HempFusion Wellness

Developing Full and Broad-Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Production for the Consumer Markets

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HempFusion Wellness Inc. (TSX:CBD.U) is a Colorado-based premium wellness company specializing in full-spectrum CBD hemp extract distribution and development, with a focus on the rapidly growing US cannabis market. The company is focused on providing innovative and diverse proprietary formulation using the power of whole-food hemp nutrition and marketing premium consumer-specific product lines across multiple distribution platforms. HempFusion is now expanding its distribution beyond its natural and e-commerce channels into doctor and practitioner networks, convenience and food-drug mass and big box retailers.

Using a proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex™, the company offers an array of dietary supplements, including hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD), OTC topicals, capsules and other high-quality CBD products. These over 46 products are manufactured under cGMP standards designed to attain efficacy and safety and contain a broad spectrum of cannabinoids and other constituents sourced from quality phytocompounds.

With a strong background in research and development, HempFusion is at the forefront of health and wellness in the rapidly growing CBD industry. Positioned for growth, the company distributes its family of brands to approximately 4,000 retailers across 47 US states, with plans for further international expansion.

In 2020, the company began conducting the Human Safety Study for liver toxicology and completed the NOAEL Safety Review for all topicals with Self GRAS Affirmation pending. They currently have 30 products under development, including additional OTC Drug Listed Ingestibles.

HempFusion is one of the few companies marketing FDA Drug Listed Topicals in compliance with all FDA regulations. Understanding the uncertainties of an emerging industry like CBD, HempFusion is working with twelve other CBD companies to conduct a study addressing FDA concerns regarding CBD products and human safety.

Invested heavily in regulatory compliance, HempFusion prioritizes safety, quality and consistency while aiming to exceed the high standard required by retailers and consumers. This is demonstrated in the company’s U.S. Hemp Authority Certification and status as a board member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, an organization committed to advancing safe hemp and CBD products.

The company’s rigid approach to regulatory compliance and best practices has favorably positioned them to enter major retail, food and drug markets that are not open to other CBD companies.

With an international expansion in their sights, HempFusion CBD and Probulin Probiotic product lines are projected to be sold across Europe, distributing to Ireland and the UK first. Additionally, the company already has purchase orders for Probulin Probiotics in the Middle East, South Korea, China, Mexico, and India.

In terms of domestic prospects, the company is well on their way to getting picked up by other major vendors and has their sights on becoming a top brand in the U.S. With the recent partnership with pro snowboarder and filmmaker Travis Rice, they hope to see more brand recognition amongst target audiences. The significant time and capital invested in HempFusion’s compliance provide the company with a competitive advantage in the expanding CBD sector, which is projected to reach $16.8 billion by 2025.

As of June 2020, HempFusion Wellness reported 1,750 shareholders and $18.3 million in cash with no debt. With the second-largest cash position in the sector, the company is gearing up for a direct IPO onto the Toronto Stock Exchange senior board, where it has reserved ticker symbol CBD.U.

HempFusion’s management team holds extensive experience in public markets, finance, legal, CPG and M&A. This world-class leadership has been crucial in driving the company’s business plan forward and primes them to expand their strategic networks and revenue opportunities. Potential channels could include natural medicine, e-commerce, big box, convenience, doctor practitioner and healthcare.

HempFusion Wellness Company Highlights

  • Premium wellness company focused on providing innovative and diversified proprietary formulation using the power of whole-food hemp.
  • Armed with world-class research and developmental processes, the company is prepared to market its premium CBD product lines across multiple distribution platforms.
  • Offers a wide variety of CBD products that contain a broad spectrum of panoramic hemp extract, including liquids/tinctures, capsules, travel pouches and OTC topical products.
  • Key partnerships with Verdant Oasis and Probulin Probiotics Co. has strategically positioned the company for international expansion into European markets and medicinal distribution networks.
  • As of June 2020, HempFusion Wellness holds the second-largest cash position in the CBD sector, with over $18.3 million in cash and an estimated 1,750 shareholders.
  • Plans to launch on the Toronto Stock Exchange senior board as they continue to grow.

HempFusion Wellness Key Products

HempFusion champions compliance and customer safety and is one of the few CBD companies approved to market FDA Drug Listed Topicals. The compliance with FDA regulations and standards ensure that these products meet the standards set by larger national retailers. In terms of compliance with international regulations, all of HempFusion’s products are made from DNA-verified, non-GMO, organic industrial hemp that has been registered in the European Union, which has a rich history spanning across decades of hemp cultivation.

