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Global Cannabis Brands for the Wellness Sector

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Wildflower Brands Inc. (CSE:SUN, OTCQB:WLDFF, FWB:RSP) is a cannabis company focused on developing and designing plant-based products for the wellness and health markets. The company utilizes an organic growth and holistic business model that encompasses R&D, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and retail to bring its products and brands forward in the US. To date, Wildflower Brands has developed multiple brands and revenue streams and is working on expanding its presence in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Wildflower Brands’ focus is on building its brand awareness across the US and Canada. To this aim, the company is acquiring City Cannabis Corp., a premier licensed cannabis retailer in British Columbia with two of the three legal cannabis retail licenses in Vancouver. City Cannabis has a third location in Vancouver along with one on Vancouver Island pending inspection that brings City Cannabis to a total of four licenses in the province. City Cannabis also has multiple retail license applications pending throughout British Columbia and Ontario, making the company the most extensive legal cannabis retailer coming out of British Columbia.

Wildflower Brands’ full-spectrum hemp CBD products are distributed by over 300 stores across the US, including major retail chains like Dilliard’s. Wildflower was recently featured in a Forbes article announcing the launch of a CBD salon in Saks Fifth Avenue’s New York City flagship store. Wildflower Wellness CBD+ products were also present at a well-publicized Kim Kardashian CBD themed baby shower.

Wildflower Brands has cannabis licenses for manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, retail and delivery in California and the city of Los Angeles. Two partnerships have been formed to make use of the delivery license creating a new revenue stream for the company.

After conquering the North American markets, Wildflower Brands intends to shift its focus to the markets in Europe, Africa and Asia. To this aim, the company has signed an agreement with Two Towers, a wholesale prescription health and over-the-counter wellness distribution company in Poland, to expand the Wildflower Wellness brand into Europe. The company has also entered South Africa through an African distributor of North American hemp products.

Wildflower Brands’ Company Highlights

  • Online sales have grown by 300 percent in the last year.
  • Continued high monthly revenue performance over the last year.
  • City Cannabis is the largest multiple retail legal cannabis operator to come out of British Columbia.
  • City Cannabis is the largest legal cannabis retailer in British Columbia.
  • Research sponsorship partner with Highmark Interactive.
  • Developed three proprietary brands that are generating revenues across America (top three sources of revenues: Washington, California and New York states.)
  • Wildflower Wellness is distributed through over 300 stores throughout the US.
  • Wildflower Brands has received a purchase order from Dillard’s, expanding the company’s brand presence into Florida and Texas.
  • International expansion opportunity to Europe through Poland. Other target markets include Canada, South Korea and Japan.
  • The company has recently expanded into South Africa.
  • Wildflower holds licenses that cover manufacturing, distribution, cultivation, retail and delivery in the state of California and the city of Los Angeles.
  • Global cannabis market to surpass $31 billion by 2021.
  • Global wellness market reached $4.2 trillion in 2017.

The Market Opportunity

The global cannabis market is expected to surpass $31 billion by 2021. The growth is driven by the increasing number of countries around the world legalizing medical and recreational cannabis as well as the research being conducted into CBD. The natural health products and wellness industries are now incorporating CBD research into their product lines as consumers look for plant-based cosmetics, therapies, and remedies. In 2017, the global wellness market reached $4.2 trillion. Within that, $1.08 trillion is attributed to the personal care, beauty and anti-aging sector while $575 billion is attributed to the preventative and personalized medicine and public health sector. With the legalization and development of the global cannabis market, analysts are expecting these sectors to continue performing well in the coming years.

Wildflower Brands’ Organically Grown Business Model

Since Wildflower Brands’ inception, the company has believed that CBD would be a disruptive force in the cannabis and wellness markets. With this in mind, Wildflower Brands set up a business model that fosters organic growth. The company initially entered the regulated Washington State cannabis market and piloted an online e-commerce platform with national reach to help the company define regional and urban market targets.

After establishing its footprint in Washington, the company has expanded into New York and California to diversify its revenue streams and develop brand appeal. Wildflower Brands is focused on establishing its retail presence in dense, urban areas through strategic partnerships and asset acquisitions. With no marketing or advertising of the company’s online store, buywildflower.com, the website has seen over 300 percent revenue growth over the past year.

Until recently, the company has established its presence through limited marketing efforts and intends to raise its brand awareness and loyalty in strategic markets across the US. Wildflower Brands is also working on its R&D initiatives as the company builds its national brand identity. The company has partnered with Highmark Interactive to sponsor clinical research on the cognitive effects of CBD. Quality research is significantly lacking and Wildflower sees contributing to the body of knowledge an important part of supporting the industry.

Wildflower Brands also plans on bringing its products into Canada, Europe, South Korea and Japan. The company has even recently expanded into the South African cannabis market through an African distributor of North American hemp products. The company plans to continue its in-house brand development and asset acquisition strategy to maximize its penetration into the health and wellness space.

