has had a leading role in many international projects. She currently leads projects for clients in Brazil such as Bradesco (major Brazilian bank), Audi, Bohemia (popular local beer brand) among others.

Jamil Garcia – CFO

Jamil Garcia has more than 23 years of experience in auditing, manufacturing and technology industry with extensive expertise in finance, accounting, treasury, strategy and business development. He has held a number of executive finance roles at international corporations including Prosegur – PSG: SM Madrid Stock Exchange – (Financial Director of Prosegur do Brasil), Neoris – subsidiary of CEMEX S.A.B. – NYSE: CX – (CFO Neoris do Brasil) and Philips Electronics N.V. – Koninklijke Philips N.V. – AMS: PHIA (Regional Business Controller of Philips Latin America), with activity in various areas such as credit, treasury and controllership, involving daily relations with Latin American countries, global centers in The Netherlands, Hong Kong, France and the US. He currently resides in Vancouver, Canada.

Daniel Prado – Technology Director

Daniel Prado is one of the first Brazilian YDreamers. He has a long career leading multimedia projects and internet business for clients such as Xerox, Embratur, Petrobras and the Ministry of Education. He started his career working with network infrastructure and website development before he joined Media Lab where he worked with Karina Israel and Daniel Japiassu. He also took part in Agente Web with Japiassu and other partners. After being a consultant in major projects he worked for the Nacional Health Agency being responsible for internet projects between 2003 and 2007. Always working closely with the creative department, his main role is to elaborate innovative and viable solutions in new projects and manage the IT and development teams. Since 1998 he has been a professor at ESPM (Marketing college) in Rio de Janeiro, lecturing on web marketing and digital creativity.

Ana Monte – Creative Director

Ana Monte, a graduate from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, began her career in 1996 at the RNP (National Research Network), the pioneer institution responsible for establishing the commercial Internet in Brazil. This experience became the root of her digital design expertise, consistently focused on user experience. In 1998 she moved to Media Lab to work as an art director. There she was responsible for the accounts of some of the biggest Brazilian companies, such as Petrobras, Pepsi and Natura. In 2001 she moved to the House Agency for Globo.com’s internet portal as Art Director for the online campaigns. She had her own design office for five years, where she developed multidisciplinary skills while working on a variety of jobs and clients, ranging from digital to graphic design, brand experience, product design and so on. As head of the YDreams creative department, Monte coaches and directs a multidisciplinary team of designers, always working closely with the technology department.

Cesare Fazari – Director

Mr. Fazari is a founding partner of Northwood Developments and has been active in the company for over 30 years. Mr. Fazari specializes in commercial retail rollout, having completed thousands of turnkey projects for major commercial franchises such as Shoppers Drug Mart, Marshalls, Trade Secrets and Public Mobile to name a few.

James Nelson – Director

James Nelson has over 12 years of public markets experience focused in finance, investor relations and corporate development serving as a director and a consultant to several public and private companies and has worked in a variety of industries including: energy, mining, oil and gas and technology.

Miguel Remedio – Director

Miguel Remédio has a background education in Environmental Engineering and a Master in Mathematical Modelling from the Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology. In 2000 he cofounded YGroup in Portugal and was responsible for finances and the international expansion of the company, creating offices in Spain and Brazil. He has extensive international experience in sales and project development of interactive solutions for brands and institutions. Besides being Director of YDreams Global, he is member of the board of Ynvisible SA and other European technology companies.

Gary Fearnall – Director 

Gary Fearnall has spent over 20 years leading businesses in financial technology, social media, e-commerce and online advertising. He is a strong team builder with a passion for bringing innovative solutions to market to address consumer interests and business challenges. He has held roles including Country Manager, Director and VP at many media and technology companies including Cineplex Entertainment, Bell, LinkedIn and Rogers. He has led sales and development of digital download and e-commerce capabilities, content marketing and digital advertising and streaming initiatives that drove significant revenue and audience engagement. His recent business initiative extends to esports and how to engage brands to support initiatives in competitive gaming.


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