HempFusion OTC Topicals

HempFusion offers a wide selection of over-the-counter (OTC) topicals that remedy condition-targeted ailments. With a focus on pain relief, skin-care and wound care specifically, clinically tested botanical complex and broad spectrum panoramic hemp extract sets HempFusion apart from other competing products on the market.

With a projected expansion into doctor and practitioner channels, HF and Biome Research product lines have shown great interest amongst integrative medical doctors and licensed chiropractors. This enthusiasm has created a higher potential for CBD companies like HempFusion to enter into these healthcare spaces early.

The company could see great success in these well-established markets. The global pain relief and dermatitis market for topicals is projected to reach $13.3 billion and $13.6 by 2026, respectively. Additionally, in 2019, the ten top-selling first aid and wound healing ointments generated over $650 million in sales in the US alone.

HempFusion CBD Product Line

With a commitment to innovation and providing premium wellness to consumers, HempFusion has created a wide variety of CBD products, including CBD liquids, capsules, travel pouch, topicals.

In partnership with Verdant Oasis, the company has exclusive access to high-quality organic European CBD oil for its CBD Tinctures. In harmony with lab-formulated whole food hemp complex, these tinctures utilize broad-spectrum DNA-verified hemp, broad-spectrum CBD and a wide array of critical compounds to create a premium product.

Today, only 15 percent of CBD penetration is seen in US households. With their multiple revenue avenues and expansion plans, HempFusion has adopted a multi-channel approach to maximize consumer and clinical reach and fill gaps in the market. The key partnership with Probulin Probiotics has opened networks into the natural health industry and retail distribution, with products addressing a wide array of consumer needs.

Along with potential roll out into big box stores, e-commerce has the potential for successful launch through convenience channels. This gateway strategy is intended to allow the company to establish, develop and build relationships among these retailers, potentially accelerating access to their CBD products in the future.

HempFusion Wellness Management Team

Jason Mitchell, N.D.—Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Jason Mitchell, N.D., designs nutritional health products for humans. From an early age, he was grafted into the natural products industry. Fresh out of college, he started building one of today’s leading vitamin companies, and in the process, designed and launched more than 300 dietary supplements and related products to the market. Today, he is the co-founder of Probulin and HempFusion, two leading brands in their categories with the potential to disrupt the industry. He is a Naturopathic Doctor board certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and a Board Member for the US Hemp Roundtable.

Ian Dequeiroz—Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Ian Dequeiroz is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in early-stage cannabis and hemp companies. In 2010, Dequeiroz acquired the first cannabis CO2 extraction company in the US and facilitated companies’ licensing process in numerous major cannabis markets, including; Jamaica, Illinois, New York, Nevada, and Washington. Dequeiroz was the founder of multiple cannabis companies including, Epican Medicinals Ltd., one of Jamaica’s premier cannabis companies.

Jon Visser—CRO

Jon Visser has over 25 years of experience in all areas of sales and marketing, with a proven track record of consistently driving growth across all major channels. Visser was previously the Senior Vice President of Sales at Navajo Inc., a multinational manufacturer/distributor of brands like Pennzoil Automotive Supplies, Piranha Eyewear, and Navajo Inc., the largest distributor of trial- and travel-sized health and beauty products in the United States. Visser grew annual sales from $60 million to $128 million in less than three years while at Navajo Inc.

Bruce Valentine Jr.—CFO

Bruce Valentine Jr. has a proven track record working with high-growth companies and was named CFO of the Year in 2013 by the Northern Colorado Business Report. Valentine is the former CFO of Otter Products and has over 15 years of financial management experience.

Ola Lessard—CMO

Ola Lessard brings years of experience in the CBD and hemp industry and is also the President of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable. With experience in marketing creative and effective brand strategies, Lessard has held Vice President of Marketing’s position at Barlean’s, an award-winning supplements provider based in Washington.

Nancy Angelini—Director of the Doctor/Practitioner Channel

Nancy Angelini has over 25 years as an active, licensed practitioner. Angelini travels the country as a lecturer and product manager. She is responsible for opening doors to some of the largest doctor/practitioner networks in the United States.

Daniel Brody—CCO

Daniel Brody is the co-founder and former Vice President of The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd. Brody has been instrumental in listing multiple world-class cannabis companies, including TGOD, Emblem Corp. and Plus Products Inc. Before joining the cannabis industry, he spent seven years working at two leading Canadian brokerage firms.


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