“More and more distributors are approaching us from all over the world to distribute Wildflower products,” said Wildflower Brands CEO William MacLean. “The consistent trend is that they are looking at the US market to find CBD products to test and see what brands would fit the broadest consumer market. As global opportunities open up, Wildflower expects to see huge benefits from establishing itself early-on as a premium wellness brand.”

City Cannabis

In April 2019, Wildflower Brands signed a definitive agreement to acquire City Cannabis Corp., a premier licensed cannabis retailer in British Columbia. City Cannabis was reported as the first company to open a legal cannabis retailer in Vancouver and holds two of the three licenses in the city. City Cannabis is the only company with multiple licenses in British Columbia.

“City Cannabis and Wildflower are the perfect combinations of premier products and a premier consumer retail experience. City’s retail consumer data and insight will help shape the development of Wildflower’s product line-up while the retail expertise of City will aid Wildflower in its retail expansion. The combination of Wildflower and City will form a truly global cannabis company,” said MacLean.

City Cannabis has retail locations in downtown Vancouver and at Fraser Street and East 57th avenue. The company has also submitted multiple retail license applications through British Columbia. Since announcing the acquisition, City Cannabis has applied for an additional Vancouver retail license on Cambie Street and in Comox on Vancouver Island, solidifying the company’s position as the largest legal cannabis retailer in the province.

Wildflower’s Portfolio of Brands

As part of the company’s mandate, Wildflower Brands has developed a portfolio of brands that service California, Washington and New York. The company intends to bring its products into Canada and other international markets. Wildflower Brands’ flagship Wildflower Wellness product brand has been featured by Vogue Magazine, Leafly, Buzzfeed, High Times Magazine and HelloMD, among other major news publications. To date, Wildflower Brands has received purchase orders from major retailers, like Dillard’s, adding to the company’s brand presence in the US.

Wildflower Wellness

Wildflower Wellness is the company’s self-named brand that focuses on delivering plant-based health and wellness products. The brand is distributed through over 200 retailers in Washington and over 20 retailers in New York. On a national scale, Wildflower Brands has distributed its 25 SKUs through over 80 wellness and healthcare practitioners, creating a network of approximately 300 stores throughout the US. Additionally, the company’s direct-to-consumer sales have grown organically by 300 percent in the last year.

On April 27, 2019, Kim Kardashian threw the first ever celebrity CBD-themed baby shower. Wildflower Wellness products were enjoyed by guests at the baby shower at this well-publicized event. Guests also left with Wildflower’s Mist starter kit to continue to learn about and experience the benefits of CBD after the event.

In March 2019, Wildflower Brands signed an agreement with Two Towers, a wholesale prescription and over-the-counter wellness distribution company in Poland, to expand the Wildflower brand into Europe.

“The European market is fragmented with no CBD market leaders,” said MacLean. “Our agreement with Two Towers vastly reduces barriers to moving our products between member states. This will position Wildflower as a market leader as the EU members begin opening their markets to CBD. We are excited to be working with Two Towers; their ability to expedite the regulatory process has been invaluable.”

King Extracts

King Extracts is a California-based company focused on cannabis technology and delivery systems, such as vaporizers. Wildflower Brands is currently distributing its King Extracts products in the California market.


Wildflower Brands’ Management Team

William MacLean — CEO

William MacLean is the founder and CEO of Wildflower Brands Inc. He is involved in all aspects of the business from product R&D to manufacturing setup and has led the company to its current success. He continues to build the company with great talent to ensure it can scale and succeed by all measures. Prior to Wildflower, MacLean was a seasoned sales professional with over 20 years of experience in various industries from advertising and marketing to medical sales. While in the advertising and marketing, his clients included major brands including: Bell, Remax, BC Hydro, and Royal Bank. He studied Political Science at Simon Fraser University.

Stephen Pearce — CFO

Stephen Pearce is the Director and Officer of a number of public organizations in the resource sector. His professional experience is primarily in corporate and securities work. His academic background includes an Honors Bachelor Degree in Economics from York University, in which he focused specifically on Corporate Finance. Following this, he obtained a Law Degree from the University of British Columbia.

Alfred Kee — COO

Alfred Kee is a business technology leader with over 15 years of experience in building high performing teams at small startups to large enterprises. With foundations in running large scale businesses, critical technology and user experience product management mindset, he excels at guiding teams to deliver business value with agility. His knowledge and experience has been honed and proven at employers and clients including Electronic Arts, KPMG, Centurylink, Cisco and Apple as well as a string of successful startups. On top of all this, he brings a global perspective having lived and worked through parts of the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Amy Yamamura — Creative Director

As the founding member of Wildflower, Amy Yamamura has been a driving force behind the company from the start, creating the Wildflower brand. After receiving a BA in Communications from Boston University, she returned to Tokyo to develop her career in TV as an international business correspondent coordinating collaborative projects between top creators around the world and corporations. Her unique experience in working closely with successful Japanese brands like UNIQLO has given her exceptional eyes for branding a company.


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