Iluka Resources Ltd.

Press Releases

Iluka Resources is a leading global mineral sands miner. It is the largest global producer of zircon, and the third-largest producer of titanium dioxide feedstock (rutile, synthetic rutile) behind Rio Tinto and Tronox. Low zircon costs are underpinned by the high-grade Jacinth-Ambrosia mine in South Australia but reserve life is less than 10 years. The Sierra Rutile operations in Sierra Leone lack a cost advantage but expansions could bring some scale economies if they can be effectively executed. A 20% shareholding in Deterra Royalties brings exposure to the high-quality Mining Area C iron ore royalty. Iluka is building a rare earths refinery at Eneabba which will be able to process Iluka's existing monazite stockpile as well as feed from third parties and future Iluka projects.