Koios Beverage

Brain Enhancing Products in a Peaking Organic Foods Market


Koios Beverage (CSE:KBEV, OTC:SNOVF) is a US-based nootropic and functional beverage company specializing in cognition-improving drinks, powders and capsules to satisfy a burgeoning market of organic food and drink while also addressing demand from consumers looking to boost brain function.

Nootropics are cognitive-enhancing supplements which can act as alternatives to stimulants like coffee. When ingested, nootropics can augment learning capacity and information retention, improve memory enhancement, improve sleep and reduce anxiety, to name a few of their capabilities. Koios uses a proprietary blend of 11 ingredients to increase oxygen levels in the brain, provide mental clarity and provide nutrients which encourage elevated brain function.

Company Highlights

  • Nootropics are healthy alternatives to stimulants and prescription drugs
  • Multi-pronged marketing approach includes promotional bus tours and in-house field teams
  • Entry into cannabis-infused beverages through its wholly owned subsidiary Cannavated targets another fast-growing market